Platinum Wrestling February 20, 2015

1. Josh Extreme v Chris Trance - Trance by pinfall after the Transplant
2. Cadman Turner v Xavier Black - Turner by pinfall after the chokeslam
3. Adam Brooks & Kellyanne v Cody Swift & El Tecniko - #Bestos by pinfall when Kellyanne pinned Swift after a running reverse Voodoo Drop
4. Drew Clissold v Joey Eclipse - Clissold by submission with the Dragon Sleeper
5. Gabriel Wolfe v Damian Rivers - Rivers by pinfall with a roll up
6. F.O.X v JC Taylor v Syd Parker v Vixsin v Paul Thornton v Zak Douglas v Benny Factor v Slade Mercer: Elimination Gauntlet "7 Evil Entrants" Platinum Heavyweight Title Match
- Thornton pinned Taylor after a swinging side suplex
- Vixsin pinned F.O.X after the Fury Bomb
- Parker pinned Vixsin with a crucifix
- Parker pinned Thornton after the High/Low from Panic
- Mercer pinned Parker after a TKO
- Mercer pinned Factor after a short Clothesline from Hell
- Douglas pinned Mercer to win the title with a roll up

This was my first live show as a spectator since OCW in Ballarat, and I experimented with my new camera (and it didn't work that well unfortunately and I know why) leaving me with a sore back at the end of the night!

It was a fun night all round although in the main event it was shocking to see JC Taylor, the reigning Platinum champion, get eliminated first! Even the referee was stunned as the hesitation on the three showed. But it was on when it was announced that no matter what, we were getting a new champion! The main was a gauntlet with the order shown above representing the order of entry. What I liked most about this was Syd Parker. His banter was hilarious! His selling was sick as well, like death almost every time! He was grateful when his Panic tag team partner Benny Factor arrived. But after Slade Mercer joined in, Adam Brooks decided on a look see. This was after a post match attack on Kellyanne by Parker while Factor distracted Brooks. That distraction allowed Mercer to clean up Factor before hitting what I think was a TKO on Parker to eliminate him. Parker took it badly breaking up a Mercer pin of his partner and Douglas knocked Syd out of the ring and chased him off. Mercer then got rid of Factor with a ripsnorting short clothesline that would have impressed JBL! It was down to two - the huge Mercer and the small (by comparison) Douglas. And Zak to his credit was chucking everything at him. But it took a cheap shot to get him over the line - a kick to the nether regions to set up the roll up. New champion and Douglas offered his hand - only to complete a heel turn with another kick to the goolies! I fully supported Joel Bateman's commentary on that one!

That aforementioned tag team match was well worked and Kellyanne looked great. It was also my first look at the reigning NAW tag team champions, the Regular Team - in particular Cody Swift (I've seen El Tecniko before). They had a bit of fun with this and Lucha rules applied (meaning that a tag wasn't needed for a change of the legal person), and gee whiz Kellyanne was almost Trish Stratus like with the chops! And that Northern Lights interception of the springboard was terrific (Cody helped for sure). Tecniko calling himself Whiskas quickly had me referencing Gary Hocking (anyone remember that?). Inevitably this got out of control under the Lucah rules, and Kellyanne nailed a move that I've called a running reverse Voodoo Drop (the drop was Roxxi's finisher in TNA - she did it packaged front on) for the win. But that was when Panic arrived and Parker nailed Kellyanne with a DDT before taking off. Brooks was furious!

The show started with a LOT of Ego, and I swear if Josh Extreme gives me the DX sign again I'll smash his ego FOR LIFE! Get it? Joel Bateman didn't like Sean Hawkins taking the microphone off him (Joel was ring announcing) and he gave up when Shane Hero also took the mic to introduce his long time buddy Trance. We then had a hilarious moment when Hero, wearing boxing gloves, gave Hawkins a few jabs and chased him out of there! That made it one on one and this was a fine match and I was quite happy with Trance's win needless to say!

Joel was quick to tell Hawkins not to grab the microphone again if he didn't want his nether regions squeezed "really really hard" to introduce Cadman Turner. Xavier Black used the highly appropriate Back in Black by AC/DC as his entrance music (love that old music use!) but he had trouble with Turner's size and power - and the interfering Hawkins! A leg grab led straight to the chokeslam.

My good friend Drew Clissold AKA Sketch has been working out! He's put on a lot of muscle and he looks great. He's the reigning King of Colac and Shane Hero came out and supported his claim for a title shot (which he is apparently getting in Colac in May) and became his manager. Poor Joel had to announce this one without the mic as it chose that moment to fail (that's why I support a corded back up at all times). Joey Eclipse is a rookie from George Julio's school and he did okay. Drew picked up the win rolling through a suplex into the Dragon Sleeper for the tap out.

It was also my first look at Gabriel Wolfe and boy, what a bully! Particularly of the poor referee. I'll tell you what - give me a match involving this guy and I'll pull him into line! Mind you, Wolfe got his against another George Julio rookie in Damian Rivers, who was holding his own at times. Wolfe was having trouble getting a three count due to arrogance and finally the referee crossed the international enough line when Gabriel bullied him once too often and shoved him back. Rivers got the roll up and the three count (not fast) was registered! Wolfe tried to get to the referee but he just managed to escape. Justice!

I was audibly hurt when the date for the next show was announced. April 10. I won't publicly say why, but I can't go to that show.