NAW March 2, 2013 (Melton)
"Melton Mayhem 4"

1. Klay Kannon v Filthy Fil - Kannon by pinfall after the Big Boot
2. Kit Fuego v Mike Manson - Manson by pinfall with a double leg hook up
3. Alexi Papadopolous v Slikk Steev - Steev by pinfall after Papadopolous was decked by Barry Lawrence by accident with the title belt
4. Nick Eclipse v Mad Dog McCrea: Non Title Match
- McCrea by submission with the STF
5. Jarek Craven & Steve Valek v Josh Extreme & Andy Rhodes - Extreme & Rhodes by pinfall when Extreme pinned Craven after the Widow's Peak

I enjoyed myself at Melton Mayhem, even getting to tip the contents of the raffle tub over the head of that obnoxious Ravyn Summers! Heck, and I thought I was obnoxious back in 2006 at XAW Hardcore Paradise! At least I gave credit where credit was really due! Summers was a downright embarrassment! And that DOES make sense by the way!

It was a decent night news wise, as things are clearly getting worse between Steve Valek and Jarek Craven. They got along well enough with Craven offering Andy Rhodes a spot in the Wrecking Crew (it's no longer the Apocalypse I guess) as a consequence of them actually teaming up way back at the first Melton Mayhem in October 2011. That was never going to work! Rhodes and Josh Extreme had Sinner Insaino in their corner on crutches thanks to more knee issues. Rhodes and Extreme gelled well, but in the end Extreme got the win after nailing Craven with the Widow's Peak, and Valek couldn't intervene because the outside referee (whose name I didn't catch) stopped him. Craven wanted to know where he was causing a debate, where Valek admittedly had a point. Extreme heard it, and challenged Valek to a match with the title on the line - in the cage! December's cancelled main event is back on the table, and Valek accepted! Now Craven had a legit beef, and that argument went all the way back to the locker room! Side note - that is the third time in a row at Melton that Extreme has pinned Craven!

The night began in a wild manner, with Duke Von Wyld introducing Klay Kannon as his Vice President of Conflict Resolution and Sadie Whelan as his Vice President of Secretaries (I guess that should be Secretarial Services) - before denying queries from Graham Jones about doping in NAW and - I didn't believe I heard this one - MATCH FIXING?? Never! In pro wrestling? I'm offended! But Filthy Fil seemed amused and that led to the start of the scheduled match between the former members of the Forsaken Youth. Kannon though got the win thanks to Sadie who distracted Fil, allowing Kannon to nail the big boot. Post match though, Fil had an oil rag and shoved it in Kannon's face. And when Duke Von Wyld protested he got a face full of it as well!

Kit Fuego had seen that and thought it was hilarious. But Von Wyld penalised him by telling him his career was on the line in his scheduled match against CJ Redfield, who was making his NAW debut one on one. Or so he thought because Von Wyld sent him to the back, and subbed the rookie with Mike Manson!! Now Fuego was in danger, but his pace was worrying the ten year veteran Manson. Manson fought back, but Kit seemed to have this covered - until Manson got the double leg hook up and with his feet in the ropes got the pin!! What a joke!! And Alexi Papadopolous knew it and added his voice!! Kit should lodge a protest to the AIWF!! I later chided Colin Roberts for missing it, but really having missed such things myself I had no real right to do that. It's not his fault.

Alexi remained in the ring for his match with Slikk Steev, and who should show up at ringside but the South Pacific champion Barry Lawrence. It was clear that he wanted Alexi to win as he wanted nothing to do with his former tag team partner. Referee Colin Roberts was caught with an errant flying body press and Lawrence tried to take advantage going for Steev with his belt. But he missed and got Papadopolous instead! Steev took the gift although he did hesitate a bit, and Bazza was outraged! Alexi at first wasn't happy, but he worked out that it wasn't Steev's fault and they ended up friends out of it. I can't wait for my old buddy Slikk to get his hands on Lawrence believe me!

In a disgusting development, Vixsin was being interviewed about a wrist injury that was stopping her from wrestling in her home town - and out came Mike Manson in the company of Ashley Sparks. Vixsin avoided Manson but it was a trap as Ashley attacked her with a chair! Mad Dog McCrea was quick to put a stop to that and a challenge was issued. It wasn't accepted at that point.

McCrea then had a match against Nick Eclipse, and it was a non title match after being advertised as a Brassknuckles title defence. It was a great match with Eclipse once again not getting the job done and losing his focus. He ended up tapping out to the STF. But then Manson and Ashley returned and the challenge was now fully detailed. In Geelong on March 23, there would be a mixed tag team match and if Manson and Ashley won, Ashley would get another shot at Vixsin and the Women's Title - and Manson would get a shot at McCrea's Brassknuckles Title!

The next show as mentioned is on March 23 at the White Eagle House in Geelong, and I won't be there. It can also be confirmed that NAW is back at Albion at the Maltese Cultural Centre on April 6, and my presence there is unconfirmed.

Personal note - the mother and stepfather of the late Timothy O'Brien were in attendance and received the proceeds of the raffle and the $1 entry fee contribution from the Ballarat Bash in the form of a nice cheque. I took the opportunity to put on my Autism Advocacy hat, and provided them with unofficial condolences from Autism Ballarat and Autism Victoria for their loss. RIP Timmy - fellow Autistic Spectrumite.

March 8 Update: This is my last report. I will not be attending any NAW shows in the foreseeable future due to the unwarranted banning of a friend of mine from the Facebook event page for Geelong, and the consequent threat to this website. I will not be returning until Joe Spiteri gets out of NAW completely.