XAW July 8, 2005
(Note that this was an XAW show in name only)

I refereed all matches
1. Twelve man Four Way Gauntlet Rumble match
- Daryl Wilde last eliminating Dregan and Wolf Dogg over the top rope
2. Adriel v Death Wish - Result not noted
3. Johnny Kash v John Pits - Pits by pinfall after a double slam by Pits and Perfect Pettas
4. Jesse Pandora v Chris Spartan - Spartan by pinfall after the Spartan Bomb
5. Dregan v Noods v Daryl Wilde: Falls Count Anywhere match - Dregan by pinfall on both men after a power bomb on Wilde through Noods and a table
6. Damon Matthews v Mimic: Lumberjack XAW title match - Mimic by pinfall to retain the title after the Trick or Treat

I went to the show at Unley last night a bit apprehensive - for reasons I won't go into in any details at least. But my apprehension was thankfully misplaced, and we had a show that was really good - although not as good as Hardcore City back in May. I also liked the venue at the Unley High School gymnasium, and I think that's a place that can be looked at for future shows without a doubt. Again, I reffed all the matches and by the end of the night I was whacked!

The main event was a lumberjack match, between XAW champion Mimic and challenger Damon Matthews in a rematch from the last show. This wasn't as good as that match (heck, they'd be going to manage that!) but it was very good nevertheless. The lumberjacks caused me to have to apply for a swivel neck with the amount of bickering between the faces and the heels, and more than once all heck broke loose! And the two wrestlers got involved - with Mimic collecting the heels with a somersault plancha to the floor. I erred once in this - laying on a count on the outside when there are no countouts in a lumberjack match. The contest finished when Mimic nailed the Trick or Treat - but I had to stop my count as Perfect Pettas and John Pitts were on the apron. Not for the first time in the night either, and by that time I was about ready to deck Pettas in particular! When he didn't get a count, Mimic came over to remonstrate as well - and Damon blindsided the champion. Trouble was, the collision also caught me and sent me flying to the mat off the ropes. I didn't see myself, but apparently someone gave Damon his kendo stick but it backfired. Mimic got the Trick or Treat again, and I was back to count the pinfall.

The match that worried me (in terms of the booking) until I arrived at the venue was the triple threat falls count anywhere match. However Noods was now a heel which helped - three faces in such a match off the bat was wrong which is what I originally thought it was (and I wasn't the only one). This was madness with Dregan and Daryl Wilde taking things to the floor and Daryl ending through over the counter into the kitchen at one stage! There were three huge bumps, two of them almost in succession with Dregan and Noods battling on a ladder and Dregan shoving him off straight through a table - only to be German suplexed off the ladder by Wilde through a wooden door set up at a 45 degree angle! Daryl was knocked about so he took a long time to cover Dregan, and Noods broke up the pinfall (I was smart on that count using the apron of the ring). In fact I did great with my floor counts at last after previously as far back as Geelong in early 2003 hurting my bloody hand! But the third bump was the match finisher with Noods being put on the commentary table on the stage by Wilde, only to get caught by Dregan and the clown power bombed him through Noods and the table! He covered both of them for the three count. The only weapons that were used otherwise were a toilet seat (I'm not kidding!), a lot of chairs - which at one stage all ended in the ring much like the famous ECW shot from a few years back (not THAT many mind you!) - a broom and a plastic ended rake which again broke like it did at Hardcore City, and I suspect the end of it went flying not that far away from me!

In other matches things are getting hot for the Office. As I mentioned, Perfect Pettas was being a pain in the neck. Johnny Kash took on John Pits, and Pettas was on the apron complaining every time he got a chance. But it was Ben Johns who was the real moron. He diverted me as Kash nailed Pitts with the bankruptcy. Behind my back I'm told, Pettas came in and the pair of them flattened Kash with a double slam of sorts. Pitts took the gift - and then they were going to continue the assault with a chair, but Kash fought back and got both of them with the chair. Johns was his next target, but Chris Spartan ran in and disarmed Kash - and nailed him with the Spartan Bomb.

Spartan then took on newcomer Jesse Pandora. This kid impressed me the most of the three debutante's, and despite being behind on weight did a good job. Spartan won the match with the Spartan Bomb, but then he took the Greek flag and went to work on him. However, he, Pettas and Johns scattered when Johnny Kash ran in with a chair.

The show started with a gauntlet match for the number one contenders spot. This was an exhausting match - and innovative in it's lay out. Four men started, and when one was eliminated either by pinfall, submission or being thrown over the top rope a new wrestler would come in. There were twelve wrestlers in all - and this was another case of I needed my head on a swivel! It'll take too long to go through all the eliminations here, but suffice to say that Daryl Wilde went from coast to coast - last eliminating both Dregan and Wolf Dogg over the top rope for the victory.

The final contest was between the other two debutante's, Adriel and Death Wish. This was probably the worst match of the night, but it wasn't bad. There was a bit going wrong in it but I told the guys to get the video, and nit pick it to death. But I did make a particular point about running the ropes which at one point in particular was ordinary.

Really good crowd size wise, but not as much noise as there was at Fowlers.