July 9, 2005

Results are not in order except the first match and the main event
Daryl Wilde defeated Noods with a roll up
Insano v Mimic: UWA Cruiserweight Title Match - Double Countout
Blake Mitchell defeated Rhino with a roll up
Big Pimpin defeated Steve Valek after the Pimp Drop
Billy Blaze v Scorpion - Double Pinfall draw
Mike Manson & George Julio v King Humungous & Big Pimpin - No Contest

I arrived at the Estonian Hall prepared to either commentate or referee. Unfortunately it ended up not being either as Chop Chop had already been given the heads up on all the matches, and the Adelaide based promoters had already taken care of the commentary. Mind you - I would have done a far better job than the guy they had doing play by play! 

The UWASA champion the Candyman wasn't there due to a broken leg at the hands of Mike Manson and George Julio, much to the frustration of his scheduled tag team partner King Humungous. He decided to allow a random name to be drawn from a hat - and that honour went up as part of the first prize in the raffle (won by a cute five year old girl!) and his partner was Big Pimpin, who was now a face in Adelaide. The match was madness, and it finished up in a no contest after the King was thrown into the chairs near the commentary table. Julio put the table and more chairs on top of Humungous - and while Blake Mitchell (who was commentating) held the table down with his foot, the two heels double teamed Pimpin. When Chop Chop tried to put a stop to it he was sconed with Julio's favourite chair. The King was brought into the ring, and they were about smash his leg the same way they had allegedly done to the Candyman, but they skedaddled when the locker room emptied. The match was a no contest. 

Blake was playing heel - and he was on fire on this night. And it nearly cost him! He complained about not being on the card, and after inserting himself into the commentary position he decided to challenge anyone in the locker room. But he didn't see that Rhino was in the audience in his street clothes. Mitchell turned, took one look at the big man - and "WHOA!". Rhino issued the challenge and stuck, Blake had no choice but to accept - causing the play by play guy to take to calling Blake "The Mouth" instead of "The Man". But the Man had a trick up his sleeve. Daryl Wilde was in his corner after a heel turn in his match against Noods which opened the night (Noods was slapped by Mitchell leading to the Wilde roll up victory) and after Mitchell was running around like a headless chook avoiding Rhino early he managed to get to Rhino's knee. Rhino fought back, but Blake scrambled out of a move and collected Chop Chop by accident. Rhino went for the piledriver, but Wilde took advantage of the downed referee and sprayed deodorant into Rhino's face. Mitchell scored the roll up, and the referee was back to count the pinfall. 

Mozart had to head back home at short notice (legit I'm told due to a death in the family) which left Insano to battle XAW champion Mimic. This was a good match, which ended after Insano lost his cool on the floor after he was collected with a somersault plancha to the floor. He went to work on Mimic on the floor - but completely lost track of Chop Chop's count and both men were counted out. Insano was frustrated and even grabbed the referee by the scruff of the neck complaining about it. 

Steve Valek took on Big Pimpin in another match which saw Big Pimpin get the win with the Pimp Drop (a sit out FU if you like). 

Billy Blaze battled Scorpion who was making his one on one wrestling debut, and it showed in what was the worst match of the night. This one finished in a draw when Blaze got Scorpion with a German Suplex into a bridge - but Blaze forgot to keep his own shoulders off the mat. Result - a double pinfall draw. 

A good crowd considering, and a reasonable night. There is a very good chance of more XAW wrestlers being used on UWASA shows in the future, with Blake's future pretty much assured in my view. I am going to try and arrange for the Melbourne boys to return the favour to an XAW show.