Night Cap Wrestling Federation
August 8, 2015

1. Cody Swift v Joey Eclipse - Swift by pinfall after the 630 Splash
2. Marcus James v ONI - ONI by pinfall after the Tombstone Piledriver
3. Felicity Briscoe v Kira Sommers - Felicity by pinfall with a roll up
4. Andy Gold v Skip Sampson v CJ Redfield: Southern Star Title Match - Gold by pinfall on Sampson to win the title after the Gold Rush
5. Zak Douglas v El Tecniko v Jake Lindo - Douglas by pinfall on Tecniko after the Spanish Fly
6. Zirous Madic & Heath Evan Legion v Damian Rivers & Marcus Blaike - Madic & Legion by pinfall when Legion pinned Blake after a baseball bat shot
7. Royal Rumble Match: NCWF Heavyweight Title Match - Paul Thornton to win the title last eliminating Cody Swift

It was delightful to be back in the zebra stripes at the NCWF Arena in Rosebud. It was a good night, with the owner paying a nice tribute to Roddy Piper after the intermission and the place was quiet as a mouse for the minute's silence. It was anything but at others times as the venue was packed - literally standing room only. From what I could tell they enjoyed the show.

The match of the night was the triple threat for the Southern Star title - NCWF's secondary singles title. The two rookies I saw at Platinum Wrestling a week and a bit ago were in this, and they did really well. CJ of course was terrific playing the smart arse heel, but I didn't interact with him much as in a triple threat I didn't have to do much except stay out of the way and count pin attempts. My favourite moment of the match was when after all three men were taking turns clobbering each other with fists and/or elbows, they all nailed another with a superkick sending all three to the mat! Ripping spot! The end came when Gold caught CJ going up and trapping him in the Tree of Woe. He then took advantage of Sampson with the Gold Rush - AKA the Diamond Cutter - and I counted three. Both Gold and Sampson had their respective bunch of friends and Andy's group were delighted while Skip's crew chucked a few scrunched up posters into the ring to show their disappointment. CJ was a good sport post match.

It was madness in the semi main event, especially with that weirdo manager of Zirous Madic and Heath Evan Legion! She was totally out of position and twice she grabbed Damian Rivers' leg for the distraction. I was onto that both times, but apparently the second time the heels introduced a baseball bat and used it accordingly. I missed it of course and made the three count.

In the other singles match I refereed, ONI was way too big and strong for Marcus James. It didn't help with that loudmouth Taxman at ringside! I thought I'd seen the last of him after Death and Taxes in NAW! But poor James had another problem. After ONI left, Kolesidis appeared and I thought he was going to help. Fat chance! He attacked James and shoved me away in order to finish the job.

The Rumble was mad as they always are. There wasn't much room at ringside which made for some quick dodging by yours truly. There were 17 men in all - including everyone who had already wrestled except for ONI, plus Aris, Taxman, Dallas Sommers and Paul Thornton. It was Thornton who lasted, getting rid of Cody Swift last to be the first NCWF Heavyweight champion.

A TV backstage allowed me to watch the other three matches and it was great to see Zak Douglas nail the Spanish Fly. Cody's 630 splash was impressive as well. The only thing I didn't like was Kira Sommers slapping the face of the referee. That's a DQ! Felicity was being thrashed and only won because Rickii came out and distracted Kira and Felicity rolled Kira up for the three count.

The next show is on September 5.