NAW November 3, 2012

1. Josh Shooter v Ryan O'Hare: Adrenaline Rules Match - O'Hare by pinfall after the Swanton Bomb
2. Xavier Black v Slikk Steev - Black by pinfall with a roll up
3. Mike Manson v Krusher - Manson by pinfall after the Roaring Elbow
4. General Ivan Cranko v Mad Dog McCrea: Non Title Match
- Cranko by pinfall with an inside cradle
5. The Rhodes Boys v New Blood: Tag Team Title Match - The Rhodes Boys by pinfall to win the titles when Insaino pinned Sketch with a Coldie into a German Suplex
6. Steve Valek v Josh Extreme: Heavyweight Title Match - Valek by DQ when the referee caught Extreme with the Women's Title belt

Well it's now official. I'd heard that Paul Vaughan had sold his shares so he was no longer majority owner, but upon order by the AIWF he was gone altogether for "incompetence" amongst other derogatory remarks! Good! It didn't change my job loss, but at least I feel better about it as I am still here and Vaughan's not! Seems that Duke Von Wyld's effort in Colac was in an interim capacity and the AIWF was happy with his work and confirmed him as the permanent Commissioner. And he was busy from the get go as his now former protégés, the Melbourne Wrecking Crew, levelled an imputation at Josh Extreme for attacking the former champion Jarek Craven earlier in the day
. Steve Valek shot out a challenge to JXT to take Craven's place in his rightful rematch and Extreme was more than willing. Von Wyld agreed to the match, and in the process ended up having to make a couple of last minute changes to the card which I'll go into in a moment. But then Lowzen, still holding the Women's Title belt that she stole at Melton Mayhem 3 and kept off Vixsin at Colac Chaos, walked in and seemed to be supporting the champion?? WTF? I didn't trust that when I saw it!

I was refereeing the main event, and when I took the title belt from JXT I warned him about her. But she behaved herself. I guess the absence of Vaughan had a positive effect, but I still don't trust her (after all she's slapped me across the face, given me a low blow, superkicked me, kicked me while I was down and given me a standing moonsault since mid June!). The match was fast paced as Valek seemed determined, and a bit selfish although I didn't really blame him for that as his last title shot was in 2006!! Valek got an advantage when he hurt Extreme's leg and I was worried about him - especially after what happened with George Julio in Colac. But things got out of hand when I was sandwiched between the two men in the corner. I don't know what happened, but when I got my bearings Valek was flat out and Extreme was holding the Women's Title belt! I had no choice and DQed the champion, which meant he kept his title at least. Lowzen seemed disinterested, but then Vixsin charged the ring and she got the belt back. Technically she's still the champion even though I held the title up in Melton, but she shot out a challenge to Lowzen to sort it out, and it didn't matter what sort of match it was. Lowzen accepted. What I want to know is where's Nikita Naridian? Meanwhile Valek sold it for all it was worth and demanded a cage match to keep others out? He got that, and I smell a rat in that over reaction!

Valek's title match meant that the Melbourne Wrecking Crew couldn't take the tag team title shot that was scheduled. The New Blood were happy to take on anyone, but Sketch forgot about the stunt he pulled back in June during the Battle Royal that I was a part of, impersonating Andy Rhodes. Rhodes knew that his old Rhodes Boys tag team partner Sinner Insaino was back in action and he wanted some retribution, so that match was set. And Sketch was soon writhing in pain from some knife edges they would have heard in Werribee! In the end though, the New Blood paid for the error of accepting any challenge as Insaino pinned Sketch with the German Suplex off the Coldie from Rhodes. A two week reign for the New Blood only, and Insaino has now won the tag team titles twice - the previous time tagging with Steve Valek as part of the X-iles. The only other man who has won the tag team titles more than once is George Julio. And Insaino celebrated by grabbing Graham Jones's microphone and yelling in typical Aussie fashion "Let's get pissed!"

Rhodes had to forgo his one on one match against the rookie Krusher in the process, and I heard that Krusher was not happy to the point that Von Wyld threw him to Mike Manson as a penalty! Oops! Another rookie mistake! Krusher though did well. He ended up flattened after the Roaring Elbow, but that was a decent effort considering.

I'll make it clear. I don't like refereeing General Ivan Cranko, and now I have another reason - his shoulders are so big I can't tell sometimes if they're down or not! Twice during his match against Mad Dog McCrea I hesitated on the three count because I just couldn't tell! That made me unpopular with the fans, and I don't think Mad Dog was very happy either. He was professional about it - until he tried for a slam and Cranko turned it into an inside cradle and got him. McCrea was in my face in an instant about the ropes but I never saw that. The Brassknuckles championship wasn't on the line of course, but that is bound to get Cranko a title shot.

The Adrenaline division made it's debut with Ryan O'Hare clashing with Josh Shooter. The rules demanded constant motion and both men delivered on that point. It was an interesting match, but Shooter paid for too much showboating in the end and was squashed with the Swanton Bomb.

Xavier Black seems to have gone back to his bad old ways from his time in the Sons of Anarchy. He was accompanied to the ring by Klay Kannon and Sadie Whelan for his match against Slikk Steev - who at one time Black had tried to recruit into the SOA. This was for a shot at the South Pacific Title and Barry Lawrence was in commentary for this one. Poor Jessie James had awful trouble seeing everything that was going on as both Kannon and Sadie were getting involved. In the finish there was one too many as Kannon clocked Steev good and Black rolled him up for the pin. Then we had a post match beat down - and the South Pacific champion had seen enough and went to the aid of his old tag team partner chasing off the opposition.

The dark match made it's return with Alexi Papadopolous besting Klay Kannon.

The next show is on December 15 - the annual Christmas Bash.

That show never took place as it was cancelled 24 hours prior due to a double booking at the Maltese Cultural Centre.