PWA Victoria September 2, 2004

1. Rave v Retus Blood - Rave by pinfall after the Rave Driver
2. El Grande Luchador v Mercury: Softcore Title Match - Mercury by pinfall to retain the title after the Mercury Rising
3. Jay Andrews & Wog Warrior v Pyro & Verne - Pyro and Verne by pinfall when Pyro pinned Andrews after a Moonsault
4. Steve Frost v Chip Douglas - Douglas by pinfall after an impact DDT
5. Foxx v Mad Dog McCrea - Foxx by pinfall after a DDT (I think!)
6. Krackerjack v Brave Dave: Commonwealth Title Match - Dave by pinfall to retain the title after the Diamond Cutter
7. Slex v Spike Steele: PWA Title Match - Steele by pinfall to retain the title when Slex hit a german suplex and Steele got his shoulder up

After keeping my distance since the start of the year, I finally went along to my first PWA show last night - at the Comics Lounge in North Melbourne. Unfortunately the crowd was very small, but the show was quite acceptable with a couple of good quality matches.

The main event was probably the pick of the night, with PWA champion Spike Steele defending the title against Slex. This was a high quality technical match up between two faces and neither really had the clear advantage. The finish was a little controversial though as Slex got Spike in a German Suplex into a bridge. Referee David Morgan (who did all seven matches) counted three and the commentators thought we had a new champion. So did Slex. But the ref said no. All four shoulders were down and Spike got his up on two and Slex pinned himself. After realising what had happened, Slex took it like a man - and the two are having an Iron Man match at Rowville in a couple of weeks.

And a quick note for Slex's entrance music - Chase from the Midnight Express soundtrack, one of my favourite instrumentals. A great choice!

Close behind this match was another two faces match up, with Brave Dave defending the PWA Commonwealth title against Krackerjack. Krackers did his usual mic spot beforehand (what's this about being evicted?) and then after shaking hands, he told Dave "You'd better not cheat!" The chain wrestling that followed was also high quality, but then tempers got frayed and it was Krackerjack who started cheating first! Typical! But it ended up getting him nowhere. He nailed the Diamond Cutter - Dave's move - but only got a two count. Then he went for the Spinal Tap, only to have Brave Dave twist it into a Diamond Cutter and got the pinfall.

In other matches, Steve Frost - who just under 12 months had all but retired from the business - looked absolutely fantastic against Chip Douglas. Crisp, intense, everything one had come to expect from the Iceman. He's back I have no doubt and if he doesn't get onto the NWA Australia roster by the end of the year or early 2005 at the latest then they are making a bloody big mistake! And that was despite the fact that he lost this one. This was a heel v heel match I think - being unfamiliar with the PWA storylines. Chip won it after an impact DDT, but he did have his feet on the ropes thanks in part to a distraction by Foxx.

Jay Andrews and Wog Warrior took on Pyro and Verne. Verne was a big guy and these two were part of the Blood clan. Pyro took absolutely everything and couldn't find a way out until finally he managed to escape and tag Verne. Once that happened the big man did damage - even to the Wog Warrior who's not a small man either! Pyro won the match for his team with a moonsault on Andrews.

Rave wasted little time giving me an earful on his way to the ring, and because I wasn't in mark mode I didn't really respond as much as I could have. He did the right thing as a heel of course. He took on another Blood cousin in Reetus and won a decent match with the Rave Driver.

It's good that the PWA has an option with comedy. That's what the softcore title is all about. The champion is Mercury and she had to face this big fat lump called El Grande Luchador? I think Benny English wasted his money! The moron had to be helped into the ring by English AND the referee! There were some cute spots in this match as Mercury had awful trouble battling this guy. The spinning heel kick was effective though, and she managed to get him off balance at the right time to nail the Mercury Rising and retain her title.

It was not a good night for Benny English, managing Luchador, Andrews & Warrior AND Frost!

The other match between Foxx and Mad Dog McCrea was probably the worst match of the night as I found it very hard to follow. Most unlike these two. In fact it was so hard I didn't see how Foxx won the match. I think it was a DDT but don't quote me on that one.

Paul RJ and Cletus Blood did commentary, with Cletus almost taking over at various stages - and proving more than once that he'd been to the Krackerjack school of comedy!

I did speak to PWA management and I may well get some ref work with them depending on their other shows outside of Rowville and Tullamarine (can't get to either place because of the lack of public transport. Jordanville was mentioned on November 20 but that falls into my east coast research trip from November 18 to December 5 - which includes Supershow 3).