NPW Results 2015

JANUARY 10, 2015 (Gosford)
No results received

JANUARY 17, 2015 (Charlestown)
1. Concrete Davidson & Robbie Eagles d The Green Nation
2. The Riot Squad d The Alphas
3. Chris Hermes d Adam Hoffman to retain the NPW Middleweight Title
4. Jack Bonza v Sean Kustom - No Contest
5. Harley Wonderland & Shazza McKenzie d The Blue Nation Floozies
6. Kingi d Mat Rogers
7. The Riot Squad d Concrete Davidson & Robbie Eagles

FEBRUARY 21, 2015 (Charlestown)
1. Robbie & Ryan Eagles d Hayden Zenith & Hunter Hayes
2. Kingi d Mantis
3. Shazza McKenzie d Jessica Troy
4. Jack Bonza d Bee Boy
5. The APWG d Team PWA
6. Mick Moretti d Concrete Davidson
7. Sean Kustom d Chris Hermes in a No DQ Match to win the NPW Middleweight Title

MARCH 28, 2015 (Charlestown)
1. Robbie Eagles d Diego Retemales
2. Mick Moretti d Matt Rogers by DQ
3. Kingi d Jimmy Stephens
4. The Four Nations d Dan Wilson & Michael Spencer
5. Madison Eagles d The Blue Oni, Concrete Davidson and InstaGraham
6. Harley Wonderland d Charli Evans
7. Jack Bonza d Matt Basso to retain the NPW Heavyweight Title

APRIL 18, 2015 (Gosford)
No results received

MAY 2, 2015 (Charlestown)
1. Madison Eagles d Concrete Davidson
2. Ryan Eagles d Mat Rogers
3. InstaGraham d Dan Wilson and Michael Spencer
4. Sean Kustom d Henderson Peabody
5. Harley Wonderland d Jessica Troy
6. Massive Q, Matt Basso & Travis Banks d The Four Nations

JUNE 6, 2015 (Charlestown)
No results received

JULY 11, 2015 (Charlestown)
No results received

AUGUST 15, 2015 (Charlestown)
1. Michael Spencer won a Battle Royal
2. Harley Wonderland d Jessica Troy
3. Mick Moretti v Sean Kustom - No contest

SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 (Gosford)
No results received

SEPTEMBER 26, 2015 (Charlestown)
No results received

OCTOBER 17, 2015 (Charlestown)
1. Sean Kustom d Michael Spencer to retain the NPW Middleweight title
2. Concrete Davidson d Matt Basso
3. Bryan Seeker d Blue Oni, Chris Hermes, InstaGraham, Madison Eagles and Mat Diamond
4. Shazza McKenzie d Harley Wonderland in a No DQ Match
5. The Mighty Swoldiers d The Four Nations
6. Jessica Troy v Charli Evans: Time Limit draw
7. Mick Moretti d Robbie Eagles in a Ladder Match to retain the NPW Heavyweight title