XAW August 26, 2006

1. Ernesto Covino v M Shadow: Kendo Stick match - Covino by pinfall after a slingshot inverted power bomb through a bunch of kendo sticks between two chairs.
2. Drew Chatman v Beharz - Chatman by pinfall after an in ring frog splash.
3. Ace Wilson v Big Mike: Power Bomb Match - Mike after Wilson was trapped on the top rope by Pasquale.
4. Vincenzo Covino v Squidge: 5000 Thumb Tack Death Match - Squidge by pinfall after a face jam into the tacks.
5. Soul Survivor Rumble - Ernesto Covino (order of entry and exit not noted). 
6. Blake Mitchell v Joe Mundie v Shylock: Hardcore Challenge Match (XAW v ANW) - Mundie by pinfall on Mitchell after a Modest Bomb through a table on the floor.

What a great feeling it was to participate in a wrestling show for the first time in over nine months (not including the AWF gig in March which doesn't really count in a way). The Uley Road Hall was packed out so much they had to get extra chairs out - which meant the crowd number was over 150.

Ben Johns opened the show and Blake Mitchell fired the crowd up before introducing "the second most loved man in South Australia" (aside from Blake himself!) - LUCKY PHIL LEWIS!

I got heat straight away when I told the crowd I was Victorian, and after a swipe at the water and the Central Districts Bulldogs I joined Ben at the commentary table for the first half of the show. I'll just reflect on my own effort first. After getting the negative pop for being a Vic, I didn't hold the heat unfortunately (I'll learn from that). But I got it back working the heel commentary spot, and Ben was a great help. A couple of nit picks caught me out, but overall I was happy with the effort. One of my gems was "I'm stunned - this crowd can actually count to ten!", and the others escape me as I'm typing this.

Meanwhile the first half of the show went OK. We started with a Kendo Stick match between Ernesto Covino and M Shadow. Shadow was a new guy, but Ernesto is an XAW veteran. He showed it in this and won the match after his cousin Vincenco came out and provided him with a handful of kendo sticks, which Ernesto put between two chairs before nailing Shadow through them with an inverted slingshot power bomb.

The second match was an XAW rules match between Drew Chatman and Beharz. Chatman did some good stuff in this, and scored the victory with a nice looking in ring frog splash.

I think I had my best moment in commentary of the night, when Big Mike was introduced as facing Ace Wilson in a power bomb match. Mike was allegedly 650 pounds! When this little stick insect walked out, I cracked up! As I recall, my quip was "650 pounds? More like 65 pounds soaking wet! Where did that zero come from?" This was a well worked match which Wilson dominated not surprisingly. He played the arrogant heel very well. But the match finished in an upset when Ace had Mike trapped in the corner and he was about to rain blows on him when Pasquale ran out (at the time Ben and I didn't know who he was) and got him a beauty. From that spot, Wilson was easy pickings for a power bomb in the only way Mike could have done it.

The 5000 Thumb Tack Death Match was next - and I got in the following;

"Thumb tacks belong in a wrestling ring. That's for a friend of mine in Sydney!" (Tex Caldwell!)

The thumb tacks didn't show up straight away as Squidge and Vincenco Covino went at it - and the crowd was soon begging for them. And then Blake Mitchell obliged, walking into the ring and dumping all 5000 of them in at once. Squidge wanted to walk (prompting me to suggest that he needed his teddy bear - which was sitting alongside Ben at the commentary table) but he was soon back. Both men were dumped in the tacks at various stages, and Vincenzo took a couple with no top on. Both men bleed, but not in buckets and not because of the tacks either. Squidge juiced off the ring post on the outside, and Vincenzo was opened up with a pizza slicer (not a New Jack scythe BTW!). Squidge won the match with what I think was called the Wiggly Diddly - a pumphandle set with a wiggle of the arm (guess where!) followed instantly by a face jam.

After the break, Joe Mundie officially accepted the Internet challenge from Blake Mitchell for an XAW/ANW challenge match, before we had a Soul Survivor Royal Rumble. I inserted myself into this as the referee and proceeded to cheer on the heels - especially Ernesto who drew number one. I didn't write down the order of entries or exits, but Ernesto went the distance last eliminating Drew Chatman. I took great pleasure in raising his arm. But I'll tell you who impressed me in this. Spider (I think his name was). The aerial ability he showed with his moves made me think he'd been gymnastically trained - which is a good thing! I look forward to seeing this guy in a regular match.

The main event was supposed to be Blake Mitchell against Joe Mundie, but Blake was in for a shock when he had another ANW wrestler also accept the Internet challenge - Shylock! Pissed off, Blake walked out as Mundie and Shylock started what was now a triple threat match. Blake was manhandled in the crowd by some kids, before ending up in the commentary area. I joined him there to see if he was all right, and now I was the enforcer referee outside the ring - much to Josh Barker's annoyance. This was a mayhem filled match, which included a trip into the crowd and into the kitchen for Mundie and Blake! I helped Blake as much as I could, but this match finished in a heap of confusion. We had a massive move where Blake and Shylock were on top of a ladder, and Mundie got Shylock and gave him a german suplex through a table - while at the same time Skylock got Blake with a vertical suplex through a second table! In the mess I saw that both the shoulders of Mundie and Shylock were down and I ran in a counted three. Trouble was Josh Barker had also counted three and he said Mundie had won! We argued and Josh set me sprawling to the mat (that got a pop!) and I hit my head again which pissed me off. Josh ordered another five minutes, much to the frustration of both Blake and myself - but Blake had a back up plan. He accepted the five minutes, and brought out some back up! Trouble was, when he turned around Ace Wilson gave him a chokeslam! I amscrayed out of the ring as Blake was beaten down, and finally (after I'd had a whine on the mic about it) Mundie gave him a Modest Bomb through a table for the victory.

After taking all of that, Blake still had the respect of most of the crowd - and he thoroughly deserves every accolade he gets. And none of the crap.