June 5, 2005

1. Warlock v Scarecrow - Scarecrow by pinfall
2. Big J v Hillbilly Bob - Hillbilly by pinfall after the Slop Drop
3. Krofty v Russell - Krofty by pinfall
4. Bishop Sommers v Johnny Dundas: Last Man Standing Elite Title Match - Sommers to win the title after a Summer Side from the top rope
5. Devlin De Skyes & Salem v TJ Haze & H8red: Tag Team Title Match - Devlin & Salem by pinfall to retain the titles
6. Aiko Nakatomi & Scarlett v Angeleeka & Sammy Jo - Angeleeka & Sammy Jo by pinfall when Angeleeka pinned Aiko after the Angel Split
7. Will Phoenix v Greg Stekker: UWA title match - Phoenix by pinfall to retain the title with a small package

I was delighted to be able to make my way to Merrylands RSL to get my first taste of UWA NSW action - and I was happy with what I saw. UWA Circus of Slams was quite enjoyable. 

The main event saw the UWA champion Will Phoenix defend his title against the veteran Greg Stekker. I hadn't seen Greg in action for over a decade (since the ill fated Future Wave Wrestling in 1993), and I was looking forward to it. I was also looking forward to seeing an improved Phoenix after his stint in the US. What I got was a good technical contest with just one problem. It was too short. Phoenix got the win with a small package to keep his title - and I just hope it was a case of leaving us wanting more, and UWA delivering on it. 

But the match of the night featured two wrestlers I hadn't seen before. UWA Elite champion Johnny Dundas defended his title against Bishop Sommers in a Last Man Standing match - and this was up there with the best matches I've seen this year. There was fantastic work by both wrestlers, and I have no problem ranking it with Mimic and Damon Matthews a couple of weeks ago with XAW, and the Legacy of the Ladder match at PWA Jordanville in February. Sommers won the match to regain the title he'd lost when Dundas couldn't respond to the ten count after a Summerside from the tope rope - a sort of modified Downward Spiral. Dundas was attacked post match by Sommers and other members of Team Metro and left lying before Scarecrow made the save. 

Scarecrow opened the night against CPW champion Warlock. This was my first look at the Canberran, and he did OK I thought. He looked like he lacked experience, but the basics were definitely there indicating an old school style of training at Turner PCYC. With the UWA boys now involved with them the only way is up for the best that CPW has. I would put CPW on a par with XAW in terms of talent. Warlock lost the match when Scarecrow countered a sleeper hold with his finishing move with I wish I'd caught the name of! He used it at the Supershow as well. A quick note also - I loved the way Scarecrow escaped the backbreaker submission, using the top turnbuckle to push himself back to ground level. 

We had an in ring interview with the rookie Hatred (spelled H8red) and he lost no time telling Mark Williamson exactly what he thought of his "midget" barbs by knocking off that ridiculous Turkish hat Mark was wearing! Williamson called out the tag team champions to teach him a lesson, but that was stopped by TJ Haze. The upshot of that was that UWA president Ed Lock booked a tag team title defence for Devlin De Skyes (I'll spell it right from now on!) and Salem. 

That match was a good one as well, which the champions jump started with an assault on Haze before H8red even got out there. But when he did he launched a suicide drop to even the score. But H8red ended up being the one pinned with a move called the something Casket - a Devlin Stunner combined with a Salem inverted leg hold (think the Rey Mysterio set up into the bulldog). 

Wayne Pickford was supposed to be battling Russell the Love Muscle (what a name!) but Pickford had no showed so he sent Krofty the Kambah Klepto to take his place. Krofty and Russell are both CPW wrestlers, and this was a good match. I had trouble really getting into it though, thanks to that idiot Williamson's commentary - making every single blatant ribald gag of "Love muscle" on the planet, plus a few extra! He even got referee Fozzy Young laughing!! Mind you, with Russell being billed from Fyshwick he asks for it to a degree! Krofty won this with a move that again I didn't get the full name of - a something driver. 

We had a ladies tag match with Aiko Nakatomi and Scarlett taking on Sammy Jo and the best looking female wrestler in the country in my opinion - Angeleeka. I'd heard that Angel had improved heaps since I saw her at the Canberra show early in 2004, and I'm delighted to say that those reports were spot on. This was a half decent match and definitely the best Aussie girls match I've seen in a long time. Angeleeka and Sammy Jo got the win when Angel got Aiko in the Angel Split - her name for the X Factor. But the name fits because she almost does the splits whilst driving her opponent's head into the mat. And she can do that being a dancer! I was rapt with that effort. 

The worst match of the night was Big J and Hillbilly Bob. It wasn't a bomb - it was OK. I did like Hillbilly's gimmick (although the billing of Badgerys Creek wouldn't please the locals very much!) and he got the win with the Slop Drop - his name for a Rock Bottom. Big J took the loss very well - this was a face/face match up. 

The crowd was around 200, and that filled the place up giving a great atmosphere. It included a large number of kids which was great to see. The roof at Merrylands is a little low, but they did avoid it well, with only a vertical suplex on H8red touching the problem area. I'd heard that Ed Lock was a great play by play commentator - and he's been at it for a long time. And he is great without a doubt - knew the holds and the storylines, and he clicked nicely with Williamson.

Note: Any claim by Williamson that he abused me before this show is a blatant lie. He is a coward and won't abuse me to my face.