NCPW Results 2014

JANUARY 11, 2014 (Wauchope)
No results received

MARCH 1, 2014 (Port Macquarie)
1. Bubbles d Kurtis James
2. Ethan Hughz d Izaac Daniels
3. JD Wilson d King and Magnus
4. Johnny Vercetti d Chad Waugh
5. Kurtis James won a Battle Royal
6. Niki Nitro & Rebecca Tenley d Flame, Kandi Luv & Kristie Lea in a Handicap Match
7. Mr.Saturday Night d Matt Bailey to win the NCPW Heavyweight Title

APRIL 12, 2014 (Port Macquarie)
1. Johnny Vercetti won a Battle Royal to win the Slam Factory Title
2. Johnny Vercetti d Kurtis James to retain the Slam Factory Title
3. Ethan Hughz d Seb Max
4. King & D'Licious d JD Wilson & Magnus and Shadow & Tristian Lewis in an Elimination Match
5. Flame & Kandi Luv d Kristie Lea & Rebecca Tenley
6. Kurtis James d Mr Saturday Night to win the Heavyweight Title
7. Chad Waugh v Matt Bailey - A draw in a Last Man Standing Match

MAY 17, 2014 (Port Macquarie)
1. David Hockley v Slammin Sam - No Contest
2. Kurtis James d David Hockley & Slammin Sam in a handicap match to retain the NCPW title
3. Gauntlet Match
- Lynx Lewis Junior d Magnas
- Lynx Lewis Junior d Bubbles
- Lynx Lewis Junior d Cyprien
- Lynx Lewis Junior d Tristian Lewis
- Renegade d Lynx Lewis Junior
4. The GoGo Bears d The Culture Kings and Royal-Licious
5. Flame, Izzy Shaw, Kandi Luv & Kira Sommers d Kristie Lea, Nikki Nitro, Rebecca Tenley & Minzy Montana in a War Games match
6. Johnny Vercetti d Bee Boy and The Blue Oni to retain the Slam Factory Title
7. Chad Waugh & Kurtis James d Matt Bailey & Mr Saturday Night

JUNE 14, 2014 (Port Macquarie)
1. Hash Tag Divas d Tristian Lewis in a Handicap Match
2. Magnas d D'Licious and Massacre
3. King d Skewie
4. Lynx Lewis Junior d Misfit
5. Ethan Hughz d Chad Waugh
6. JD Wilson d Bubbles
7. Chad Waugh won an 11 man fight (details unclear)
8. Kurtis James v Johnny Vercetti - No Contest
9. Ethan Hughz & Johnny Vercetti d Kurtis James & Chad Waugh

JULY 12, 2014 (Port Macquarie)
1. Ethan Hughz d Kurtis James by DQ
2. Lynx Lewis Jr. d Chad Waugh via DQ
3. The Hockleys d Bubbles & Magnas, Massacre & Misfit and RoyalLicious
4. Lucas Gold d Cyprien and Slammin Sam
5. Rebecca Tenley & Kristie Lea d Nikki Nitro in an Elimination Match but then had a double pinfall for no result
6. JD Wilson & Tristian Lewis d Johnny Vercetti & Renegade
7. Ethan Hughz & Rampage d WaughJames
8. Tristian Lewis d Johnny Dodge

AUGUST 16, 2014 (Port Macquarie)
1. Lucas Gold d JD Wilson
2. Misfit d Lynx Lewis Jr. and Mystery
3. Chad Waugh d Kristie Lea
4. Slammin' Sam d Chad Waugh via DQ
5. Royal Licious d Bubbles, Cyprien & Kong in a Handicap Match
6. D'Licious d King
7. Johnny Vercetti d Renegade to retain the Slam Factory title
8. Ethan Hughz d Kurtis James in a No DQ Match to win the NCPW Heavyweight Title

OCTOBER 11, 2014 (Port Macquarie)
1. PJ O'Connor d JD Wilson and Tristian Lewis in a Chairs Match
2. Massacre & Misfit d Bubbles & Magnus in a Hardcore Match
3. Renegade d Keegan in Falls Count Anywhere Match to win the vacant Slam Factory title
4. King d Chris Abbott in a Submission Match
5. King & Rebecca Tenley d Kristie Lea in a 2 on 1 Handicap Waugh Rules Match
6. Matt Bailey d Kurtis James in a Contract on a Pole Match
7. Ethan Hughz d Chad Waugh in a Dog Collar Match to retain the NCPW Heavyweight title

NOVEMBER 29, 2014 (Port Macquarie)
1. Kurtis James v Robbie O'Thorn - No Contest
2. BoJack d Bubbles and Steven Magnas
3. Niki Nitro & Rebecca Tenley d Kristie Lea & Willow
4. Johnny Vercetti d Misfit
5. Jamie Luxford d Robbie O'Thorn
6. Tristian Lewis won a Battle Royal
7. Chad Waugh & Tristian Lewis d King & Kurtis James