Supershow III November 27, 2004

1. Slex v Tyson Gibbs v FN Carnage v Troy the Boy v Havok v Cletus Blood: Elimination Match
- Slex pinned Cletus after an enziguri
- Gibbs & Carnage were pinned at the same time as above
- Slex pinned Havok after an Impact DDT
- Troy pinned Slex after an elbow from the top rope
2. Lee Starr v Mark Hilton v Mikey - Hilton by pinfall on Starr after the Shooting Star Press
3. The Cremator & Devlin De Sykes v John Simmons & Mad Dog McCrea - Simmons & McCrea by pinfall when McCrea pinned Cremator after a superplex
4. TNT v Jag - Jag by pinfall after a Frog Splash
5. Pub Brawl - Mark Mercedes by pinfall on the Vagrant after a Last Ride Power Bomb
6. Lobo v Scarecrow: Falls Count anywhere UWA Title Match - Lobo by pinfall to win the title after a guillotine leg drop


I wanted to make this report longer than my usual Reflections reports, but two matches made that impossible - the six pack elimination and the pub brawl. Andy Raymond got the crowd fired up with a offer of $100 cash for the loudest fan. It was bound to go to a youngster with the noise they were making! There was also this mystery goofball running around the Pavillion. Security tried three or four times to get rid of him but they gave up and he took a ringside seat. I wasn't impressed with the dancers who did their thing in the ring wearing heavy heeled shoes. Not good for the ring!

Andy started the show by talking about Nathan Jones. That attracted the attention of Mark Mercedes, who got in Andy's face telling him that Jones was scared of him - even running to the WWE to get away from him (or was that away when Mark was doing his OVW stint?) So - Andy was told he had one hour to come up with him or Mr.Raymond would be soundly beaten up!

1. Slex (w/Ruby) v Tyson Gibbs v FN Carnage v Troy the Boy v Havok v Cletus Blood
The first of several changes to the card with Cletus in this in the place of Mark Hilton. Slex had his PWA Australian Title - but he was a heel here. And poor Ruby looked a bit out of place (she's a face valet - no doubt). Cletus copped the most early on, in a match that didn't really grab me. It was my first look at Tyson and Troy and they did OK. Carnage was better than what he was at NWA Turning over Tradition. The match went for awhile before we had an elimination. Cletus "got off the dang roof" (and yours truly was the only one in the crowd who knew his routine!) but he missed it even though he landed on his feet. Then all heck broke loose with Slex getting Cletus with the enziguri and he got the pinfall - but at the same time Carnage and Tyson were also pinned! Huh? Odd spot that one, and suddenly we were down to three. The match ended relatively quick after that. Slex got rid of Havok with an impact DDT, but Havok gave him a Time Out as a going away present! Troy took advantage with the Macho Man Special and took the victory.

2. Lee Starr v Mark Hilton v Mikey
Mikey had two different opponents to the original card and curiously he came to the ring without his newly won EPW title. And he stole his entrance music from the Jungle Cat! Hilton (who I was also seeing for the first time) sold like crazy early as he was double teamed (Mikey BTW did a slam that looked crap) in a match that was better booked than the first and it showed. A couple of times it looked like Starr and Mikey would go at each other, but they stayed on the same page - until Starr surprised him with a belly to belly suplex. It was every man for himself after that, with several nice spots including a top rope sunset flip on two men causing a German suplex for the one closest to the ropes. The finish came with Mikey nailing what I think was the 450 splash, but he didn't stay on top of Starr and Hilton (who was outside) got back in and got rid of him. Hilton nailed the Shooting Star Press and the victory belonged to the reigning AWF champion.

3. The Cremator (w/Vida Loca) & Devlin De Skyes (w/Discord) v John Simmons & Mad Dog McCrea
Cremator promised plenty of filth on the Internet forums - and he delivered! Discord and Vida Loca were dressed in a way that would have caused fits for those two Bentleigh Festival wowsers! Great stuff! And I think Julian James enjoyed it as well! He should've double checked the stitching on his eye sockets before the show! Simmons totally overpowered Devlin early and it took a tag to Mad Dog to give the heels a break - despite a head removing coathanger! Devlin nailed a Lou Thesz press and then he finally tagged Cremator. He let go with a knife edge they would have heard in Blacktown, but that was compared to one from Simmons earlier that would have made it to Parramatta! Mad Dog fought back, but he was distracted by a tease of B&D by the girls! Ahem! But he did eventually tag - and it was Simmons v Cremator!! Cremator decided to try and be smart and tag out, but Simmons pushed Devlin back into Cremator - and the referee called that a tag as well! A slap got Cremator absolutely nowhere and they exchanged blows. Cremator got an advantage with a spinebuster and a suplex, but he picked him up on two! BZZZZZ! Error! Simmons got in an enziguri that almost had me out of my seat! Mad Dog tagged back in and nailed a top rope splash but then the match broke down. McCrea trapped Cremator on the top rope, and got a superplex for the victory. Vida Loca then tried to slap Mad Dog around, and got a piledriver for it - plus a Simmons splash! Pissed off, Cremator wanted nothing to do with Devlin or Discord after that, and carried the unconscious Loca back to the locker room.

4. TNT (w/Kid Dynamite) v Jag
TNT heeled, which made me a heel supporter in this one. But I was also hoping that both men left their egos backstage. And I am delighted to say that they did, and the result was probably the match of the show. Kid Dynamite stayed out of the action at least to start with. One thing though - keep Jag away from the mic! That was terrible! Wingnut indeed! Too much Adelaide water I reckon! Jag did blow a couple of spots, although one of them was TNT's fault (setting too soon and looking a bit amateurish as a result). The other was an over the top rope drop where Jag overshot. Luckily he did land on his feet. KD started interfering, but Jag started to piss me off with not one but two comebacks that were too soon! A Monster Factory trademark - and I HATE it! And he also did something else that stunk - he kicked out of a corkscrew moonsault when he should have just raised his shoulder! TNT showed the right way to do it to escape the fishbone suplex. But I say all that - and I still say this match was a high quality technical match up. TNT and KD did one spot too many with TNT getting drop kicked into a chair that originally had Jag's name on it, and Jag nailed the Frog Splash for the win.

After the intermission, Andy Raymond looked annoyed. He'd been let down big time by Nathan Jones - who'd no showed (more on that in an editorial). Mark Mercedes returned, and reminded Andy of what he'd said earlier, and he wanted one good reason why he shouldn't live up to his promise. Andy had at least 20! Rolled into one, it was.....
5. Pub Brawl
And Merc was in it! This was total mayhem, with street signs and a heap of other things thrown in! It is impossible to really cover this properly, and I could only pick up spots. Other wrestlers soon joined in to the point that I think almost the whole locker room had emptied! Even the goofball at ringside was thrown into the fray! Actually it turned out that this guy may have been one of the wrestlers as he actually did OK! And I subsequently found out that it was in fact the Vagrant from EPW. I like the guy! A pinfall would finish this, and I think they were a referee short! Hehe! Another reason why this was hard to follow was that I didn't know a lot of these guys on sight alone. When John Simmons arrived he wanted Julian James in the match. Julian backed away from that thought, and then - holy crap! The confrontation everyone wants happened! TNT v Mark Mercedes!! I didn't get a good look at it from where I was, but at least it happened! The barricades started to get hit, and my spot was nearly cleaned up but I don't know who by. Stephan Cool had his pants pulled up higher than Warwick Capper revealing blue undies, and he went to Julian for comfort. Trouble was both of them ended up in the ring, with Julian having his nose shoved up Stephan's bum crack! LMAO! Dementor and Simmons exchanged blows with signs almost right in front of me, and in the ring JT Robinson was going to work on Merc. But Merc hip tossed him through a table in the corner, before grabbing the Vagrant and giving him the Last Ride Power Bomb for the victory. Weapons were strewn everywhere!

6. Lobo v Scarecrow: Falls Count Anywhere UWA title match
Scarecrow replaced the injured Spike Steele in a face/face match up with Scarecrow's UWA title on the line. And I thought that with the match starting at a little before 7.20pm that this would go for awhile. It started technically with neither man getting a clear advantage so it soon started getting rough! And it was also soon on the floor and heading my way! Lobo dumped Scarecrow on the barricade before hip tossing him over it between me and the nearest corporate table. He then yelled for the fans in the seats in the corner to "Move!" - twice. They only started to move when I added a "Get out of the way!" and security guys moved in. When a wrestler tells you to shift - you scarper!!! Scarecrow reversed the biel and it was Lobo was sent through the seats instead. They soon headed into the cheap seats where I couldn't see them, and the commentators had followed them with their radio mics. They finally returned to ringside on the opposite side of the aisle to where I was, where Lobo was legdropped over the barricade. At some point before that Scarecrow had been busted open, but not badly. Scarecrow then hiptossed Lobo into the steel steps. But when he tried a running leap from the apron to the floor, Lobo caught him and power slammed him! That should have been it, but Scarecrow got out and Lobo was quick to complain about the count to Fozzy Young. Back in the ring, Lobo headed up - but Scarecrow legged him and made him an involuntary soprano, before using a chair to knock him down into the ring. Scarecrow brought a table into the ring, but he took too long finding it, and Lobo drop kicked him through it. Lobo then set up the table outside the ring, and put Scarecrow on it. He then re-entered the ring - and with a Jeff Hardy like shrug launched a somersault plancha. But Scarecrow got out of dodge and through the table went Lobo! That only got a two count and both men were soon exchanging blows in the ring. That was on pure adrenalin as Scarecrow soon collapsed, and Lobo followed - inadvertently re-arranging Scarecrow's crown jewels in the process! Inexplicably Fozzy started a double count (falls count anywhere is one fall to a finish with no countouts at all isn't it?) and Scarecrow was up first and nailed his finishing move - whatever it's called - but he only got two again, and Lobo was fired up with a fresh dose of adrenalin! A vicious looking powerbomb, followed by a guillotine leg drop, and he got the three count to claim the UWA title! And the two men embraced post match as Scarecrow showed the class that a beaten man should. And for just over ten minutes (shorter than I thought it would be) that was a really good match.

Lobo finished the show by announcing that this was his last Supershow, and that 2005 would be his last year in the ring. And all the wrestlers surrounded the ring and collectively thanked the fans in attendance.

I intended to attend the after party - but my tracksuit pants wouldn't let me past the door! ARGH! I was pissed off about that!! I really wanted to meet John Simmons properly as well as a few of the other Sydney people. But I did get to chat with Lobo backstage, along with Mark Mercedes, Cletus Blood, Julian James, Stephan Cool and Mark Williamson. And once I left Panthers pissed off - I did catch Darkfyre as well!

Editorial - Nathan Jones, I think I speak on behalf of everyone who was at the Supershow. You let hundreds of people down - the fans, the wrestlers (Mark Mercedes in particular), and the promoters. You took that four figured amount and you ran with it. For that, you left the business as a whole in this country with a black eye that it didn't deserve and didn't ask for. As far as certainly I am concerned, you can take your WWE career (if you can call it that) and shove it. And I hope you spend that money wisely - because it's all you'll ever get from the industry in this country ever. Frankly you stole that money - and made Andy Raymond look like a fool. You are not welcome in the Australia wrestling industry. We don't want you - we don't need you...and bluntly three words that I don't like repeating because they remind me of a certain Melbourne promoter apply to you - and they are more than appropriate!

GO [beep!] YOURSELF!!