XAW September 18, 2004

1. Mike Money v Billy Roadkill - Money by pinfall after the Debt Collector
2. Johnny Kash v Stevie Biggs: Kendo Stick Match - Biggs by pinfall after the Run Down
3. Mofo v Dregan - Mofo by pinfall after a piledriver
4. Slikk Steev v Laser - Laser by pinfall with a sunset flip with the top rope
5. Daryl Wilde v Creeper v Blake Mitchell: XAW TLC Title Match - Wilde by reverse decision
6. Soul Survivor hardcore royal rumble - Dregan (order of exits not noted)
Order of entry - 1. Blake Mitchell; 2. Sean Tempest; 3. Andre O'Leary; 4. Noodles; 5. Squidge; 6. Stevie Biggs; 7. Dregan; 8. Mofo; 9. Laser; 10. Creeper; 11. Mike Money; 12. Billy Roadkill; 13. Slikk Steev; 14. Johnny Kash; 15. Daryl Wilde

Wow, what a night for XAW's "farewell" show. The crowd was a little down, but 150 is nothing to be sneezed at really. And they saw a show that started well, had it's moments and finished great.

I was happy with my efforts on the night, and not just as a referee. Blake Mitchell decided to draw his number for the Soul Survivor match in the ring, and demanded I get out there so he could do just that. I was not impressed, but I played along. He drew number 6, but then quickly called that a practice run - much to my chagrin. But he guaranteed that the next draw was for real, so I let it go again. But he tried to back out again when he drew the second time - and no wonder. He pulled number 1 as I somewhat gleefully informed the crowd. And I wasn't going to let Mr.Mitchell back out of it either!

That set the tone for the first match, which saw Mitchell's body guard Mike Money take on the debuting Billy Roadkill. Frankly (and I said this backstage as well) Billy showed a lot of inexperience in this match. What saved it was Blake and his constant bickering with what was going on, and me giving it right back at times. He jumped on the apron a couple of times and I chased him off. Money eventually won the match with the Debt Collector - his name for the pumphandle slam.

Mitchell had made the ladder match for the XAW title a TLC match, and I stood at ringside as he and Creeper took on the champion Daryl Wilde. This was a decent match with chairs being used the most - including one wrapped in barbed wire which thankfully was only used twice and briefly. The first ladder took a couple of shots and nearly split in the middle at one stage. But the bump of the match went to Blake's legdrop from a good ladder through Daryl and the commentary table. It got the "holy [beep!]" chant as it richly deserved. Wylde put Creeper through a table in the ring before he and Mitchell faced off. The champion decided to go for a baseball slide, but I paid for my bad positioning and Mitchell put me in harms way. When I got my bearings, the title was no longer above the ring. It was draped over Mitchell's prone body and I called for the bell to signify a title change. But then my fellow ref, Josh Barker, came out and told me what happened. It seemed that Daryl Wilde was the one who'd got the title down, only to be speared by Mike Money, who put the title on Blake. Quickly, I grabbed the microphone and told the crowd that the winner was in fact Daryl Wilde! It got the reaction it deserved - delirium from the crowd, and total agony for Mitchell. Especially when I got into the ring and took the title off him and gave it to the champion.

The Soul Survivor match is a little tough to report on. The array of weapons was interesting, ranging from street signs and plastic signs to Dregan's pillow and Squidge's stuffed koala bear! At one stage Mitchell threatened to clean me up with one of those plastics signs! It was supposed to be a 15 man rumble, but Ernesto Covino - who'd already had a run in with Blake Mitchell earlier in the night - inserted himself into the match between number 10 and number 11. As it was a hardcore rumble there wasn't much Josh or myself could do about it. Noodles brought out a paint roller covered with thumb tacks and used it on one of the other wrestlers (I can't remember who as I type this), but that was all from that. The barbed wire chair remained unused. Eventually it was down to Mitchell and Dregan - and the clown won by simply poking Blake who promptly sailed over the top rope to the floor in a neat little comedy spot to finish the match. It sparked a brawl that emptied the locker room and to finish the night's action it was on all over the gymnasium! It finished when Daryl Wilde did a somersault plancha from inside the ring onto the other brawlers, and then Laser went to the top rope and dropped on the fight in similar style.

The best technical match of the night was between Laser and Slikk Steev. This was the first time I'd seen Steev in action and he was good. Of course, I was familiar with what Laser could do, having seen him before and actually reffed him once before - in my second ever match against 69 (I won't say where!!) Laser won this with a sunset flip from the top rope.

Josh Barker had the other two matches, and I was concentrating on his performance more than the matches. Stevie Biggs and Johnny Kash had a Kendo Stick match which Biggs won after the Run Down, which I missed. Josh handled this okay given that he didn't have to do much - although there wasn't any note that it was falls count anywhere. The other match tested Josh out more as it was a regular match between Mofo and Dregan. He wasn't as animated as I would have liked, but he handled the finish quite well. Mofo feigned a leg injury and Josh had to keep Dregan back to check on him and then call for some help from the back. But as soon as he did that, Mofo came to life - decked Dregan, nailed the piledriver and got the win.

At the end of the night after the brawl finally finished, Blake Mitchell took the microphone - out of character - and made a farewell speech for XAW. All the regulars - including myself - came out to greet the crowd and say thank you. With that, Blake introduced Diatribe.

All up, it was a great farewell show. Whether or not that's the last of XAW forever only time will tell. But I guarantee this. It is NOT the last Adelaide wrestling will hear of Blake Mitchell, Daryl Wilde, Creeper, Johnny Kash, Dregan, Mofo or anyone else in that group who I may have forgotten. And certainly if I have anything to do with it - it won't be long before Melbourne sees these guys for themselves!