NAW February 2, 2013 (Ballarat)
"Ballarat Bash II"

1. Sketch v Kit Fuego - Fuego by pinfall after the guillotine leg drop
2. Ashley Sparks v Vixsin: Women's Title Match - Vixsin by pinfall to retain the title after the Fury Bomb
3. Filthy Fil & Mad Dog McCrea v Slikk Steev & Barry Lawrence - Fil & McCrea by pinfall when Fil pinned Steev after a missile drop kick/power bomb combination
4. Jarek Craven v Josh Extreme: Heavyweight Title Match
- Extreme by DQ when Steve Valek interfered
5. Nick Eclipse v Ryan O'Hare - O'Hare by pinfall after the Swanton Bomb
6. The Melbourne Wrecking Crew v Strayla Smash: Tag Team Title Street Fight - Strayla Smash by pinfall to retain the titles when Insaino pinned Manson after the moonsault through a table

My first NAW show as a spectator since April 2007 after I quit show operations three weeks ago. I still run the NAW Twitter account though, with Graham Jones and Ravyn Summers referring to me as the resident "Twit" (without even knowing I was actually there!) so I am still on staff as such.

The Heavyweight title match was a fine affair with Craven getting his overdue rematch after missing out in November due to the injury inflicted on him by that mysterious attack on the day of that show. And he was determined to get it done, but just like Melton the spear wasn't enough! Steve Valek arrived at ringside in time to see that and he was barracking for Craven. But he promptly interfered for the instant DQ when Extreme trapped Craven in the Texas Cloverleaf and nailed JXT with a spinebuster. And Craven was LIVID! Valek backed off and tried to explain that he was only trying to help before leaving, and Craven interestingly was about to lay into the fallen champion - only to change his mind and pursue Valek. Hmmmmm!

That had a follow up in the main event which was MAYHEM! The Falls Count Anywhere stipulation was dropped, but they still had two referees for it (which was actually my idea before I quit, but that was primarily for the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation). The weapons were out at the start with liberal use being made of a couple of aluminium rubbish bins and their lids. The commentary table was wrecked, and so were two street signs. The big news during the match was Sinner Insaino having to be helped to the back as Mike Manson had attacked the knee that Insaino had hurt at the first Ballarat Bash and worsened at the Anniversary Bash causing a few months off. Andy Rhodes was holding his own by himself, but Insaino decided "Bugger the knee" and came back to rejoin the match. Several wrestlers came out trying to talk him out of it, including Josh Extreme. Manson decided on a suicide dive on the pack and Extreme managed to avoid it - and he saw the chance and took it giving Steve Valek a spinebuster back! Perfectly legal in a street fight! Finally it was over when Rhodes put Manson on a table (which bent alarmingly under his weight!) and Insaino nailed the moonsault through the table for the win. The Rhodes Boys are now called Strayla Smash (pronounce that as you see it and you'll see what they did there).

The other big news of the night was the behaviour of Barry Lawrence. Mad Dog McCrea didn't know what to make of Filthy Fil (formerly known as F.O.X) who came to the ring carrying an esky and a beer - and using the highly appropriate Australian classic "Am I ever gonna see your face again" by The Angels as his entrance music. But once they got into the match they worked together well. Lawrence and Slikk Steev on the other hand seemed to struggle and there was some lingering dissension there. Lawrence was trying but he got flustered when Steev couldn't quite make the tag while being beaten down. He found a double clothesline and went for the tag - only for Barry to drop from the apron and walk off?? WTF?? Steev did his best but a massive combination of a missile drop kick by McCrea into the power bomb from Fil was too much. Lawrence chose that moment to come back and seem to want to help his tag team partner - only to start putting the boots to him! Heel turn for the South Pacific Champion and McCrea and Fil returned for the save. Steev would have to be fuming after that one!

Ashley Sparks made an impressive debut with some offence that took Vixsin by surprise. She knew how to react though to the attempt at the Matrix - a move innovated by soon to be WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus - pushing it away, and after a battle Vixsin nailed the Fury Bomb and kept the Women's title.

High Risk Pro Wrestling champion Nick Eclipse returned to NAW for the first time in a while, taking on former NAW Heavyweight champion Ryan O'Hare. This was a good match that Eclipse all but won after the superkick, only for O'Hare to get out at 2 and 99/100ths! Eclipse was right in the face of referee Jessie James at that and lost his focus - and ate a flying enziguri. The Swanton Bomb followed for the win.

In the other match, Sketch replaced the ill Joel Bateman in the match against Kit Fuego. It was billed as a Lucha Libre match and Sketch did well, nailing a nice Sliced Bread #2 even if he didn't get all of it. Fuego was quick and effective and got the win after a huge guillotine leg drop.

There was a dark match, with Alexi Papadopolous besting Klay Kannon. NAW also had a ten bell salute for Scarsdale murder victim, NAW fan and Autistic Timothy O'Brien.

The next show is on March 2 at the Melton Darts Centre. I don't know if I'll be there or not.