Platinum Wrestling September 25, 2015

1. Cadman Turner v Xavier Black - Turner by pinfall after the chokeslam
2. Mad Dog McCrea v Gabriel Wolfe: King of the Underground Title Match - Wolfe by tap out to retain the title with the Crossface
3. The Enforcer v Slade Mercer - Mercer by pinfall after a shot with the baseball bat
4. Chris Trance & Sketch v Josh Extreme & F.O.X: Tag Team Tournament Quarter Final - EGO by pinfall when Extreme pinned Trance after the Pedigree
5. Cody Swift & El Technico v Cletus & Reetus Blood: Tag Team Tournament Quarter Final - The Blood Brothers by pinfall when Cletus pinned Swift after a double release dump
6. Vixsin v Izzy Shaw v Scarlett v Kellyanne: Warzone & PPW Women's Title Match - Kellyanne by pinfall on Izzy to retain the titles after the running inverted Gory Bomb
7. Zak Douglas v Dowie James: Platinum Heavyweight Title Match - James by pinfall to retain the title after a modified package piledriver

The crowd at this show was down on the last one, and I have no idea why given the excitement delivered then. Mind you, there may have been complaints about Kellyanne and Scarlett fighting the guys and Platinum must have got enough to put a stop to that attraction. But that did have the attention of Syd Parker, because originally Panic were set to have a rematch with #Bestos
. It was changed to Syd v Adam Brooks one on one when the equality line was wound up and Syd called Kellyanne a coward! He then added Adam to that because he had a broken wrist - and Adam was at the merchandise table and had to be held back by security! He wanted to beat Parker up as much as his football team Dingley "beat up" Mordialloc last Sunday! Syd then advised that this wasn't the last time that we would see him - even though he didn't have a match?

Well we got the explanation at the end of the show after the main event, which Zak Douglas jump started with the Busaiku Knee (Daniel Bryan's finisher) before letting fly with a vicious flurry that brought blood from Dowie James' mouth. He even yelled at the champion that he was going to kill him. But Super Dowie wasn't going to die easily! That frustrated Douglas, and the more Dowie battled the more frustrated Zak got. In the end Dowie got him with what I could only describe as a modified package piledriver in a match that wasn't quite to the level of the last one in July. Dowie got on the microphone and complimented Zak by mentioning that Zak reminded him of him back when he got started - arrogant and so on. Now Dowie was mature because he'd had that arrogance beaten out of him. Douglas was going to Japan and Dowie told him that he hoped that the same thing happened to Zak and if it did, Dowie would give him another title shot. Otherwise, he just complete the job himself. Zak got the message and shook his hand - and the lights went out. And there was Syd Parker! He beat up Douglas and then attacked the champion, but Dowie fought back and sent the intruder packing. Dowie then threw down a blatant punk card for the next Tarneit show, and Parker didn't like that!

Benny English went one for two on the night for his team. Cadman Turner took care of business (after poor Xavier Black mis-timed his sell of the chokeslam and accidentally sandbagged it - causing English to abuse him) but The Enforcer had a lot more trouble with Slade Mercer. Thanks to English he got control, but he got arrogant picking Mercer up after a moonsault from the first rope and then again from the second rope. He missed the third from the top, and English tried to throw Enforcer the baseball bat - only to overthrow it straight into Mercer's hands! With the referee distracted Mercer took advantage and got the pin, and Turner was out there like a shot to start a double team. But Slade had help in the form of Jake Andrewartha! Wearing a shirt reading "Caution: Hard Hits - Judo Flips" he and Mercer sent English and his cronies packing! (On a side note, thanks to The Enforcer for acknowledging my small point of respect to him. He is the smoothest worker I have the pleasure of knowing and the second most professional after Lobo. If I ever got to run a promotion he'd be on my short list to book.)

Shane Hero was the ring announcer for the evening in the absence of Joel Bateman, and he was biased in the introduction of the Unstoppables. But Sean Hawkins put the brakes on that! This was the first quarter final of the tag team tournament to crown the first Platinum Tag Team champions and it didn't take long to get out of hand. And the Unstoppables were stopped by the combination of a right call by the referee on who the legal man was in the ring, and a Pedigree by JXT to get the win. Trance was livid and went at EGO with his kendo stick but they dodged and Trance crowned himself with the weapon off the ropes! Hero was upset, and all I could shout in reply to that was "Someone get Shane a WAHMBULANCE!" (LOL)

The last time the Blood Brothers were in action as a team was at Supershow 4 in Sydney. Great to see Reetus in particular. The Regular Team would test their rust as a team, but Cletus and Reetus decided some bending of the rules were in order with a jump start to the match. Cody and Technico quickly adjusted to that, but the Blood's in the end showed their experience even with the rust.

I was disappointed with the King of the Underground title match, not because it was a bad match, but because it lacked the level of violence I expected from such a stipulation as tap out or knockout only. I predicted in the last report that Mad Dog McCrea would be an ideal opponent and that's who we got! This was an old fashioned submission battle in the end which I did enjoy, and it was up Wolfe's alley although it took a lot (as always) to get McCrea to tap. Finally though he did tap to the Crossface.

I was fairly sure with two non Platinum titles on the line that there wouldn't be a title change in the Women's four way. But I don't mind admitting it - I love Kellyanne. And I say that with the fullest respect to Adam Brooks. This was my first look at Izzy Shaw in action and she was okay considering. The match was a demolition derby courtesy of the roughness of Vixsin and Scarlett, but as I expected Kellyanne survived after that unusual running inverted Gory Bomb.