September 5, 2003

1. Brad Mason v Boris the Bullet Dodger - Mason by pinfall after the Diamond Cutter
2. Rod Silva v Josh Barry - No Contest
3. Rod Silva v Brad Mason - Silva by pinfall after the Silva Bullet
4. Wayne Johnson v James Anderson III: Last Man Standing Match - Anderson III after Johnson was put through a plastic table
5. Thorn v Big Dog: VCW Title Match - Thorn by pinfall to retain the title after the Frog Splash.

On Friday night, VCW presented Exile 2 at the Longhurst Hall in Swan Hill. There were only about 50 people through the door, and I was the official for all five matches.

The show started with the Cowboy Wayne Johnson wanting a piece of VCW owner James Anderson III. The Cowboy was decked in the ring by VCW champion Thorn for his efforts, and Anderson ran into the ring - to accept Johnson's challenge, in a Last Man Standing Match! Is he nuts? And if the Cowboy should lose the match - he was fired!

The weapons came out - and the commentator (I've forgotten his name) hadn't paid much attention to the opening of the show, and was looking for me to take action when firstly a metal garbage bin lid came out. But this was a Last Man Standing Match, and the only way you could win was to have your opponent fail to respond to a 10 count. Johnson laid a short shot to Anderson's head, but the owner came back and let fly with some stiff shots to the Cowboy's noggin that had me wincing! But that Cowboy's got a hard head - and he proved it when Anderson brought out a couple of video tapes, and broke one over Johnson's head. Johnson shook that off - and just to prove it, he broke the other tape over his own head! Anderson again came back, this time with a cheese grater! I have to be honest, that was pushing it - but the Cowboy wasn't busted open. A ladder was then brought into play, with Anderson riding it from the ropes into Johnson. The match soon went outside, with the Cowboy being thrown into a roller door. He fought back in the aisle with a DDT on the wooden floor, and he took the owner up to the stage after clearing a plastic table at floor level. Oh Oh! That table had Anderson's name on it, as the Cowboy prepared to deliver a power bomb! But Thorn clocked Johnson from behind with his title belt to break that up, and Anderson nailed a superkick that sent Johnson sprawling off the stage and smashing the table!! I counted to ten, and James Anderson III gave the Cowboy the arse. I called for help, but the minute the Cowboy was on his feet he didn't want any help! He was going to be back - fired or not!

Thorn had a title defence against a mystery opponent, who turned out to be his brother Big Dog! This was a nasty match with both men taking some heavy hits. Anderson came to ringside and distracted me, and I suspect he stopped me from making a count for the champion. Thorn eventually retained the title after a Frog Splash, and then he decked the owner with his title belt! See why I suspected what happened?

Brad Mason did double duty on the night. He dealt with the mysterious Boris the Bullet Dodger with a Diamond Cutter. Boris got into my face at one stage and he was schoolboyed and nearly pinned for his effort. Brad then put a stop to Rod Silva's thrashing of rookie Josh Barry by pulling him out of the ring just when Silva was about to splash him from the second rope. That match became a no contest, and we had Mason and Silva so Silva could have a real opponent. Mason may have dodged the Bullet Dodger, but he didn't dodge the Silva Bullet (a Goldberg style spear).

The next show is yet to be confirmed - and hopefully I'll be able to get up there again for it. Not bad, but plenty of room for improvement. A pity that the XAW boys couldn't make the trip.