XAW August 19, 2005
(Note that this was an XAW show in name only)

1. Daryl Wilde v Cue Ball v Dan Stazer: Elimination Match
- Wilde pinned Cue Ball with a roll up
- Stazer pinned Wilde after Ground Zero
2. Damon Matthews v Jesse Pandora: Aerial Assault Match - Matthews after the Swanton Bomb
3. Noods v Chris Spartan: Last Man Standing Hair v Hair match - Spartan after a power bomb through a table wrapped in barbed wire
4. Pure Dragon v Dregan: Loser wears a Dress match - Dregan by pinfall after the Barracuda
5. Johnny Kash v Mimic: Two out of Three Falls XAW title match
- Mimic by pinfall after the Trick or Treat
- Kash by pinfall on the stage after the Bankruptcy in a Falls Count Anywhere fall
- Mimic by DQ when Damon Matthews attacked him with a Kendo Stick

After missing Trial by Combat on July 30, I wasn't about to miss this show once I pulled the pin in Melbourne (albiet temporarily). There were no match ups announced prior to the show, but that was a good thing given that the match stipulations would be decided on the night - and probably the match ups as well. I had already put a few ideas on the XAW forum, and I wondered if any would be taken on board.

Injuries put some wrestlers on the shelf, and it left the show with five matches and no tag team matches. But the main event was a ripper. An XAW title defence in two out of three falls was drawn from the hat, and Mimic's opponent was Johnny Kash. Daryl Wilde was openly running the show, and he decided to make the three falls stipulations a standard match, falls count anywhere and if required a Hangman's rope match. Kash stepped up for this in a great first fall, which Mimic won with the Trick or Treat. Falls count anywhere included some big bumps - the biggest was from Mimic when he ran from the stage and flipped over the steps with a somersault plancha. Unreal spot! The commentary table looked like it was in trouble, but they shifted away from that where Kash nailed the Bankruptcy to square the match. Out came the rope that was attached to the wrists of both wrestlers - but this was a pinfall finish rather than a four corner tap. Or it was supposed to be that way. Out of nowhere, Damon Matthews ran in and nailed Mimic with the kendo stick, causing a disqualification from yours truly. Matthews then offered Kash the stick to continue the beat down and Kash thought about it, before going after Matthews instead. That caused Perfect Pettas and John Pits - who were supposed to be on the shelf - to join the attack on Kash and Mimic. I got out of the ring at that point, and Dregan ran in to even the odds. But he and Kash were ejected, and the attack would have continued if Mimic hadn't been dragged out of the ring. Result - it will be Dregan and Mimic against Pettas and Pits at the next show, along with Kash taking on Matthews one on one.

I wasn't on my own at this show, with Vanity James (not Jones according to sources!) having two matches. The other two matches I had were the Aerial Assault match, and the Three Way elimination match. The AA match saw Matthews face Jesse Pandora. A great match up on paper, but unfortunately there were quite a few fluffed spots - leaving both of them rather sore after the match. But one spot went off terrifically. The Spanish Fly. They didn't land it absolutely perfectly like Fuel and Davis Storm did last year at NWA-A Turning over Tradition, but they landed it great anyway. That wasn't the end of the match because both of them came off the top rope. I was getting a bit annoyed with Matthews - especially after he got Pandora with a cheap shot when I thought his knee was in trouble. The idiot tried the stunt again later, but I wasn't falling for it twice. However I did fall - literally - when Pandora went at Matthews in the corner and he dragged me into the sandwich. I didn't see what happened after that, until Matthews went to the top rope and nailed the Swanton Bomb to get the victory.

Daryl Wilde took on Cue Ball and the returning Dan Stazer (who was last seen at Death Toll in 2003) in the three way elimination match in a stuttering match where Cue Ball showed his inexperience rather blatantly unfortunately. Daryl and Dan struggled with him - but things picked up once Wilde eliminated him with a roll up. Stazer nailed his finishing move - Ground Zero, an inverted power bomb of sorts. And blow me down if he didn't get the pin and the massive upset! Trouble was I viewed the video later in the night and he had his feet on the bloody ropes!!

I watched Vanity in the other two matches, which were laced with comedy. Chris Spartan, complete with Ben Johns and a buxom dish whose name I didn't catch, took on Noods in a heel/heel match (random draw remember) which was a Last Man Standing match, with a hair v hair stipulation. The funniest part was when the Greek Spartan brought out a box of plates, and started smashing them - a typical Greek custom with just one alteration. He was busting them on the head of Noods! And funnier still some bright spark in the back fired up the Zorba the Greek music while he was at it! Priceless! Things got serious in the finish, when Noods brought out a table lightly wrapped in barbed wire (about five or six times I think). But he was the one that ended up through it thanks to a power bomb and that was that. Noods lost his hair. He also hurt his knee early in the match legit and that didn't help.

Post match, Wolf Dogg (who was commentating) decided to challenge Spartan to match at the next show, and that was duly accepted.

The other match was a suggestion that I made to be in the hat - a loser wears a dress match. This one was between Pure Dragon and Dregan, and out came the comedy again when they had a sumo contest - which Dregan won easily. Another hilarious spot came when Dregan brought out the whipped cream for pie creation. Dragon must have thought he'd avoided it when he caused Dregan to run into the ringpost, but Dregan blocked his squash follow up into the ringpost with the pie. And it ended up leaving a white patch in a rather embarrassing spot!! Dregan won the match with the Barracuda - which was if a recall a spinning inverted power bomb like the Critical Mass used by Melbourne's The Fallen. Pure Dragon had to wear the dress, and I don't think he'll he back in a hurry after that!

An enjoyable night, and Soul Survivor is next on September 16 - XAW's Wrestlemania. And three matches plus the main event have already been signed, plus the show will be back at Unley. Perfect venue for the Soul Survivor Hardcore Royal Rumble. I don't think it would have worked at Fowlers.

I was unable to make it to Soul Survivor due to a house move, and I regret that to this day because I'm certain I could have headed off what happened after that.