QCW Results 2015

JANUARY 10, 2015 (Maroochydore)
1. James McCallum d Liam Cassidy
2. Ben Ayres & Pala d Cyprien & Natas
3. Renegade d Kid Kaze
4. Circus of Tragedy d Team Brohawk
5. Tim Kade d Slammin' Sam
6. XXX Rated d Rip Reilly
7. Simon Tokoroa d His Royal Tenis to win the QCW North Queensland title

FEBRUARY 14, 2015 (Maroochydore)
1. M2P d Rufio in a non-title match
2. Kira Sommers d Catherine Mynx
3. Gorgeous Gary d Liam Cassidy
4. Rip Reilly d Rabies The Clown
5. Pala d Kid Kaze
6. Renegade d Lucas Gold by DQ
7. Nathaniel West d Ricky Rembrandt
8. ANZAC d Circus of Tragedy in a 6 man elimination match

MARCH 14, 2015 (Maroochydore)
No results received

APRIL 11, 2015 (Caloundra)
No results received

MAY 9, 2015 (Maroochydore)
1. Cyprien & Slammin' Sam d Duality Theory
2. Thirteen d David Hockley
3. Lynx Lewis Jr. d Kelso Kahoniz, Lucas Gold and Renegade
4. Flashman & Ricky Rembrandt d Kobra Jones & Natas
5. Jesse Daniels d Astroshock, Ivan Vodic and Liam Cassidy in a Gauntlet Match
6. Rip Reilly d XXX Rated
7. Thirteen won a battle royal win the QCW North Queensland title

JUNE 6, 2015 (Maroochydore)
1. XXX Rated d Lynx Lewis Jr
2. Natas d Cyprien
3. Flashman d Slamming Sam
4. Tim Kade d Australian Wolf
5. Johnny Maverick d Thirteen by DQ
6. Ben Ayres & Rip Reilly d Renegade & Savage
7. Notorious M2P d Jesse Daniels to retain the QCW South Queensland title

JULY 11, 2015 (Maroochydore)
1. XXX Rated d Stunning Sam
2. Damien Thorne d Flashman
3. Ben Ayres d David Hockley
4. Kobra Jones d Sam Richards
5. Thirteen d Renegade to retain the QCW North Queensland title
6. Ricky Rembrandt d Natas
7. XXX Rated d Kobra Jones, Lynx Lewis and Rip Reilly in a Four Falls of Glory match to win the QCW South Queensland title

AUGUST 7, 2015 (Caloundra)
No results received

SEPTEMBER 12, 2015 (Nambour)
1. Lynx Lewis d Rip Reilly and Tim Kade
2. Slamming Sam d Damien Thorne
3. XXX Rated d Kobra Jones to retain the QCW South Queensland title
4. Anthony Romano d Jimmy Sparx
5. Ricky Rembrandt d Lucas Gold
6. Renegade d Ben Ayres
7. Simon Tokoroa d Thirteen to take a 1-0 lead in their three match series for the QCW North Queensland title

NOVEMBER 14, 2015 (Nambour)
1. Simon Tokoroa & TJ Warrior d Street Revolution in the final of a Tag Team Gauntlet
2. Natas won a Rumble Match
3. Flashman d Sweet Ass
4. Rip Reilly d Triple X, Thirteen & Ricky Rembrandt in a Hardcore Match to win the QCW South and North Queensland Titles