July 10, 2004

1. Damon Matthews v Full Blood - Full Blood by pinfall after an impact hangman neckbreaker
2. Johnny Kash & Dungeon Master v Creeper & Daryl Wylde - Creeper & Wilde by pinfall when Creeper pinned Kash after a Sky High Power Bomb
3. Blake Mitchell v Insano: UWA Cruiserweight Title match - Insano by pinfall to retain the title after the Laid To Rest
4. The Candyman v Iron Horse - Candyman by pinfall after the Equalizer hit Iron Horse with a chain by accident
5. Cruiserweight Battle Royal - Blake Mitchell (last eliminated was Insano)
6. George Julio, Mike Manson & the Equalizer v Rhino, Mozart & Charlie Marciano - Rhino, Mozart & Marciano by pinfall when Rhino pinned Manson after Julio hit Manson with a chair by accident

I headed for Adelaide for my third set of wrestling commitments in the same number of weeks. This time it was back in the zebra stripes - but it didn't stop another bloody beatdown!

The main event was a six man tag (my first as a referee - and they are HARD!) which saw Rhino, Charlie Marciano and Mozart (a face in Adelaide) take on Mike Manson, George Julio and the Equalizer who was making his wrestling debut. I managed to keep this under control for the most part, but once control was lost it really went off track! I chose to follow the Equalizer out of the ring when he dispatched Marciano and Mozart to try and break that up - but my attention was attracted by Julio who had his favourite chair preparing to scone Rhino as Manson held him in a full nelson. But Rhino escaped and Manson was sconed instead. I let that go as a result and Rhino took the gift. Julio then decided to blame ME for the incident (a convenient scapegoat!) and Manson was onto me like a shot with forearms in the corner! He was going to suplex me, but he changed his mind and blasted a couple of knees into my gut before forcing me to the mat and applying a simplified camel clutch. I tapped without much hesitation, but that of course didn't get me anywhere quick - with Julio actually trying to stamp my hands while I was tapping! The faces drove the heels out eventually and I was helped from the ring - particularly by Mozart!

My other regular match commitment was the Cruiserweight title match, which saw Insano defending the title he won last show against - to my delight - XAW's Blake Mitchell. This was a great match and the match of the night wrestled as a face/face match with great countering (I hope a certain trainer in Adelaide sees a tape of this and cops the egg on his face!) and everything else that makes for a great technical match. I barely had to count except for pinfall attempts. Insano won the match to retain his title with a new move called Laid to Rest - a torture rack backbreaker into a neckbreaker (a variation on his old move the Mental Breakdown). But Mitchell wasn't happy about it because he said he had his foot on the ropes. I didn't see it so there wasn't much I could do about it except say so.

That led neatly into the cruiserweight battle royal, which I also handled with Chop Chop. Full Blood and Insano were joined by Mitchell and the other four XAW wrestlers who were on the show - Creeper, Damon Matthews, Johnny Kash and XAW champion Daryl Wilde. This was a good battle, which Blake won to collect a cheque for $5000 and get Insano back as the cruiserweight champion was the last man eliminated. That might get Mitchell another title shot at the next UWA SA show.

In the other matches, Matthews and Full Blood had a decent match which Full Blood won with an impact hangman neckbreaker, using the ropes for the impact. Johnny Kash had problems tagging with the nasty Dungeon Master against Creeper and Wylde - to the point that when Kash had the Boston Crab on Creeper, Dungeon Master came into the ring and broke up the hold - and then flattened Kash in the middle of the ring. Wylde ran in and got a spinebuster for his effort, and Creeper got his bearings and made sure of it with a Sky High Power Bomb on Kash for the pinfall as the Dungeon Master walked out.

And the Candyman earned a title shot at the UWASA champion the Cremator after he took care another debutante - Iron Horse. Thanks to an errant chain shot by the Equalizer who was in the corner of the Iron Horse.

I enjoyed myself, and this time I travelled back to Melbourne with the guys. And I taught them something about cheaper accomodation - and not taking up a room way out in whoop whoop AKA Elizabeth! Glen Osmond (where I stayed this trip) makes much more sense! 

And congratulate me! The battle royal was the 50th match that I have officiated!