PWA Victoria November 14, 2004

1. Brave Dave v Steven James - Dave by pinfall after the Diamond Cutter
2. Retus Blood v Champagne Pyro - Blood by pinfall after a spinning leg neckbreaker
3. Krackerjack v Logan - Krackerjack by submission with the Bastard Lock
4. Champagne Pyro v Rave - Rave by pinfall after the Rave Driver
5. Mercury v Vida Loca - Mercury by pinfall with a roll up
6. Chip Douglas v Krackerjack - Douglas by pinfall after an Impact DDT
7. Slex v The Cremator: PWA Title Match - Slex retained the title (I don't know how as I had to leave before the match finished)

The Bentleigh Festival show took place today, and it was divided into one match every half an hour for a total of seven matches. And I was hoping for a good series of matches only two days after the huge show at Rowville when Slex was crowned the PWA Australian champion.

Two wrestlers did double duty - namely Pyro, who has started calling himself Champagne Pyro, and Krackerjack.

The first match saw Steven James (formerly known as Fuel) take on Brave Dave. Not a bad match - although unless I'm mistaken Dave went after the wrong arm for a little too long. Steven sold a left arm/shoulder problem but I could have sworn some work was done on his right. Maybe I was mistaken. Anyway, Dave won the match after the Diamond Cutter.

Match number two was Pyro's first appearance, taking on Retus Blood. Pyro had Benny English with him - and the whining Pom lost no time dubbing yours truly "Captain Snooze's ugly brother"! He'd already got the crowd offside with a remark about getting a wheelchair for Retus from EBay where he claimed Christopher Reeves' chair was being offered! *rolls eyes* He used his briefcase to reasonable effect, but he used it once to often and clocked Pyro by accident. Retus nailed his finishing move - a spinning leg neckbreaker (Johnny Kash calls it Bankruptcy) for the victory.

Match number three saw Logan make his PWA debut - against older "brother" Krackerjack (and they look a lot alike actually - I wonder if they are really brothers!). We could have done without Kracker's comment about "number one's" though! This was a tough old match which the Mad Bastard won with the Bastard Lock.

Pyro and Benny English returned for match number four - against Rave! Holy cow! I never thought I'd see him as a face! And he's lost weight as well since I last saw him. The Pom was at it again with me - this time calling me a hillbilly! There were a few kids giving him lip at ringside as well. And it all fell down again for him. This time it was Benny who was clocked by Pyro with the briefcase. I think the move Rave nailed then was the Rave Driver - which got the victory. The briefcase was busted good after that!

The girls came out for match number five - as did Daniel Beaumont after David Morgan ran the first four matches. And he looked very professional with his official NWA badges (and thoroughly deserved as well). AND a blond do that Paul RJ (who was commentating) compared to Ric Flair! As I said to Daniel at one point during the day - Charles Robinson more likely! This match was the worst of the afternoon that I saw. Vida Loca did all the work and Mercury disappointed me because I know she's better than this. But the ending was very cute! Vida Loca covered Mercury for a two count and the kickout landed Loca in Beaumont's arms. The referee threw her off back into the pinning predicament for another two count! Mercury got upset with the referee for that, but Vida Loca was just as upset over the referee putting her hands on her! She'd already given Beaumont an earful, and he decided a small return shove was in order. Not much - but enough for Mercury to effect a roll up and get the three count.

Krackerjack returned for match number six - against Chip who was accompanied by Valentine. Another good match - marred only by a slip up when Krackers was setting up his backbreaker into a slam move and Chip slipped off his shoulder. Krackers locked in the Bastard Lock looking for his second submission of the day but Chip made it to the ropes. Soon after Krackers nailed the Britney Spear, but Valentine then distracted the Mad Bastard. She paid for that with the Spinal Tap, but then Krackers in turn paid the price for hitting a member of the fair sex - getting flattened with an Impact DDT and pinned.

The seventh and final match was Slex's first defence of his newly won PWA Australian Championship. And he had one heck of an opponent in the Cremator, Unfortunately personal commitments prevented me from seeing all of this match and I had to leave only a couple of minutes after it started. But I did see what looked like an unfortunate situation at ringside with a couple of women taking legit offence with poor Vida Loca and one of them then giving the PWA owner an earful. I would assume a couple of pathetic wowsers who would do better to stay away if they don't like what they see.

I was happy with the whole thing, and next Saturday's Jordanville show was plugged a great deal. And I love the PWA title belt! Excellent look! And the crowds were pretty good as well. Most gratifying!