PWA Elite Results 2007

APRIL 21, 2007 (Penrith)
1. Carlo Cannon defeated Mike Burr
2. Adam Wyatt & Seth Rogers defeated Lightning Luke & Jak Arkham
3. Wayne Pickford defeated Rancid
4. Aurora defeated Madison in a No Holds Barred match
5. Justin Cross defeated Mikey Broderick
6. Striker, Maverick & Adam Gambino defeated Will Phoenix, Bishop Sommers & Pyro
7. Blakestone defeated IBS, Ryan Eagles and Crofty

JUNE 23, 2007 (Minto)
1. Ken Awesome defeated Fumanchu
2. Rob Fox & Sean O Shea defeated Big Mike & Zak 
3. Justin Cross defeated Luke Watts & Jak Arkham in a Handicap match 
4. Adam Gambino, Striker & Maverick defeated Mason Childs, Ash Riot & AJ Istria
5. Jessie McKay defeated Madison and Aurora
6. Mikey Broderick defeated Champagne Pyro 
7. Ryan Eagles, Island Boy Si & Carlo Cannon defeated Blakestone, Adam Wyatt and Fitch Valentine

JULY 28, 2007 (Liverpool)
1. Striker & Maverick defeated Fitch Valentine & Seth Rogers
2. Rob Fox defeated Ash Riot
3. Mark Davis defeated Rancid
4. Ladies Battle Royal - Kellie Skater
5. Mason Childs defeated Bishop Sommers to retain the PWA International Title
6. Champagne Pyro defeated Mikey Broderick, Adam Wyatt and Fumanchu to retain the PWA Victorian title
7. Blakestone defeated Sean O'Shea to retain the PWA heavyweight title
8. Ryan Eagles defeated Justin Cross in a dog collar match

AUGUST 18, 2007 (Minto)
1. Sean O'Shea defeated Fitch Valentine
2. Fumanchu defeated Ryan Eagles
3. Luke Watts defeated Southern Pitbull
4. Justin Cross defeated Bishop Sommers
5. Mikey Broderick defeated Champagne Pyro to win the PWA Victorian Title
6. The Rising Star Program defeated Striker, Maverick & Adam Gambino
7. Ryan Eagles defeated Blakestone, Champagne Pyro and Sean O'Shea to win the PWA heavyweight title

SEPTEMBER 8, 2007 (Marrickville)
1. Mikey Broderick defeated Fumanchu to retain the PWA Victorian title
2. Aurora defeated Jessie Mackay
3. Rob Fox, Seth Rogers & Mike Valuable defeated Ash Riot, Lightning Luke & Jak Arkham
4. Bishop Sommers defeated Crofty
5. Sean O'Shea defeated Champagne Pyro
6. Blakestone & Mark Williamson defeated Maverick & Striker
7. Ryan Eagles defeated Jass to retain the PWA Heavyweight and National Titles

NOVEMBER 10, 2007 (Liverpool)
1. Jessie McKay defeated Madison, Aurora and Kellie Skater
2. Sean O'Shea defeated Seth Rogers
3. Blakestone defeated Maverick
4. Ash Riot v Fitch Valentine - Time Limit Draw
5. Justin Cross defeated Jass and Bishop Sommers
6. Ryan Eagles defeated Luke Watts to retain the PWA Heavyweight and National Titles
7. Mikey Broderick defeated Champagne Pyro
Match was then extended to two out of three falls for the PWA Victorian Title
8. Champagne Pyro defeated Mikey Broderick to regain the title

NOVEMBER 30, 2007 (?)
No results received yet but Mikey Broderick won the PWA Heavyweight and National Titles