Supershow IV November 12 & 13, 2005

Newcastle Segment
1. Phil Picasso v Jass v Chris Taylor v Krofty: Hardcore Match - Taylor by pinfall on Krofty after the Cannonball
2. Stephen James v Scarecrow - Scarecrow by pinfall after the Murder Go Round
3. Will Phoenix v Slex v Jayson Cooper: Elimination Match - Slex by pinfall on both men after the Slexecution on Cooper after Cooper got Phoenix with the Swanton Bomb
4. Mad Dog McCrea v Steve Ravenous v Warlock v Brett Brady v Foxx v Billy Cole - McCrea by pinfall on Foxx after a Death Valley Driver from the top rope
5. TNT v Rob Matrix - Matrix by pinfall after the elbow from the top rope
6. Mark Mercedes v Steve Frost - No contest
7. Pub Brawl - Scarecrow by pinfall after the Murder Go ROund through a table on Ryan Eagles
8. Lee Starr v Lobo: Career v Career match - Starr by pinfall after a splash from the top rope
Penrith Segment
1. John E Radic v Bishop Sommers v Krackerjak v Jay Andrews v Damien Slater v JT Robinson - Robinson by pinfall on Slater after the Modest Bomb
2. Steve Frost v Scarecrow - Frost by pinfall after the power bomb
3. Devlin De Skyes & Salem v Cletus & Retus Blood - De Skyes & Salem by pinfall when Salem pinned Cletus after a corkscrew moonsault from De Skyes
4. Will Phoenix v Rob Matrix - Phoenix by pinfall with a reverse roll up
5. Billy Cole & Lee Starr v Jayson Cooper & Tyson Gibbs - Cooper & Gibbs by pinfall when Cooper pinned Starr after the Swanton Bomb
6. TNT v Slex - TNT by pinfall after a Hangman neckbreaker from the top rope
7. Pub Brawl - Ryan Eagles by pinfall on Champagne Pyro after a German Suplex into a chair
8. Mark Mercedes v Lobo: Anything Goes - Lobo by pinfall after the Alabama Jam


Newcastle Segment

First of all, I love this venue! Almost as though it was made for wrestling. Loved it!

One thing I didn't like though - and this happened last year as well. The dancers with their heavy shoes in the ring. Surely they can do damage to it for goodness sake - they aren't flat. There's a reason why you need soft soled shoes when you wrestle or referee!

We had Mark Williamson and Julian James for commentary again like last year and they did a wonderful job again. I have to say this though - Mark has been in Jim Cornette's wardrobe! Turn it down!

1. Phil Picasso v Jass v Chris Taylor v Krofty: Hardcore Match

I've got a question. What came first? The Birdman or the egg? Picasso was a riot, using the Chicken Dance as his entrance music, and playing up to the gimmick literally! It's the first time I've seen him live with it (he didn't have the gimmick at Supershow 1) and the kids thought it was great. This wasn't a bad opening match, and for a hardcore match it was pretty tame with the weapon use being minimal. Picasso no sold a fair amount, but when he did he was quite funny. The Picasso Flop (rather more elaborate than the Flair Flop) complete with a "Cuckoo!" or a "Tweet Tweet!" Mostly it was two on two, and it was Taylor who got the win with the Cannonball (Spear) on Canberra's Krofty. There was no mention that Krofty is the current CPW champion.

2. Stephen James v Scarecrow

I really liked this match. The kids are into Scarecrow, and this was well worked. James brought out the Spanish Fly again - only this time he modified it a bit, and didn't land it perfectly (he would have been going to match the perfection of the one in Adelaide in April 2004!) The only peeve I had about this match is that it was a little too short. Scarecrow won it with the Murder Go Round.

3. Will Phoenix (w/Bishop Sommers) v Slex (w/Ruby) v Jayson Cooper

Ruby was a heel again like last year, but this time she looked the part (taking a leaf out of Vida Loca's wardrobe) and actually was a bit of a tweener because Team Metro (Phoenix and Sommers) were getting most of the heat. At this point - I must give Cooper credit. He did some good work, and on that I couldn't really fault him. Looked like a comfortable and professional Jag if you like (and give him the right conditions and he can perform). He's not to the level of a Steve O'Neal though. This was an elimination match, but it finished in one fall when Slex pinned both men. Cooper had got Phoenix with a Swanton Bomb, but he was hit with the Slexecution and Slex covered both men

4. Mad Dog McCrea v Steve Ravenous v Warlock v Brett Brady v Foxx v Billy Cole

This match was run like the six pack last year, except this was a fatal one fall finish instead of an elimination. It was hard to follow at times, as they tried to run with a rivalry/teamwork mixture involving PWA's Mad Dog and Foxx, and IWA's Cole and Brady. But it didn't work too well. Also, I was very concerned when Mad Dog took a somersault plancha from Foxx very awkwardly and it looked like he'd folded him up before he disappeared behind the barricade. Luckily he was OK. The match broke down late with battles on the floor, allowing Mad Dog to survive the Roaring Elbow from Foxx, and nail a Death Valley Driver from the top rope for the victory.

We then had an intermission.

5. TNT v Rob Matrix

On paper this looked like a great match up. TNT seemed to be getting some support which made him something of a tweener. I loved the way this started - hold for hold. Out came the Ricky Steamboat like arm drags from Matrix (I've seen him do that before and he is fantastic at them!) and his weight advantage came to play so TNT got nasty. He didn't get all of the corkscrew moonsault, which may explain Matrix's kick out from that. Matrix fought back after avoiding a regular moonsault, and ended up getting the win with the Macho Man Special. Match of the night for me.

Post match - Matrix wanted to shake TNT's hand. But TNT did an HBK with it and walked out. Once a heel - always a heel!

6. Mark Mercedes v Steve Frost w/Benny English

Another interesting note on this one. Frost was promoted at the PWA champion, but where was Mark's IWA title? This was champion v champion! I thought (and so did someone else) that Mark would be face here. But when he heeled on Newcastle (gee he does that well - especially when you get material like the local NRL team doing nothing on the field!) the crowd was on him like a shot! Frost also heeled - as did Benny English (I'll grab your finger next time, Pom! LOL) but the crowd decided to side with him. This was a tough old battle between two tough men, with Mercedes getting a figure four leglock on to try and weaken Frost. But Frost came back - with a blood nose - and missed a moonsault. The two men started to slug it out, and after the referee was pushed down twice it was a double DQ.

Out came the PWA locker room to help Frost, only to have the IWA locker room respond in kind - and that led straight into...
7. The Pub Brawl
I can't say much about this, except TOTAL MADNESS! Even Mark Williamson - complete with some elaborate protective contraption - got into it when he felt like it, whilst posing as an on the spot commentator. Benny English was also dishing a bit out. I couldn't even cover this properly, but I can say that Scarecrow took the win with the Murder Go Round through a table on Ryan Eagles.

One of the dancers then did a fair rendition of Advance Australia Fair - and I didn't stand, as I haven't since October 2004.

8. Lee Starr v Lobo: Career v Career

To be match of the night, this had quite a match to beat. There was a touch of Japanese submission wrestling early in this which was a little different. It wasn't long before both men were busted open - I didn't see what caused Starr's bust, but Lobo's was off the barricade. This was developing into another tough old battle although not as nasty as the Merc/Frost match. Lobo managed a top rope huracanrana, but for the most part he looked hamstrung. The body was definitely showing the wear and tear and it prevented the match - which was really good - to get to the level of Matrix/TNT. The referee was squashed in the corner, and it caused Starr to miss the three count after a Death Valley Driver. He was still getting his marbles back together when Lobo nailed the Alabama Jam (the move that won him the UWA title at Supershow 3) and another three count was missed. Lobo let go with two chops they would have heard in Maitland, and got in an inverted superplex but he took too long to take the cover. It was back and forth until Starr got the three count with the top rope splash - which for me to be honest was a bit of a lame finish for a career v career match.

Post match, the two men embraced - and the locker room emptied to applaud Lobo. A man who has given his all for the business, and deserves every accolade he gets.

Penrith Segment

Franky Valentyn entertained the crowd with some comedic cover versions of some old stuff – he did a wonderful rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. Props to him for the crowd warm up! The girls were there again with their hard shoes, but they didn’t bounce off the mat this time which was better. Cremator was sitting right behind me which made for some interesting banter.

1. John E Radic v Bishop Sommers v Krackerjak v Jay Andrews v Damien Slater v JT Robinson

JT was the lone face in this, getting a pop by being brought in on a motorcycle. This was after the first three entries grabbed the mic – and Radic doing what I believe is his usual, threatening to leave if the crowd didn’t get off his back. Sommers was a bit lame, but Krackers – as always – made both of them look like rank amateurs! Robinson was quintuple teamed from the get go, and the tags were against him until he finally got out and the angle was lost. Both Radic and Slater fouled up their selling early, but they settled down – with Radic doing a spot that had me laughing (can’t remember what it was though!). The match broke down – and we had a near catastrophic spot foul up, when a triple tower of doom to the floor went wrong as the wrestler on top (I think it was Sommers) went over too soon on the suplex. Even Creamy was on his feet looking concerned on that one – but they were all OK thankfully (Krackerjak wasn’t involved in it – it was the other five). We had a flurry of moves before Robinson got the win over Slater with the Modest Bomb.

2. Steve Frost w/Benny English v Scarecrow w/Darkfyre

Darkfyre looked HOT! I’m telling you – she is one sensational looking woman! Steve Frost over powered Scarecrow early, but he had trouble with the quickness of the painted one. However the weight came to play in Frost’s favour and he knew it and got arrogant. That caused a Benny English trip up when Scarecrow had the temerity to take advantage. Benny got a visit and five across the face from Darkfyre, and when Frost came down as a result of that he got five as well! A chase resulted, which gave Scarecrow time to greet Frost with a somersault plancha to the floor! He missed a top rope shot though and paid for it with a Frost chop that they would have heard in Lithgow! A huge superplex only netted a two count though, and when Frost missed the moonsault English panicked. He got caught going to the top rope and he was slammed, and then given a baseball slide just to make sure he was out of there. But Frost greeted Scarecrow with the power bomb and that was that. Really good match this!

3. Devlin De Skyes & Salem w/Discord v Cletus & Retus Blood

The Blood Brothers greeted the UWA tag team champions with a perfect stereo somersault plancha! That was a thing of beauty! Salem was strong though and Retus was soon in heavy trouble. He was battling however and a spinning leg neckbreaker gave him the chance to tag Cletus. Devlin copped it, but the weight came to play and soon Cletus was also in trouble. But he came back, and when he went to the top I got the kids around me to join me with his Hey Ma “Get off the dang roof!” routine to greet the Shooting Star Press! Somehow there was a kickout and it all broke down from there. The Blood Brothers were ready to give Salem a double superplex, but it was Devlin to the rescue making Cletus and Retus soprano’s on the top rope either side of the turnbuckle. Salem nailed Cletus with a huge modified slam, and then Devlin nailed a corkscrew moonsault for the pin. Another really good match!

4. Will Phoenix w/Bishop Sommers v Rob Matrix

Rob drove Team Metro around the twist by mocking the heck out of them, even bringing out his own headband to make fun of Phoenix. And just to frustrate the former UWA champion he outwrestled him as well! Even a leg from Sommers didn’t help! But a well timed kick and a quick follow up clothesline did the trick. Matrix fought back but found himself in an Abdominal Stretch – with some help from Sommers. The referee soon broke that up, and the match evened up. Team Metro failed to trap Matrix, and back he came after Will missed the two knees from the top rope. We then had a series of false finishes and blocks, before Phoenix finally got the win with a reverse roll up – mind you, he had some help in the fall from Sommers! A great one again!

Before we went to the intermission, Andy Raymond was interrupted by Mark Mercedes. Merc spoke of how he’d been booked in all three of the previous Supershow main events (with the one last year not going ahead because of “No Show Jones” – well said, Mark!) and he wanted to know who he was main eventing with this year. Andy didn’t have a match for him signed, so Mark decided to self book – and started a call out for someone “who’s been ducking him for years”. No – not TNT!! That was my first thought, but when he mentioned a retirement I knew it wasn’t him. He was talking about the man who was sitting quietly with the commentators throughout the show up to that point – LOBO! Merc threw out the challenge, and the tape for him to tape up. Lobo was diplomatic and pointed in his response. After telling him he’d better use the tape for his mouth (Lobo’s always been good at the comeback put downs!) he reminded him that he’d lost the Career match in Newcastle – and he was done. OK – if verbal persuasion doesn’t work…..Merc turned around and blasted Lobo on the forehead with the microphone, busting him open. A brawl followed that was broken up by the referees – and tasting his own blood caused Lobo to change his mind. On his terms! No rules! Anything goes! WHAT A MAIN EVENT! Out of the box!

Then we had the intermission.

5. Billy Cole & Lee Starr v Jayson Cooper & Tyson Gibbs

Starr jump started the match, but both he and Cole were on the floor and walking just as quickly. Cooper and Gibbs followed and it was on in the aisle. They maintained control until Cooper got a low blow out of the referee’s vision. Billy removed a turnbuckle pad, but it never really came into play as Cooper got a fearful beating. Twice Gibbs got the tag, but the referee never saw it. Finally Cooper avoided a Starr top rope drop kick which got Cole instead – and the hot tag! Moments later, Cooper nailed the Swanton Bomb for the victory – but I really thought the end came too soon after the hot tag. This was an OK match.

6. TNT v Slex w/Ruby

Darkfyre’s hot, but Ruby’s in the same class! And she was a face this time and that helped because she looks a lot more natural as a face (not withstanding her great effort at Newcastle as a tweener). I was loving this on paper, and I wasn’t disappointed let me tell you! Slex seemed to have TNT’s number, but a slingshot of sorts and a knee to the groin got the former PWA champion in trouble. He battled but TNT got him with a neckbreaker off an inverted aeroplane spin. He got the corkscrew a little more than he did at Newcastle, but Slex got out at two! He was still in trouble though, and TNT nailed a piledriver and then headed for the top. However Slex got out of the way of the moonsault. Ruby then distracted TNT – and slapped him – giving Slex the time to get his thoughts together and mount a comeback. But he collected Ruby by accident with a baseball slide when TNT put her in harms way at the last second (similar spot to mine at XAW Soul Survivor 2004). TNT took back control, and got the Detonator, but he paid for taking too long to make the cover. So he nailed a brainbuster – but then he decided to yack it up with Ruby! Going to the top rope he got caught and superplexed – but again only a two count! They were exchanging forearms and again it was the top rope. TNT caught him on the top and nailed a huge hangman neckbreaker and that did it. What a match! Match of the night – and the match of the weekend! For me probably the match of the year locally. FANTASTIC!

7. Pub Brawl

Again, not much you can say about this except – MADNESS! There was one highlight though – a stacks on! I was rapt to see that after seeing it at Fairfield a few weeks back. Ryan Eagles made up for taking the fall at the Newcastle brawl, when he used a German Suplex into a chair on Champagne Pyro (and Pyro took a nasty shot to the back of the head on the chair! OUCH!)

8. Mark Mercedes v Lobo – Anything Goes

This was a tough old battle. In hindsight, this might explain why Lobo was “hamstrung” at Newcastle, because he looked better in this. Merc’s weight was telling, and a rope burn re-opened Lobo’s wound from earlier. Lobo was battling and he managed a somersault plancha (with a bit of help from the rope). Out came a short ladder, but it was Mercedes who put it to use first – breaking the metal weapon. But Lobo got him back, so Mark went after a table. He nailed a power bomb through it, but Lobo got his shoulder up at two! Frustrated, Mercedes went for broke and the top rope – but he missed. And Lobo went to the top and nailed the Alabama Jam from downtown (a big leap over the fallen ladder) and got the three count! A great match.

After the match, the two men embraced as the locker room emptied to once again applaud Lobo. I suspect that this may have been his last match lock, stock and barrel – even for his own PWA (I won’t say why I think that, it’s a little personal) and it was a great way to go out. (Footnote - I was wrong BTW!)

I couldn’t hang around for the after party because of the early departure to Canberra and the fact they were running buses between Penrith and Blacktown. But I did get to speak to Lobo, Mercedes, Warlock, Scarecrow and Mark Williamson. I also put the final lock on Adelaide by speaking to John E Radic about the Graham Pound situation. Oh - and I also got to give Ruby a hug!

Supershow 4 (from not seeing Supershow 2) was the best. Everyone pulled their finger out for it – and it showed. Well done guys! A pity it’s the last. Maybe there’ll be a change of mind somewhere down the line. I hope so!