Night Cap Wrestling Federation
September 5, 2015

1. CJ Redfield v Andy Gold: Southern Star Title Match - Gold by pinfall to retain the title with a crucifix
2. Zirous Madic & Heath Evan Legion v Zak Douglas & Cody Swift - Douglas & Swift by DQ when Madic hit Swift with a baseball bat
3. Taxman v Aris - Aris by pinfall after the spear
4. El Technico v Joey Eclipse - Eclipse by pinfall after the Lunar Exploder
5. Marcus James v Morphine - Morphine by pinfall after the top rope splash
6. Skip Sampson v Paul Thornton: NCWF Heavyweight Title Match - Thornton by pinfall to retain the title after the Black Hole Slam
7. Ali Akbar v Gabriel Wolfe - Wolfe by submission with the Crossface

As indicated above by all matches in blue - I was the referee for the entire night. Exhausting!

The American Ali Akbar dissed Gabriel Wolfe (NCWF's head trainer by the way) and that little verbal to and fro was broken up the The Captain who announced that the main event would be for the next crack at the NCWF Heavyweight title. It was a fine match, in which Wolfe got into some bother as Akbar had got to his leg so badly I did consider calling it off. But Wolfe refused to give up despite not one but two Figure Four Leglocks. He managed to best Akbar and trap him in the Crossface for the tap out. Post match Akbar stalked Wolfe - and got a Stunner for his effort! So effective was the Stunner we had to carry Akbar out in a neck brace. Well done to everyone for that effort to keep him still without a stretcher handy.

JC Taylor AKA Jarek Craven AKA whatever he wants to call himself decided to take offence to Aris using the spear to finish off Taxman and attack him after clobbering Taxman. Aris was making his debut and he did well (Aris is the referee at Platinum). JC is calling himself Kano Graves at NCWF.

Most embarrassing moment of the night for me was having El Technico respond to me checking him out for weapons at Joey Eclipse's insistence by asking if I was doing that because he was a cat, or because he was black (as in the black outfit) - the latter attracting a "Racist Ref" chant which I didn't really like legit (thanks for nothing, Dis-Informer!!). Technico seemed to have this until Eclipse escaped his clutches while bantering with me and nailed a pumphandle into an Exploder suplex for the win. He has a name for it and it's noted above. Fans complained that Eclipse escaped with a low blow, but I can't pay what I don't see.

In the title matches, Paul Thornton was too good for Skip Sampson, causing his fan block to shower the ring with crumpled up bits of poster again. I think the NCWF should issue fines for littering! Thornton later confronted Wolfe after the main event. Should be a good match up. Andy Gold retained against CJ Redfield and CJ was a good sport again after the match. Gold's next challenger will be Eclipse as that match was a number one contender's match

Kolesidis did it again! After the returning Morphine absolutely squashed poor Marcus James, the Greek moron decided on another attack! Marcus has a valet in Rickii Rose and she watched in horror as I couldn't stop him from handcuffing Marcus to the ropes. She finally decided to act and fetched Kolesidis a ripping slap across the face! The moron decided to threaten to bash her, but luckily he decided against it and departed. The Captain had a skeleton key and released Marcus from the ropes.

It was hard work for Zak Douglas and Cody Swift against the nasty Zirous Madic and Heath Evan Legion. But they managed to get them offline and it was too much and Madic blasted Cody when he was going up presumably for the 630 splash. The baseball bat was in full view and I wasted no time with the DQ. The faces were then left lying and I can tell you Cody in particular was livid! I didn't blame him!

The next show is on October 17, and hopefully Kev will be back to support me.