SHWA Results 2014

JANUARY 18, 2014 (Swan View)
Show cancelled and replaced by a bushfire fundraiser

FEBRUARY 22, 2014 (Swan View)
1. Red Revolution d Casey Hanson & Joey Angel
2. John Dozer d Mike Massive
3. Jarrad Slate d Eddy Bombay, Jake Paragon, Jimmy Jamal Jenkins and Liam Mendel in a Scramble Match
4. Micheal Morleone d The Wraith
5. Team FFS d Shadows of Alastor to retain the SHWA Tag Team Titles
6. Dan Steel d Jay Bailey to win the SHWA Title

MARCH 15, 2014 (Swan View)
1. Team FFS d Team V
2. Jake Paragon v The Wraith - Double countout
3. K.A.P.S. d Casey Hanson, Eddy Bombay & Twitch
4. Ultra Mega Death Stallions d Red Revolution
5. Dan Steel d Benny Factor and Felix Young to retain the SHWA Title

APRIL 19, 2014 (Swan View)
1. Jarrod Slate & Liam Mendel d Pain & The Wraith in a Five Count Match
2. Jake Paragon d Crazy Train in a Strap Match
3. Felix Young d Mike Massive in a First Blood Match
4. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins & John Dozer d Elliot Forbes & Sam Fantastic in a No DQ match to win the Tag Team Titles
5. Crimson Lightning d Casey Hanson in a Handcuff Match
6. Dan Steel d Michael Morleone in a Submission Match to retain the Heavyweight Title

MAY 17, 2014 (Swan View)
1. Crimson Lightning d El Jim Bob
2. Felix Young d Eddy Bombay and The Wraith in an Elimination Match
3. Pain d Crazy Train
4. Liam Mendel d Jimmy Jamal Jenkins
5. John Dozer d Jarrad Slate
6. K.A.P.S d Ultra Mega Death Stallions to retain the Tag Team Titles
7. Dan Steel d Davis Storm to retain the SHWA Title

JUNE 14, 2014 (Swan View)
1. Liam Mendel d Felix Young
2. Crazy Train d Avalanche
3. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins d Big Vin, Casey Hanson, Eddy Bombay, Jake Paragon and The Wraith in a Scramble Match
4. Hayden Zenith d Crimson Lightning
5. Jarrad Slate d Michael Morleone
6. Dan Steel v John Dozer - No Contest

JULY 19, 2014 (Swan View)
1. Crimson Lightning d Crazy Train
2. Kyote d Felix Young
3. Dan Steel d Jamie Jurah via DQ to retain the SHWA Championship
4. Jamie Jurah d Dan Steel to win the SHWA title
5. K.A.P.S d The Muscle Militia, Sexasaurus Rex and Ultra Mega Death Stallions to retain the SHWA Tag Team Titles
6. Felix Young won a Battle Royal

AUGUST 9, 2014 (Morley)
Session 1
1. Jarrad Slate d Liam Mendel
2. Crimson Lightning d Avalanche and Jimmy Jamal Jenkins
3. Dan Steel d Ryan Dangerfield
Session 2
1. Dan Steel d Jimmy Jamal Jenkins
2. Ultra Mega Death Stallions d Crimson Lightning & Ryan Dangerfield
3. Felix Young d Avalanche
Session 3
1. Gauntlet Match
- Pain d Jimmy Jamal Jenkins
- Crimson Lightning d Pain
- Dan Steel d Crimson Lightning
- Dan Steel d Liam Mendel
- Dan Steel d Avalanche
- Jarrad Slate d Dan Steel
- Slate d Felix Young
Session 4
1. SHWArdians of the Galaxy d Avalanche & Jimmy Jamal Jenkins
2. Felix Young d El Jim Bob

AUGUST 16, 2014 (Swan View)
1. Jamie Jurah d Liam Mendel to retain the SHWA Title
2. The Muscle Militia d Avalanche & Crimson Lightning
3. Felix Young d Sam Colt
4. K.A.P.S d Hayden Zenith & The McKenzie Brothers
5. Crazy Train d Eddy Bombay
6. Dan Steel d Jarrad Slate

SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 (Swan View)
1. Jay Taylor d Eddy Bombay
2. Team Red d Team Blue
3. Felix Young d Tim McCloy by referee stoppage
4. Michael Morleone d Dan Steel by count out
5. Crimson Lightning d John Dozer
6. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins d Jarrad Slate and Pain in a TLC Match to win the SHWA Golden Hardcore Shovel title

OCTOBER 25, 2014 (Swan View)
1. Liam Mendel d Sam Colt
2. Jarrad Slate d Benny Factor
3. Michael Morleone d Crazy Train
4. The McKenzie Brothers d K.A.P.S and Team Blue in a non-title match
5. Felix Young d Eddy Bombay
6. Crimson Lightning d Dan Steel

NOVEMBER 15, 2014 (Swan View)
1. Jake Paragon d Avalanche
2. Crazy Train d Samuel Colt
3. Felix Young d Jarrad Slate in a Street Fight
4. K.A.P.S d The McKenzie Brothers to retain the SHWA Tag Team Titles
5. El Jim Bob & Mike Massive d Vin Penhero & ?
6. Dan Steel d Crimson Lightning, Jamie Jurah and Michael Morleone in an Elimination Match to win the SHWA Heavyweight title

DECEMBER 20, 2014 (Swan View)
1. Hayden Zenith d Samuel Colt
2. Del Cano d Crazy Train
3. The McKenzie Brothers d Sexasaurus Rex
4. Felix Young d Liam Mendel
5. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins v Vin Penhero - No Contest
6. Del Cano, El Jim Bob & The McKenzie Brothers d Crimson Lightning, Samuel Colt & Sexasaurus Rex