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The Legendary One was a user on Wikipedia who claimed his name was Jack Styles. This user was brought to my attention by Scratcher as a result of a dispute over whether or not this guy is a trained wrestler.

After looking at the edits that Scratcher pointed out to me, I have to agree with him. Jack Styles is not a trained wrestler - at all. Here is the history as far as I can tell.

TLO's first controversial edit that came to Scratcher's attention (and I missed it) was on the Professional Wrestling in Australia page on WP. Under the section that I worked so hard on (the wrestlers section) this guy added the following;

In Adelaide perhaps one of the biggest names is "The Wonder from Down Under" Jack Styles, who along with tag team partner "Mex" Hugo Guterio are major players in the Adelaide tag team and in Styles' case singles wrestling.
The Legendary One on Wikipedia on February 16, 2007

Scratcher - who went by the name of Mal Case on WP - caught the edit and reverted it as vandalism (and rightly so!) and also placed a simple advice warning on Styles' talk page, and added the following;

Dude, with all due respect - you aren't a pro wrestler, so please don't claim it on your user page. It makes pro wrestling look bad. I took it out for that reason. Thanks.
Scratcher on Wikipedia on February 18, 2007

Personally I don't think it was right for Scratcher to edit another person's user page, but that's for him to decide. But what it said before Scratcher's edit was disturbing;

I live in Australia, where I happen to be a pro wrestler, for a promotion called the Random Wrestling Alliance.
The Legendary One on Wikipedia on January 3, 2007

Random Wrestling Alliance? I think Scratcher saw it as well, but there is no doubt that is a backyard fed. If it even existed that is!

Styles reverted Scratcher's edits to read "and also a pro wrestler in Adelaide, despite many people's claims to the contrary." Scratcher didn't see that for a few days, but when he did he removed it again and added the following to his talk page;

Jack, do not claim you are a wrestler. It's offensive to wrestling people and true fans like me. If you are a backyarder, then say so. That doesn't make you a wrestler. It makes you a play actor. Thank you.
Scratcher on Wikipedia on March 21, 2007

Styles responded with the following;

Mal, I am infact a trained wrestler, the fact that I do not perform is irrelevent. I dont live near any of the promotions in Adelaide, yet there is a former professional wrestler who lives in the same town as me who has trained me for the past two years. I would like for you to stop deleting that section of MY user page, not yours. I find it offensive that you should continually change it despite the fact you are a) not a wikipedia user and b) not obeying the wikipedia rules, by continuing to submit on my pages despite the fact i have clearly placed DO NOT SUBMIT on the page. If this continues then I will report you to the Wikipedia hosts, and have you blocked from editing pages.
The Legendary One on Wikipedia on March 23, 2007

Scratcher addressed a couple of these points in reply;

Jack, do not lie. There are only two former professional wrestlers who live in Adelaide, and one of them has not trained anyone since 2003. The other was an active trainer until last year - in which case you would have worked for the Adelaide feds. And by your own insinuated admission you have not worked for any of them. So I don't believe you. I'll leave your user page alone for now - but as long as you persist living a lie you won't get any respect. And BTW I AM a WP user. Everyone with an account is a WP user. You have only placed do not submit on your user page since my last edit. Now - if you want my respect, I need names. I need details. Do not promote yourself as a professional wrestler if you have not been properly trained so prove to me and to the true wrestling people who view WP that you have been properly trained - and why you haven't worked for any of the Adelaide promotions.
Scratcher on Wikipedia on March 25, 2007

With the two former pro wrestlers, Scratcher is referring to Col Dervaney (who was active until 2006) and Frank Carpenter. He of course got that info from me. Styles did bring up a good point about the user page - although if it had been me I would have put the "Do not submit" message at the top and in bolded big letters. Or better worded to be honest! All the questions however were good ones. And Styles did respond, as well as again changing his user page after Scratcher took out the wrestler reference again. Now he said, "and wrestler, in the Adelaide Hills."

So living 3 and a half hours away from Adelaide, isn't a resonable excuse. And just because you may never have heard of Outback Jack (Peter Stilsbury), doesnt mean that my former trainer, doesnt exsist, for you see I was trained whilst living in Florida for a year whilst my father was running a small business there. I will admit that I only recived one year of training with him, however I was able to learn the bases of what I needed to accomplish, and from ther I began honing my skills, using my shed with a permenant ring set up to hone my skills. And if before you say anything you belive this doesn't qualify me to be a professional wrestler, perhaps you should visit Gregory Helms' biography, where it would clearly state he is SELF TRAINED, where as I learnt my basics from a legend like Peter, and honed my craft with hard work and self preservation. I would hope that this matter is now closed, and would thank you to please leave myself alone, as I shall being doing with you also.
The Legendary One on Wikipedia on March 28, 2007

Again, Scratcher addressed a lot of this in reply;

If you want me to leave you alone, take the reference to you being a trained wrestler out of your user page. You are an embarrassment. One lesson with a pro wrestler (and Outback Jack was not a good wrestler by the way) does not give you anywhere near the base to teach yourself! Even Gregory Helms would have had training help to be the wrestler he is today. And you keep changing your story as well.
Scratcher on Wikipedia on March 29, 2007

Scratcher linked to a few quotes already mentioned above, then;

First you nominate a backyard fed as your home, and clearly indicate the Adelaide Hills as your home - and now you say you live 3 and a half hours from Adelaide? Which lie do you want me to believe? Which lie do you want other wrestling fans, and those who participate like my friend Curse of Fenric to believe? Face facts, my friend, I have exposed you as nothing more than a backyard wannabe who is unable to be honest. So I suggest you get back into the real world. You aren't a pro wrestler. And don't remove this conversation from your talk page. It needs to stay here for all to see the truth.
Scratcher on Wikipedia on March 29, 2007

Which lie? Take your pick! That was a brilliant broadside by Scratcher.

I'll go step further with Outback Jack. Not only was he not a good wrestler, he didn't know how to properly run a match. I lost count of the number of times he looked lost in there! He was totally reliant on his opponent. In kayfabe, Jesse Ventura called Outback Jack "too nice". That was Jesse's way of saying "he hesitates too much". A trained wrestler would never do that. Now I'm not saying Peter Stilsbury was a backyarder. Absolutely not. But with his LACK of knowledge compared to even Dervaney he would make a lousy trainer. And he's not a legend - except maybe on the Wrestlecrap website!

Anyway - as Scratcher said, which lie? Constantly changing his story reveals a typical backyarder. They lie all the time to prove they've been trained. I don't drive a car so I don't know what places would be 3 and a half hours out of Adelaide, but Scratcher is right. The Adelaide Hills isn't THAT far away! As a guide for instance - the V/Line Daylink bus leaves Adelaide at 7.10am. Three and a half hours takes us to 10.45am. If the bus is on time that puts it five minutes out of BORDERTOWN! Only 20 odd kilometres from the SA/Vic border! Adelaide Hills my arse!

Incidentally, Scratcher did refer to my WP ID (Curse of Fenric).

As far as Styles was concerned, that lit the blue touch paper. What an idiot!;

You (beep!)ing toerag you hit a nerve now. You want me to prove myself then fine tell me where and when you and me shoot match bring anyone you want, I will show you once and for all, or are you to scared you little pisher.
The Legendary One on Wikipedia on April 11, 2007

When he saw this, Scratcher's reply was appropriate;

And the proof continues. I'm not a wrestler - and unlike you I know better than to get into a ring when I'm not trained. This threat will be reported to WP administrators.
Scratcher on Wikipedia on April 19, 2007

Which is what he did. But he used a process which actually I didn't know about - Third Opinion (3O). The result was that the talk page was cleared and Scratcher was told to "drop it". He asked if it was allowed to lie on one's user page, and the answer was yes - provided it didn't have a direct effect of Wikipedia. I personally disagree with that rule, but whatever. I stopped editing on WP (except when an issue blew up on the Pro Wrestling in Australia page) as a result of articles being lost when they shouldn't be about Australian wrestling and wrestlers (the reason why I worked on the article on the general page before departing). I asked Scratcher to keep an eye on things and he has. If Styles hadn't been so stupid with his initial edit his user page would never have been found.

The user page of the Legendary One read when I created this article, "I am a wrestling fan and a trained wrestler, though I dont live near any of the major promotions in Adelaide." That's no excuse for him at all. If he was really a wrestling fan he'd go to a show at least to try it out. He's lazy and only wants things his way for no good reason. Typical backyarder.

Someone later took out the wrestling reference, and meanwhile I was told that this guy contacted former SA wrestler EZ Styles (later Zen Leigh) - telling him to stop using the name Styles! The result was a straight up refusal to do so, and that was that. This had to be before 2004 as the wrestler concerned was Zen Leigh at the 2004 NWA Australia show.

TLO hasn't edited Wikipedia since December 2007 after just a few WWE related edits - his only ones since his spray on April 11, 2007. The page now reads "RETIRED. This user is no longer active on Wikipedia".

(Thanks, Scratcher, for suggesting I create this article! Very interesting!)