PWA Victoria December 30, 2006

Dk. Mysfit v Scott Slayer - Mysfit by pinfall after a Swanton Bomb.
1. Rookie Battle Royal - Damien Drake last eliminating Scott Slayer.
2. Adam Gambino v Shane Hero - A double pinfall draw.
3. Ryan Blood v Chip - Blood by pinfall with a Victory Roll.
4. Mysfit v Jim Raze - Raze by pinfall after a Blockbuster.
5. Enforcer v Brave Dave - Enforcer by pinfall after a Modest Bomb.
6. Tre v The Cremator - Tre by pinfall after a chokeslam.
Justin Cross v Ryan Eagles - Eagles by pinfall with a roll up.
8. Spike Steele v Krackerjack - Steele by submission with the STF.
9. Stephen James v Mike Burr - Burr by pinfall with a reverse hook up.
10. Champagne Pyro v Slex: Victorian Title Match - Pyro by pinfall to retain the title after a high knee.
11. Jay Andrews v Mad Dog McCrea: Australian Title Match - Andrews by pinfall to win the title with a small package. 

PWA Victoria shut it's doors officially with it's final show at the St.Matthews Parish Hall in Fawkner. The show was good quality, but there seemed an air of numbness about it. Almost as though everyone knew that this was it. I can't fault the efforts by everyone to try and do their best - and they did. That's the biggest positive to come out of this show. One thing that showed throughout the existence of PWA Victoria - the professionalism.

The main even saw the PWA Australian champion Mad Dog McCrea defend against Jay Andrews. The match started evenly so Andrews steeped it up when he took it to the floor. McCrea knew it as well (with a nod of the head) but he still seemed half a step slower - until he nailed a top rope Frankensteiner. The high impact stuff followed with McCrea trying a not so good somersault plancha - but Andrews battled back with a German Superplex, only to cop a top rope huracanrana to the floor. Then the battle went into the crowd, where Andrews was busted open when he was run into an open door - slamming it shut. Andrews struck back with something on the guard rail busting the champion open, but they were counted out (a 20 count in PWA). However, Commissioner Paul Jones wasn't having a bar of that. There was no way the last PWA Victoria match was going to end without a winner, so he ordered the match to restart. Any objections? You've got to be kidding! Both men were tired but they kept fighting, until finally Andrews caught McCrea in a small package and got the pinfall to be the last PWA Australian champion.

The match of the night was a tough one to pick. I lean towards the main event just ahead of Stephen James and Mike Burr - and only because I thought the finish was a bit lame after what they did. The match started very technically with a variety of leg holds by both wrestlers to try and control the match. James got everyone's attention with a knife edge they would have heard in Craigieburn - and the flying impact moves were also present. This included a somersault plancha from James over the top rope AND the guard rail into Burr. Burr answered back with a fishbone superplex, which only netted a two count! But he copped the Spanish Fly (Stephen would have been going to match the perfection of the one he nailed back in 2004 in Adelaide). It didn't finish the match, but neither did Burr's Roaring Elbow! A series of leg hook ups resulted in Burr getting the pinfall - as I said something of a lame finish after what they did.

The Victorian title was also contested - with the champion Champagne Pyro facing Slex. Slex pretty much controlled this whole match. It was as though Pyro was being out thought and he spent the match on the defensive, getting in the odd move to put Slex down. But Slex always found a way back. However the challenger couldn't keep the champion's shoulders down! Even when Slex nailed the Slexecution! Pyro came up with the ultimate surprise move to be the last PWA Victorian champion with a high knee off a second Slexecution which missed.

It was a pleasure to see Spike Steele in action. I haven't seen him in the ring for more than two years, and he only made his comeback earlier this year. Originally a triple threat, Logan dropped out due to injury, leaving it Krackerjak and Steele one on one. And Krackers jump started the match instead of giving a pre match promo like he usually did - and Britney Speared Spike straight through the ropes to the floor! Back in the ring it was chops and forearms with Spike working well. Krackers struck back with eye rakes and a second Britney Spear (leading to the line of the night from Bass in commentary - "Oops! He did it again!") but really no one was in charge of this one at any stage. Krackers tried for a third Britney Spear but he missed and he found himself in the STF for the tap out. Post match Krackers grabbed a chair, but Logan came out and disarmed him - only to deck Spike with it! Heel turn by Logan, and he sided with Krackers on the quest to "destroy Australian wrestling". I don't know how this angle is going to progress with PWA Victoria winding up.

The next match I want to talk about is Tre and the Cremator. For I think the first time in her life, Vida Loca was a face - dressed very nicely even though she still had the cat-o-nine tails. Ruby was at ringside for the Student Union member, as Cremator dominated. When he dumped Damian Drake (who was also at ringside) onto Tre on the floor, Loca ran into the ring and wanted to be dropped on the pair of them! And Cremator obliged! I've always felt Loca was gutsy - and that took it to a new level! Ruby slapped Cremator, and Loca instantly was onto her. That caused my only real mark out of the night, giving my best Joey Styles impersonation with "CATFIGHT!" In all the mayhem, Tre got Cremator in a very ugly chokeslam of his own and got the pinfall.

Mark Williamson was in attendance with Ryan Eagles for a No DQ match against Justin Cross. Willo wanted nothing to do with it and he abused the Commissioner (who returned it) before trying to escort Eagles out. Cross was quick to use his own words to talk him back, and he quickly paid for it thanks to Williamson. Cross tried to fight back, but Willo kept Eagles in charge. Cross had finally had enough and he kicked Williamson down, but it was the final distraction as Eagles rolled him up for the pin.

The other big match was the battle of the last PWA tag team champions. The Enforcer and Brave Dave took on each other in a solid technical match up which started in a similar way to James and Burr except the concentration was on the arms rather than the legs. It took some floor work from Dave to take control, but the match went back and forth. Dave got the Diamond Cutter, but he only got a two count much to his shock. Enforcer struck back with the Wolfenstein, but he missed the follow up superkick. Dave went for a chicken wing submission, but Enforcer blocked it and got the Modest Bomb for the victory.

Steve Frost was injured, and no one knew who was replacing him against Ryan Blood. But that led to the shock of the night - the surprise return of Chip! Wrestling with a weak shoulder, the pace was fast and terrific. Just what one would expect from these two. This was close to match of the night as well, but the finish was again rather lame in the context of the match with Blood getting the win with a victory roll. Benny English made his only appearance of the night in this one, calling Chip "Choke".

The match between Adam Gambino and Shane Hero was an odd one. Both members of the Student Union, Hero had Damian Drake in his corner and Gambino (the current PWA Canberra champion) had Ruby in his. There was a bit of comedy in this - with Hero trying to do a Kurt Angle impersonation by pulling down his straps, only to reveal his belly covered with Glad Wrap!! (Note - this was an in joke aimed at Pitbull Craig Cole who did that legit and drew applause from some of the visitors from another fed who knew about it). Referee Daniel Beaumont also got in the face of both men. Two lots of outside interference backfired, with Ruby missing Hero and getting Gambino with a chair - and then Drake missing Gambino and getting Hero with a face full of powder! Gambino and Hero both had chairs and they hit each other at the same time and hit the mat with both men's arms over the other. The result of that was a double pinfall and a draw. Gambino wasn't impressed when he got up and he tried to attack Beaumont, but the referee struck back with a clothesline.

The show opened with a Rookie Rumble, which included SANTA CLAUS?? Well actually, it was Higgins who was quickly eliminated. Damian Drake spent the whole match (in his street clothes BTW) hanging onto the bottom rope in the corner while the other six remaining wrestlers battled it out. I was impressed with the look of Tommy Hellfire. He was eliminated by Chris Trance, and Trance was soon eliminated by Scott Slayer. That was when Drake came back into the action, and took advantage of Trance trying to penalise Slayer and dumped him to win the Rumble.

The remaining match on the show was Jim Raze taking on Mysfit - who replaced the injured Cletus Blood. Mysfit did a good variety of suplexes, but he was hit with a Blockbuster in something of an anti climatic finish. Mysfit got this after winning the dark match against Slayer with a Swanton Bomb. I arrived just before this match finished so I missed most of it.

The place was packed. 300 plus I would estimate. Bass had raided Jim Cornette's wardrobe with the white suit and pink tie! There were a few shoot promos being the last show, and some hugs post matches. The biggest group hug was at the end of the show when all of the roster came out and applauded the crowd in attendance. And there was a special thank you reserved for PWA owner, Lobo. I was proud to join in the chant of "Thank you, Lobo!" A professional promoter, provided by arguably the most professional man in pro wrestling in Australia. PWA Victoria reflected that, and it will be missed - especially in the short term. 2007 is going to be a testing year in the city of Melbourne for pro wrestling.