Platinum Wrestling July 31, 2015

1. Slade Mercer v Cadman Turner - Mercer by pinfall after the Lariat
2. Drew Clissold v El Tecniko v Chris Trance - Clissold by pinfall on Tecniko after a kendo stick shot from Trance
3. Josh Extreme & F.O.X v Xavier Black & Scarlett - The Suicide Squad by pinfall when Black pinned F.O.X after the Blackout
4. Mike Burr & Josh Shooter v Adam Brooks & Kellyanne - #Bestos by pinfall when Brooks pinned Shooter with the double leg hook up
5. Benny Factor & Syd Parker v Mitch Waterman & Damian Rivers - Panic by pinfall when Parker pinned Waterman after an elevated DDT
6. Cody Swift v The Enforcer - The Enforcer by pinfall after the power bomb
7. Dowie James v Zak Douglas: Platinum Heavyweight Title Match - James by pinfall to win the title after the power bomb

The venue at Hotel 520 was packed and LOUD! They had video but they were having issues with it on and off and I would have approached the boys after the show to offer my help in the future - except for the fact that I had to leave as soon as the last match finished (and a certain photographer at ringside!!). There was also a roof issue although it was nowhere near as bad as the roof at Greensborough a few years ago.

The main event was a ripping match, with the less experienced Douglas sticking with the veteran Dowie James - once he decided to actually lock up! If I was the referee I would have fast counted him on that third countout! But once we got this into the ring I could not do this justice in description. At one point James showed he was Superman (per his entrance music) by flying off the top turnbuckle into Douglas who was on the far side of the barricade! Finally Douglas decided to walk, and James put the brakes on the that and the title belt ended up in the ring. Back in the ring James went for a power bomb only to cop the title belt in the face for the obvious DQ. I stopped recording my commentary because I needed to scram - and I wish I hadn't as Platinum Wrestling owner Russell White knew it was an intentional DQ and he restarted the match! Douglas was toast and James got the power bomb and the three count to win the title. The faces from the locker room raised the new champ on their shoulders as I had to hurry out the door to avoid being stranded.

Up there with the main event was the tag match between #Bestos and Hard Way Inc (Mark II). Kellyanne and Adam came to the ring with their respective Warzone titles and for a few minutes Mike Burr and Josh Shooter were mucking around with Kellyanne - Shooter at one point smacking Kellyanne on the bum much to Adam's annoyance, as well as cracking her knuckles. But when Brooks tagged in and returned the fun Burr got serious. After grabbing each other's legs we got down to business and at one point Kellyanne fetched Burr a slap across the face that echoed - and like the main event I couldn't do this justice. It got completely out of hand and in the end Brooks got the double leg hook up to pin Shooter. And after the match it was hugs all round.

With the Warzone title belts in the house, I shouldn't have been surprised that the fourth biggest egomaniac in Australian wrestling Benny English was about. He showed up after The Enforcer took care of Cody Swift (referencing Adam Goodes in the process calling "You suck" racist!), and added Cadman Turner to his Platinum stable - getting a "boring" chant while he was it! Good one! This was well after Turner was cleaned up by Slade Mercer with a lariat that would have made Stan Hansen green with envy.

It was of interest to see Chris Trance out there with his old partner Shane Hero in the corner of Drew "Sketch" Clissold, especially when Trance rejected the offer of friendship. For the record, Sketch IS the King of Colac, because he lives there! And with his cat like demeanour you'd have to call El Tecniko the King of Geelong! There was plenty going on in this match when Hero tried to claim Trance's kendo stick. The referee was onto that but he didn't see the tug of war between Sketch and Trance while he was arguing with Hero. Trance won that - only to deck Tecniko! Sketch took the gift and it was quickly obvious that Trance and Hero were buddies after all! They called themselves the Unstoppables.

It was hard to tell who the crowd was supporting between EGO and the Suicide Squad. But this was a fun match - especially early when Scarlett gave both Josh Extreme and F.O.X a squash in the corner using her ample globes, and Sean Hawkins wanted some - only to get the bird and a slap across the face! Xavier Black had coloured his hair yellow and had white face paint on and he and Scarlett were too much for the distracted EGO. But post match they ended up on the same side when the Unstoppables attacked and the numbers put the brakes on that.

In the other match, Panic jump started proceedings on H2O and the popular youngsters battled back. The size though started to tell once Factor and Parker got into gear. In the end they were too good after Parker nailed a DDT that was elevated by Factor.

In other news, Platinum Wrestling owner Russell White announced the creation of the tag team titles and a tournament will be starting at the next show. But his announcement was delayed by the loudmouth Gabriel Wolfe who had an unsanctioned title belt of his own - the King of Underground title. The only way to win this belt is by knockout or tap out - which means we have a hardcore division, and I know exactly who I would throw at Wolfe! Mad Dog McCrea! Or Krackerjak!

I have pencilled in two of the next three shows - September 25 at Hotel 520 and November 21 in Colac. However I can't make November 27 at Hotel 520.