XAW October 4, 2003

1. Stevie Biggs v Shawn Hoffman - Biggs by pinfall after a full nelson slam
2. Dan Stazer v Johnny Kash - Kash by pinfall after the Bankruptcy
3. Mofo v Dregan - Mofo by pinfall after a piledriver
4. Damon Matthews v Mimic - Mimic by pinfall after a Modest Bomb onto a chair
5. Blake Mitchell v Brad Mason v Luke Hazard: Non Title match - Mason by pinfall on Mitchell after a Frog Splash through a chair by Hazard

I'll start by saying that the people who didn't follow XAW from Salisbury to the Dom Polski Centre for XAW Death Toll must have been out of town for the long weekend - or just plain nuts!

It was a great show, with only a couple of moments that I wasn't happy with. I was the referee for all five matches - and I got a workout!

The main theme for the show was it's new co-owner. XAW champion Blake Mitchell was virtually kissing the butt of the known co-owner, Ernesto Covino, but both of them and the rest of the New Revolution were horrified to find that former Joint Promotions employee Wolf Dogg was the owner of the other 50 percent! He tried to sign the champion to a title match but Covino told him that it was in Blake's contract that he had to have a week's notice. OK, Wolf Dogg decided to resolve the ridiculous situation that Blake was his own number one contender instead. He put that status up in a triple threat match - against Brad Mason and a mystery third man.

Mason and Mitchell tried to go at it before the mystery man was even introduced, and I had a terrible time getting in between them. When Luke Hazard was brought out, both guys were at it again - causing me this time to call for the bell and get the match started. It was a quality contest, and the New Revolution were at ringside which kept me on my toes. But they didn't interfere in the match. Blake introduced a chair (XAW matches are all no DQ, although I did have some discretion) but it ended up costing him. Hazard flattened him with a frog splash through the chair, hurting himself in the process. Mason took the gift and the number one contender's position, causing Covino to attack him - and then ME when I protested. Wolf Dogg ran in and stunned his business partner, before setting his sights on Mitchell - only to have Mofo run in and flatten him with a chair. Then - Creeper's music! The returning former champion hit the ring, causing the New Revolution to high tail it out of there.

Wolf Dogg then signed Mason to face Mitchell for the title at the next show, and on the strength of his effort earlier (more on that in a moment) he added Mimic to the match. Covino then trumped him by adding New Revolution member Stevie Biggs - but much to Blake Mitchell's fury Wolf Dogg trumped that by putting the four way match into a steel cage!!

Mimic and Damon Matthews featured in the match of the night in my view. It was a hardcore falls count anywhere match, which started with some good chain wrestling, and both of them came up with arm drags right out of the Ricky Steamboat school of wrestling! When the match went hardcore, the weapons were sticks (a couple of broken ones were used in a borderline fashion IMHO) chairs and a kendo stick. There were a couple of big moves from the top rope to the outside, including a moonsault from Mimic which missed. He got one in the ring through a chair, but it was a Modest Bomb onto a chair that got Mimic the victory. For me, all of the live matches I've seen this year - and that includes WWE Ruthless Aggresion - this was up there with the best for 2003.

But I had to work to keep a straight face with that fruitcake Dregan! His ring entrance for a start - riding a cycle built for a toddler on the stage, falling off and ending up with his hat jammed over his head! Mofo tried to wrestle him, but he didn't know what to do when he got a cream pie in his face - and then another one in the nether regions! And as if that wasn't enough, how about a pillow for a weapon! I had to put hand over my face to stop from laughing! But things got serious when Dregan was playing "Knock Knock" in throwing Mofo into the corner and coathangering him there. He went for a second one - only to collect me instead when Mofo dragged me into his place in the corner. Taking advantage, Mofo used a chair - and then a piledriver before waking me up, where I made a slow three count.

New Revolution member Johnny Kash got on my wrong side before his match with rookie Dan Stazer, when I caught him with a chain in his pocket! I gave him an earful for it before throwing the chain up the aisle! It was during this match that we had a moment that I wasn't happy with when the guys lost their way and it looked terrible. They'll learn from that I'm sure. Ernesto Covino jumped up on the apron diverting my attention, and it allowed Kash to use a second chain to set up his finishing move, Bankruptcy - a sort of leglock neckbreaker - for the win.

Stevie Biggs dealt with another rookie, Shawn Hoffman (I hope I got that right!) with a full nelson slam. But this was the second moment that I wasn't happy with and this one was my fault because that wasn't supposed to be the way the match finished - and my three count looked awful as a result. Biggs nailed a TKO post match, causing me to run him and Covino out of the ring.

Great show otherwise, guys! And worth a much bigger crowd than what showed up - much like the April 24 EWA show in Geelong. The next XAW show is on November 1, and I'll miss it because of the St.George Association show on the same night.