July 16, 2005

1. Gozo King v Thunder Kid - Thunder Kid by pinfall with a sunset flip
2. Krackerjack & Scorpion v The Arabs - Krackerjack & Scorpion by DQ when Barry Bin Ladin threw powder into the face of Scorpion
3. The Candyman v The Russian: Non title match - Candyman by pinfall after a chair shot from Mike Manson by accident
4. Steve Valek v Trikki D - Valek by submission with a modified Texas Cloverleaf
5. Big Pimpin v George Julio - Pimpin by DQ when Julio hit him with a chair
6. Mozart v Insano: UWA-SA Cruiserweight title match - Mozart by pinfall to retain the title after the Harmonic Pause
7. Billy Blaze & Daniel Swagger v Rhino & Mike Manson - Blaze & Swagger by pinfall when Blaze pinned Manson after a flying bodypress from the top rope
8. Battle Royal - The Russian, last eliminating Stephan Cool

And I thought Melton Indoor Sports Centre was cold! The indoor venue at the Werribee Equestrian Centre was FREEZING! When I wasn't refereeing I was wearing my windcheater AND my parka backstage! It's not really a venue made for wrestling, but the crowd was good considering the location - probably something like 200 to 250. 

The Candyman was there and wrestling in a non title match against the Russian - the Candyman is the UWASA champion. Mike Manson was there in the Russian's corner, but he should have learnt by now that the Russian can't hold the Candyman for a chair shot while the referee is down (Chop Chop was sandwiched between them in the corner). Like Melton in April, Manson's shot caught the Russian instead and after getting rid of the intruder with a drop kick, the Candyman took the gift. 

The semi main event was a tag team match with Billy Blaze and Daniel Swagger taking on Rhino and Mike Manson. Stephan Cool was in the corner of the heels and proceeded to create havoc, and that included a member of security. It ended up doing no good as Blaze and Swagger got the win after a double team with Blaze nailing a flying bodypress from the top rope, with a bit of school boy help from Swagger. The two man pin upset Manson, and he and Cool took it out on the referee. Blaze and Swagger got rid of the heels, and I was out there helping Chop Chop out. 

The main event was a battle royal, which was the usual mayhem. The last four was Stephan Cool, Mike Manson, Billy Blaze and the Russian. Manson found himself turned on and eliminated, and then Cool and the Russian got rid of Blaze. Cool was delighted and felt he'd found himself a new friend. But jumping into the arms of the big man and laying a kiss on him annoyed the Russian - so out went Cool, and the Russian took the victory. 

I had a busy night in more ways than one. The UWASA Cruiserweight title was on the line with Mozart defending against Insano, the former champion after the title changed hands back in May at Roxby Downs. Being a title match, I had to check for weapons - and if there's one person EVERY referee hates dealing with along those lines it's Mozart!! I somehow managed to do my job, but then he wanted to check ME for weapons. Honestly! And Insano wasn't faring any better with Mozart's shenanigans, but I couldn't do a thing about it. They eventually got down to the match - and Mozart managed to get Insano's leg hurt, and it nullified Insano's air attack, missing the split legged moonsault, the moonsault and the 619 during the match. Mozart got the Harmonic Pause, and kept the title. 

But it's no fun refereeing George Julio! He had a match against Big Pimpin after the chair shot last week in Adelaide and he did his usual disrespecting the official. The match ended in a DQ when the action headed for the floor, and Julio threw Pimpin into the chairs after scattering the fans there. It was the follow up chair shot to the scone that caused me to DQ Julio, and he made me pay for it by sconing me with the plastic weapon - and then picking me up and throwing ME into the chairs! That earnt him a $300 fine on top of the disqualification. 

Steve Valek took on Trikki D with Valek clearly getting an attitude. He got the win in his match with a modified Texas Cloverleaf - taking advantage of a back injury that Trikki has only just come back from. And Gozo King made his debut in the ring against another one with an attitude change - Thunder Kid. There were a few foul ups in this one, but Gozo King should be happy with that for his first match on a show. He lost when Thunder Kid got him with a sunset flip, and apparently used a handful of trunks but I didn't see it. 

In the other match, Scorpion and PWA Victorian champion Krackerjack took on the Arabs, consisting of Barry Bin Ladin and a guy who I only know as "Big Bubba" (there was a third word there but I didn't catch it). This was another DQ, with Barry getting Scorpion in the eyes with some powder. Security lost no time on that one - throwing the Arabs out of the building! Served them right! 

An enjoyable show, and I hope the funding efforts of the Werribee Junior and Amateur footy clubs bore fruit.