XAW May 20, 2005

I refereed all matches
1. Noods v Pure Dragon
- Noods by submission with the Texas Cloverleaf
2. Johnny Kash v John Pits & Perfect Pettas: Handicap Elimination Match
- Kash pinned Pits after the Bankruptcy
- Kash pinned Pettas after a springboard spinning kick
3. Johnny Kash v Wolf Dogg - Wolf Dogg by pinfall after the Stunner
4. Daryl Wilde v Blake Mitchell - Mitchell by pinfall after the Styles Clash
5. Dregan v Chris Spartan - Dregan by pinfall after a Flat Bomb
6. Damon Matthews v Mimic: Hardcore XAW title match - Mimic by pinfall to retain the title after the Trick or Treat into a chair

What a great show on Friday night! Better than either Death Toll in 2003 and Soul Survivor last year - and no wonder. I went on the record on SEN last week saying that the best ever match I'd refereed was Lobo and Steve Frost. Well - not any more.

The main event was a hardcore match for the XAW title, with Mimic and Damon Matthews trumping their Death Toll effort. They went at it for about 20 minutes, with some insane bumps that had me making sure they were both okay about three or four times. Two of them got the "Holy [honk!]" chant and no wonder - Mimic moonsaulting from the top rope to the floor, and Mimic putting Damon through a table with a Swanton Bomb - also from the top rope to the floor. There were a number of other bumps not quite as unreal, but incredible nevertheless. The weapons included a street sign, a council warning light, a kendo stick, and a rake (plastic head) which was broken in half when it was used. Two chairs also came out - and Matthews took an insane bump into them taking a suplex. Mimic retained the title after the Trick or Treat, a shoulder hold into a Rock Bottom. Matthews feigned a knee injury post match, bringing some concern, but it was a ruse. Daryl Wilde and Dregan were fuming about that, but it was me who chased Damon off - he leaving anyway - I was just hurrying him up.

Dregan had his hands full earlier, thanks to a crew who call themselves The Office. He had arranged a raffle with some prizes which included a special first prize. Trouble was, office member John Pits had the winning ticket. But that was the problem - the special prize was a date with the clown!! The match between Dregan and Chris Spartan was somehow twisted into a substitute and Dregan ended up not the only one with his hands full! Twice I was pulled off a count by Pits - and if that had happened a third time I would have ejected him. The match got way out of hand, but The Office didn't lay a glove on Dregan preventing me from calling from the bell. However that didn't help! Finally Dregan got the win after a Flat Bomb (Swanton without the flip).

I also had trouble keeping a straight face when the music man decided to sub Blake Mitchell's regular entrance music with the Divinyls "I touch myself"!! This was a good match between Blake and Daryl Wilde, and that was good enough given what Blake is going through right now. He got the win clean with the Styles Clash. And then after leaving his character in the locker room, he farewelled XAW indefinitely with a wonderful speech of thanks - and getting the crowd on it's feet with an "XADub" chant was just what The Man deserved.

Johnny Kash had to contend with both Perfect Pettas and John Pits in a handicap match, and he did well. The bumping in this was good quality, and Kash got the win with bankruptcy (the spinning leg move) on Pits. But then the head man of The Office - XAW director Ben Johns - changed the match to an elimination match, much to my chagrin. Kash was willing though, and he completed the task with a springboard spinning kick to finish off Pettas. Johns was beside himself, much to Wolf Dogg's amusement - but Wolf Dogg soon found himself forced to get into the ring and give Kash a third opponent. And just to sweeten the pot, Johns offered Kash a title shot if he won. I wasn't impressed, and neither was Wolf Dogg - but he managed to squash Kash in seconds after a Stunner! That caused Johns to put Wolf Dogg on the active roster and he has a match at the next show.

The other match saw Noods defeated Pure Dragon with the Texas Cloverleaf. Noods struggled in this to be honest, and it was the worst match of the night.

The crowd was great. It took awhile for them to get going, but when they did they were fantastic. There was a Greek contingent that got behind Chris Spartan, and a maniac who needed to be calmed down!

I was happy with my own effort overall. Just a couple of small problems, like not pulling up in time on a count during the main event - and having to cancel what appeared to be a three count. Damon cut that TOO fine! And when things broke down in Dregan's match I could have worked that better as well. But that was all.