PWA Victoria December 3, 2006

1. Zodiac v Shane Hero - Zodiac by submission with a modified Iron Claw.
2. Mysfit v Scott Slayer - Slayer by pinfall after a superkick.

3. Mysfit v Zodiac - Zodiac by pinfall with a double arm hook up.
4. Scott Slayer v Shane Hero - Slayer by pinfall with an inside cradle.
5. Shane Hero v Mysfit v Zodiac - Zodiac by pinfall on both opponents after a splash. 

PWA had a small festival show today at the Werribee Festival at the Werribee Racecourse. There were only four wrestlers working - all of them (I think) members of the Student Union. But the big news personally was that your truly was also working the show! That's right - PWA used my services as a referee! There were five matches on the day, and I worked three of them. The other two were handled by NAW referee Michael Michaels.

It took awhile to attract the attention of the festival goers as the day went on. There was no ring announcing or anything at all. The whole day was done very simply, and it was a rather big test for me having to shake off the ring rust. After all, this was my first proper gig since the one off AWF match back in March.

The first match saw Shane Hero take on Zodiac. This was a mat based match that plodded just a bit. Zodiac took the win by submission with a modified Iron Claw.

The second match saw Scott Slayer take on Mysfit. This match saw more striking moves. Mysfit had the heel shtick down well, and this was a match I enjoyed refereeing. Mysfit got in a modified spinning kick that actually gave Slayer a shiner (that got some applause from those who were watching). Slayer got the win after getting the best of a kick exchange, and nailing a superkick for the three count. But to go with the shiner, Slayer unfortunately pulled his hamstring throwing the superkick.

I watched the third match as Michael took his turn after arriving late. Mysfit came out again, this time against Zodiac. This was another good match which I enjoyed alongside PWA owner Lobo. Some comedy was injected into this one, with Mysfit trying to mock Zodiac's half mask (and only getting Zodiac mad) and then pulling the "under the ring" stunt which delighted the kids in the crowd. Mysfit did take control, but he got too cocky and when he went for a casual cover Zodiac caught him in a double arm hook up and the three count followed.

I was back in the ring for the fourth match, with Scott Slayer testing out his hamstring against Shane Hero. However he worked the match hard as the leg gave him trouble anyway on top of Hero working the leg over. Slayer was gutsy in lasting out the match, getting the win with an inside cradle in answer to setting up the Figure Four Leglock.

Michael handled the last match of the day. It was originally going to be a tag, but with Slayer's hamstring a triple threat was substituted. Again, there was early comedy with Zodiac giving one growl and both Hero and Mysfit exited stage left and right post haste! They also did the working together only to break up pins routine. Eventually they collected each other to the point that Zodiac was able to splash both of them and get the pin. The fact that neither Mysfit nor Hero got a win on the day got to them, and apparently (I didn't see this) they tried to take it out on Michael, only to get a double clothesline from him.

It was great to be back on the Melbourne scene.