May 1, 2004

1. Daryl Wilde v Johnny Kash - Double Countout
2. Jesus v Blake Mitchell - Jesus by pinfall with a reverse cross body block
3. Krackerjack v Cletus Blood: Cruiserweight tournament semi final - Krackerjack by submission with the Bastard Lock
4. Insano v Foxx: Cruiserweight tournament semi final - Insano by pinfall with a reverse roll up
5. Rack Dogg v Charlie Marciano - Time Limit draw
6. Krackerjack v Insano: Cruiserweight tournament final - Insano by pinfall to win the title with a roll up
7. George Julio & Slex v Mozart & Fuel - Julio & Slex by pinfall when Julio pinned Mozart with a roll up
8. Mad Dog v The Cremator: Falls count anywhere UWA SA title match - The Cremator by pinfall to retain the title after a power bomb
9. Mike Manson v Rhino: Dog Collar Chain Match - No Contest

I came away from North Adelaide on Saturday night a little addled but happy for the show. The addling was personal for two reasons. The first was that I couldn't find the Estonian Hall because it wasn't where I thought it was!! I got there eventually though and no harm was done, but next time I go to a new venue that I don't know I'll get better directions!

I'll get to the second in a moment, as there was one change to the line up. Slex became George Julio's tag partner and Fuel (backing up from the NWA Australia show the previous night) tagged up with Mozart. Julio and Slex won this when the Hitman rolled up Mozart.

The Cremator also backed up from the NWA Australia show as he defended his UWA SA championship against Mad Dog McCrea in a falls count anywhere match. I didn't see either of these matches as Rob Libreri was refereeing, but the Cremator won with a Last Ride power bomb - and his feet on the ropes! Vida Loca was in Cremator's corner as usual.

The main event was mayhem as Rob was knocked over and Julio and Barry Bin Ladin attacked Rhino. With no decision this was a no contest, but I'd seen enough when Mike Manson tried to open Rhino up with a pen - and I ran out there to stop him. I got pushed to the floor (this was happening at ringside) and as Mozart and Charlie Marciano ran in to help Rhino, the Hitman got me again - introducing my head to the commentary table! I managed to get my bearings and got into the ring to help Rob. That spot worked well.

Unlike my earlier spot - and this was the second reason I was addled. Insano won the UWA SA cruiserweight title from Krackerjack by blocking the Spinal Tap with a roll up and getting the three count. Jesus came out and took the trophy before I could get it to present to the champion, and he presented it instead - to Insano's noggin. My protest was greeted with a drop kick - and I stuffed up my fall and hit the back of my head on the mat! I was pissed off with myself for that - and I was later told by Lobo (who was a spectator and good on him for that) that all I did wrong was not tuck my head in. I broke the fall with my arms (I thought I hadn't) so I guess that shows that I'm not a wrestler! But that's no bloody excuse! Even refs should bump better than that!

The rest of the night went well for me. The semi finals of the tournament went well, with Foxx earning my wrath to the tune of a $150 fine when he pushed me around (not for the first time) after Insano pinned him by reversing a brainbuster attempt into a reverse roll up. Krackerjack was easier to handle as he was more of a mocker than a straight heel - have to think of a few ideas to use that better actually! He won his semi over Cletus Blood with the Bastard Lock. This was a very good match. I've always had a lot of time for Cletus, and this further solidified my view.

Blake Mitchell wasn't the only XAW wrestler to debut with the UWA. Johnny Kash also debuted - this time with NO chain in his pocket! He fought Daryl Wilde, an early XAW wrestler who worked with MPW/JP before returning to XAW recently. This was a good match which ended when both guys hit the mat, and failed to respond to a ten count in the ring. Blake meanwhile had all sorts of trouble with Jesus. Blake unfortunately slipped off the ropes trying for a springboard moonsault on the apron to the floor, but he had the sense to break his fall. He struggled from there but he did OK in my opinion (good enough to earn a trip to Melbourne when he can for some pointers - and I'll leave that there!) in jobbing to Jesus who got the win by reversing a top rope cross body block - with a handful of tights out of my vision.

The other match between Charlie Marciano and the Rack Dogg went to a 15 minute time limit draw.

I quite liked the venue (once I found it!!) but whether or not I can get back there remains to be seen.

Footnote - it was Blake's slip on this show that led to his public match walk out a week later in XAW, given that he couldn't move the following morning