Supershow I December 21, 2002

1. Battle Royal - Stephan Cool last eliminating Steve Frost
2. Rob Matrix v Billy Cole: Two out of three falls
- Cole pinned Matrix after Matrix was pushed off the top rope by Madison
- Matrix pinned Cole with a roll up
- Matrix defeated Cole by submission with a modified Sharpshooter to win the match
3. Carnival of Carnage v Jag & Havok v Spike Steele & Mad Dog McCrea: Triple Threat Match - Jag & Havok by pinfall when Havok pinned Steele after a top rop elbow from Jag
4. Angus McCloud v Dean Draven - Draven by pinfall after a neckbreaker
5. Steve O'Neal v Thug Thomas v Chucky v John Simmons: Hardcore Four Way Match - Simmons by pinfall when he pinned O'Neal after a splash from a ladder through a table
6. Lobo v TNT: AWF Title Match - TNT by pinfall to retain the title after the Detonator
7. Jason Helton v Mark Mercedes: IWA Title Match - Mercedes by pinfall to retain the title after a piledriver 


Well, the first ever Australian Wrestling Supershow - which took place at the State Sports Centre at Homebush in Sydney on December 21 - was aired on Fox Sports on January 11, 2003. And overall I was pretty pleased with what I saw for a starting point.

There were disappointments of course. No show is perfect. I thought the best match of the night was Lobo and TNT for the AWF title. TNT seemed to have extra in the tank, but Lobo was able to come up with escapes and moves that surprised the AWF champion. The referee was taken out, allowing TNT to bring in a chair. But that backfired, and Lobo ended up leg dropping him through that chair from the top rope. But there was no ref! A second ref came down, and unbelievably failed to DQ TNT when he threw the chair straight into Lobo's face. The second ref was soon taken down, and the first ref returned in time to count down Lobo after TNT nailed the Detonator - think Christian's Unprettier - to allow TNT to retain his title.

The main event between Jason Helton and Mark Mercedes was good. I would have liked to have seen more out of Wally Lewis, who was in Helton's corner. Mark Geyer, who was in Mercedes', was a little more active - and I guess in the finish it would have been better to have Lewis in Mark's corner and Geyer in Jason's given the adopted Queenslander (and UWA member) was the heel in this match up! Mercedes won the match with a piledriver to retain his IWA title.

I knew this before I saw the show, but my ASW favourite - Chucky - had a bad night. He stuffed up no less than three moves because his back was out apparently. The Hardcore Four Way saw him lock horns again with Steve O'Neal, and with UWA leader John Simmons and a guy I didn't know, Thug Thomas, this was a tough old brawl. As far as hardcore matches go this was OK, but pretty tame even though there were a couple of awesome bumps. O'Neal ended up going through two tables, the second one seeing him counted down after the big man, Simmons - formerly known as the Hardcore Superstar - splashed him through a table from the middle of a ladder. The annoying thing about this match were the special referees. Two boxers that I really didn't know (one of them has apparently challenged the resident bad boy of the boxing ring - Anthony Mundine) spoiled things, especially the one in the ring who had no idea when to count!! Sheesh!!

The three way tag was a good match, which featured the highlight move of the night. Jag was trapped on the top rope, and Spike Steele and Mad Dog were about to superplex him from that position. Then the Carnival of Carnage got in underneath the two Victorians and sent all three of them to the mat in a Tower of Terror! WOW! There was also carnage outside the ring with a couple of top rope drops to the floor onto other match participants. Jag and Havok got the win when Havok pinned Steele, but only after he tagged Jag uninvited when Jag nailed the Macho Man special from the top rope. Jag was NOT impressed, and suddenly we had an impromptu match up - which Jag won with a roll up. I haven't noted that result in the official results on my website.

The Angus McCloud/Dean Draven match was pretty good. It had a couple of comedy spots, with Angus catching both Draven and referee Graham "Fozzy" Young with their legs in the wrong place over the rope! Ouch! Now I could do a spot like that! *LOL* Draven got the win with a neckbreaker, but only after McCloud was decked by Santa Claus! Well, a fake Santa anyway - it was the most recent UWA recruit, the old war horse Wayne Pickford. But the "real" Santa cleaned him up in the aisle after the match before celebrating with McCloud.

The two out of three falls match between Rob Matrix and Billy Cole was very solid. Cole won the first fall when his valet Madison shoved Matrix off the top rope, and she further interfered in the match during the second fall with a Time Out (my move!). But her interference backfired when she went to the top rope to nail Matrix with a drop kick, but got Cole instead by accident. Madison and Cole nearly collided but that opened the gate for a roll up from Matrix to give him the second fall. The referee then ejected Madison - lucky there wasn't a DQ in the second fall - before Matrix grabbed the deciding fall by submission with what looked like a modified Sharpshooter. But I could be wrong about that. I have a feeling there's another name for that leg lock!

The Battle Royal opened proceedings, and as far as Battle Royal's go this one was OK. It was won by Stephan Cool, who managed to trick Steve Frost when he went over the top rope, only to be stopped from hitting the floor by Julian James. Cool got back in and eliminated Frost, although his foot got trapped in the ropes on the way out! During the match, the VERY immodest Phil Picasso had a run in with the Ox. They were both eliminated at the same time, and fought back to the locker room. Apparently they are signed to meet in the UCW return show at Springvale on February 8 (a show that never took place).

A good way to open up what will hopefully be the start of something regular. Hopefully Supershow 2 won't be too far away, and also hopefully it will be in Melbourne!!