PWA Victoria November 27, 2005

1. Adam Gambino v Tre - Tre by pinfall after the Sky High Power Bomb
2. Foxx v Shane Hero - Foxx by pinfall after the roaring elbow
3. Cletus Blood v Mad Dog McCrea: Non Title Match - Blood by pinfall after a tornado sunset flip
4. Champagne Pyro v The Enforcer - Enforcer by pinfall after a superkick
5. Mike Manson v Slex - Slex by pinfall after the Slexecution
6. Champagne Pyro v Hector Von Fuzzy Pants - Pyro by submission with a modified Dragon Sleeper
7. Slikk Steev v Steve Frost: Non Title Match - Frost by pinfall after the power bomb

I went along to the Croydon Festival show today for my wrestling fix to make up for the cancellation of my trip to Adelaide, and it was good to see some guys that I hadn't seen before. It was even better to see a couple of people on the show that I was delighted to observe being on it to start with.

The first was Phil's World's own Firebird, Shane Hero. He'd made his wrestling debut yesterday at Carnegie, and this was his second match on a show. I was delighted with his efforts against the more experienced Foxx, and this was a good quality match. Foxx won it with the Roaring Elbow, but in my opinion Shane showed that he could mix it with the more experienced guys in the PWA locker room - and he will go places.

The second was Slikk Steev. This was a shock - after all he's known as a (dare I mention them here) PCW wrestler. He was given a non title match against Steve Frost, and he did well early. But it ended up being a squash - after all Frost is PWA's Australian champion. Once the champion nearly took Steev's head off with a massive coathanger - and laid on a knife edge they would heard on top of Mount Dandenong - he was always in control. Steev managed to get his shoulder up more than once, but once you get caught in that power bomb - sayonara!

Mike Manson and Slex had a good contest - with Manson fresh off a plane from Adelaide. There was one moment that could have been bad when Slex nearly missed Manson on a suicide dive and hit the bitumen rather awkwardly. But he was okay - and ended up winning the match with the Slexecution.

In other matches, Cletus Blood managed to best Mad Dog McCrea in a non title match (Cletus is of course the reigning PWA Victorian champion) in what was probably the best match of the afternoon in my view. It was hard hitting as is typical of the PWA style - and Cletus got the win with a tornado sunset flip. Champagne Pyro was the one wrestler who did double duty, going down to the Enforcer after the superkick - but later besting another rookie in Hector Von Fuzzy Pants (and his pants did suit the name BTW!!) with a modified Dragon Sleeper submission. The opening match was a quick one for rookies Adam Gambino and Tre, with Tre taking the victory with the Sky High Power Bomb.

It was a tough afternoon for all concerned as there was no power available - resulting in Paul RJ doing the ring announcing at the top of his voice from within the ring, no entrance music and no commentary. It made the wrestlers work harder because the pressure was on them to step it up to make up for the lack of "support" that commentary and entrance music gives. And they did well I thought.

I was happy with the day all up.