PWA Elite Results 2008

FEBRUARY 9, 2008 (Minto)
1. Mikey Broderick defeated Bishop Sommers to retain the PWA Heavyweight title
2. Luke Watts defeated Troy the Boy in a non title match
3. Mimic & Sorrow defeated Fitch Valentine & Esteban Molina
4. Blakestone defeated Jorge
5. Fumanchu defeated Ash Riot, Mark Davis and Mike Valuable
6. Madison & Sway defeated Jessie McKay & Savannah Summers
7. Shadow Phoenix defeated Champagne Pyro and Ryan Eagles
8. Sean O'Shea defeated Justin Cross

FEBRUARY 29, 2008 (Minto - Ladies night)
1. Kellie Skater defeated Madison
2. Charmaine defeated Zahlia
3. Vixen v Lola v Jessie McKay - No contest
4. Sara Jay defeated Aurora
5. Dark Lotus defeated Michelle
6. Joan E Radic defeated Jorge in a Mardi Gras match
7. Vixen & Madison defeated Jessie McKay & Kellie Skater

MARCH 1, 2008 (Minto)
1. Luke Watts defeated Matt Silva, Jack O'Lantern, Ash Riot, Mike Valuable and Mason Childs in a non title match
2. John E Radic defeated Troy the Boy
3. Jessie McKay v Lola - No Contest
4. Ryan Eagles defeated Bishop Sommers
5. Esteban Molina v Jorge - No Contest (assumed)
6. Blakestone defeated Fitch Valentine
7. Fumanchu defeated Mikey Broderick to win the PWA Heavyweight title
8. Sean O'Shea defeated Shadow Phoenix