OCW July 19, 2013 (Ballarat)

1. Bee Boy v Tecniko - Bee Boy by pinfall after the Stunner
2. Josh Extreme v Benny Factor - Extreme by pinfall with a roll up
3. Ryan O'Hare v Seth Maxx - Maxx by pinfall after a side Attitude Adjustment
4. Siren Monroe v Ariana Snow - Snow by pinfall after the Stratusfaction
5. Krackerjack & Cadman Turner v Paul Taylor, Chris Jacinto & Sinner Insaino: Handicap Match - Taylor, Jacinto & Insaino by pinfall when Taylor pinned Turner after an accidental Britney Spear by Krackerjack
6. Andy Phoenix v Paul London - London by DQ when Seth Maxx interfered

My thanks to 3BA Breakfast show host and fellow umpire PT Paul Taylor for the free pass to this show, although I was wondering what the heck got into him getting involved in a match with well known radio host beater-upper Krackerjack in the opposite corner! I should have updated Paul with what Krackers did to "The Governor" Ian 'Dicko' Dickinson at the Corner Hotel a few years ago! And PT was courting disaster making fun of Krackers (Jack-in-the-box indeed!) and that had him out there with his tag team partner, wanting to know what was stopping him from beating Taylor up right there and then! He got his answer straight away - PT's tag team partners arrived and stood in his way. Krackers didn't stop gasbagging though, and then he set for the Britney Spear and Insaino saw it coming and pushed PT out of harm's way and took the bullet.

That led into the handicap match and Jesse Ventura called and wants his feather boa back, Paul!! What a ring robe! And Paul wanted to start as well! But he stood on Kracker's foot and bailed to the tag smartly! Krackers did get to him, but it was soon Insaino in the wrong corner and getting his tail kicked. However he managed to escape and tag Jacinto (AKA Jarek Craven) who cleaned house! In the mayhem Taylor got the tag and Turner had him set for the Britney Spear! But a well timed mule kick made Turner release PT and he got out of harm's way a second time! Krackers was sent out of the ring by Jacinto and PT got the pin! If only I'd been as quick in July 2012 instead of showing off!

Andy Phoenix has a big mouth! He interrupted the opening match with an arrogant promo but it had no effect on the result as Bee Boy fought back and got the win. But the Irishman was going to have his hands full with Paul London! So much so that Phoenix took forever to lock up as he didn't want London to start flying. That tactic eventually worked, but London found a way back and I marked out when he nailed the Dropsault! But as he nailed the Shooting Star Press Seth Maxx ran in and got Phoenix DQed. That started a double team that only stopped when Insaino, Jacinto, Bee Boy and Benny Factor charged to clear the ring. London wanted more, but when it was obvious Phoenix wasn't coming back he shot out a challenge to a ten man tag next time OCW is in Ballarat.

Maxx earlier in the night was too big for Ryan O'Hare. The Punk Rock Thunder from Down Under did his best but he was going nowhere after that finisher.

And Benny Factor had multiple problems - and what has gotten into Josh Extreme? He must have let his looks go to his head and who were those Goons at ringside anyway? They even manhandled referee Colin Roberts (where was the ejection for that huh?)! A handful of trunks got JXT that victory.

Ariana Snow was good and she bested the new NAW Women's champion Siren Monroe, who must think she's Marilyn reincarnated! What arrogance! But she was too arrogant for her own good.

I met Paul London before the show and he is a character! Nice bloke!

It will be awhile before OCW have their next show (after Bendigo) and I'll be keeping track of it.