PWA Victoria February 19, 2005

1. Jay Andrews v Brave Dave - Brave Dave by pinfall after the Diamond Cutter
2. Krackerjack v Logan - Krackerjack by pinfall after the Britney Spear
3. Foxx v Cletus Blood - Foxx by pinfall after the Roaring Elbow
4. Mad Dog McCrea & Lee Starr v Rave & The Cremator: Tag Team Title Match - Rave & Cremator by pinfall to retain the titles when Rave pinned Starr after a chair shot
5. Stephen James v Slex: Australian Title Match - Slex by pinfall to retain the title after the Slexecution
6. Chip v Retus Blood: Victorian Title Ladder Match - Retus retained the title

A raucous crowd greeted PWA at Jordanville - quite a good local venue - and they were treated to a high quality show, with great spots, great heat and really great wrestling.

I only had two small problems with the show, and they were really minor things. First - and this is no more than a personal preference - I would have preferred seven matches instead of six. The show felt short even though in pure chronological terms it wasn't short at all. But that's just me. Second, I noticed that Cletus Blood was a little unsteady on his feet on the ropes during his match. There was a good reason for this, and that was that there was powder in the ring from the previous match, and it made his footwear slip. He adjusted accordingly (the professional thing to do) and it did take him down a notch in pace. To a less professional person it could have been dangerous - but I digress. Cletus was fine.

The main event for the PWA Victorian Title was a ladder match between the champion Retus Blood (who got the biggest pop of the night) and the challenger, Chip. Three ladders were located around the ring, and two of them ended up busted really good. We also saw two chairs, a table, and (put a sock in it, Tex!) thumb tacks. The ladders were used quite well, with the biggest bump reserved for Chip who was power bombed from inside the ring to the outside onto one of the ladders set up between the ring and the safety railing. A slam into the second ladder in the corner finished that one - and the table got split when Retus dropped a Macho Man Special from the top rope to the floor in springboard fashion. The thumb tacks came out soon after the second ladder was busted, courtesy of Chip - but for a second it looked like it would be Valentine who would end up on them when Retus caught her in the ring trying to stop him from climbing the third ladder. A low blow saved her from that, but it would be the thumb tacks that would make the difference. Both men were climbing the ladder, and Retus sent Chip flying into the tacks allowing the champion to grab his title belt to retain it. A great match, and the two men shook hands post match. Chip - BTW - juiced when he was hit with one of the chairs, but it wasn't a major one and it had dried up and stopped bleeding by the end of the match from what I could tell.

Retus will face Krackerjack at the next Jordanville show after the Mad Bastard scored a hard earned win over his brother Logan - who is now a member of the Ultimate. This was the match when the powder hit the ring, as Valentine tried to help Logan by loading her hands up with it. But Krackerjack was wise to it and knocked the handful back into her eyes! Soon after that Krackers nailed the Britney Spear for the victory. This was a good match, with Logan booked as a power wrestler, but looking like he was still learning. A very good effort by Logan to carry that off.

The semi main event for the PWA Australian Title saw the champion Slexx face Stephen James. This was a really good match, with Slexx getting control early and staying on top until James managed to find a way to get the champion into trouble. This was a well booked contest, which Slexx won to retain his title after the Slexecution. He then grabbed the microphone and addressed Foxx - his next opponent at the next Jordanville show. Foxx had claimed he would break Slexx's neck.

Foxx's title shot was earned with a victory over Cletus. As observed earlier, Cletus had a bit of trouble on the ropes. But it was still a good match in spite of that handicap. Cletus tried to be too clever and walked straight into Foxx's Roaring Elbow to go down in defeat.

The biggest heat for the night came for the tag team champions - Rave and the Cremator. They defended their titles against Mad Dog McCrea and Lee Starr, and boy did Rave and Mad Dog let fly with their forearms early! Ouch! The Cremator worked lightly but effectively in this - I watched with interest as he nailed a vertical suplex. Things broke down near the end with plenty happening at ringside - and amongst all the chaos, Rave got Mad Dog with a chair. He then took the cover with loads of assistance from the ropes and got the three count nevertheless. Furious, Mad Dog went to town on the champions on the microphone and fired out a challenge for the next Jordanville show - a falls count anywhere street fight! The champions wanted nothing to do with it, but commissioner Paul RJ had other ideas. He signed the match! And then Mad Dog got his hands on Vida Loca, and gave her a piledriver (I've seen that somewhere before! hehe *27/11/04*)

The other match saw the only appearance on the night by Benny English. He accompanied Jay Andrews who took on Brave Dave in a lively opener. There were a number of clever spots - but the cleverest (and I never fell for it for a second!) was Andrews feigning a knee injury when he dropped the Macho Man Special. Dave stayed back as Benny and the referee looked after Jay, but when Benny asked for Dave's help, Dave should have known better! Benny kicked the middle rope to effect a crown jewel shot, and when the referee remonstrated with him Andrews stood up like nothing happened! But it didn't do him any good in the finish as Dave nailed the Diamond Cutter to get the win.

I enjoyed the show, and the next Jordanville show is on March 19. Whether or not I get there depends on whether or not my West Coast trip goes over budget, and if so by how much.

Of course this was the show that I will always refer to as it relates to WWE's Emma - AKA Valentine.