NAW October 20, 2012 (Colac)
"Colac Chaos"

1. Ryan O'Hare v Josh Extreme: Non Title Match - Extreme by pinfall with a blocked sunset flip
2. Ivan Cranko & Mr.Brunei v George Julio & Alexi Papadopolous - Cranko & Brunei by pinfall when Brunei pinned Papadopolous with blocked suplex bodypress
3. Lowzen v Vixsin - Double Countout
4. Jarek Craven & Mike Manson v Barry Lawrence & Mad Dog McCrea
- Lawrence & McCrea by pinfall when Lawrence pinned Manson after the power bomb
5. Ten Man Battle Royal - Ryan O'Hare last eliminating Josh Extreme
6. The Smash Mouth Project v The New Blood: Tag Team Title Match - The New Blood by pinfall to win the titles when Sketch pinned Xavier Black after the moonsault

Before I start on the show, I'll just reflect on the events of the week leading up to it. New Age Wrestling is now officially affiliated with the AIWF (Allied Independent Wrestling Federation), and after last week's show in Melton, they got involved with the control issues that the situation with the Women's Title exposed. The result was that I lost my job as the Head of Talent and a new Commissioner was appointed - Duke Von Wyld. Paul Vaughan's authority as majority owner has been curbed which makes the job loss a bit easier to take, and I don't know as I type this whether or not he is still a 51 percent stakeholder in N.A.W or not. I'm back to just being a referee now as well as stage manager, where I was when James Jackson was in charge although at the time I was only refereeing as a fill in. I'm now the main referee and the core guidance for Colin Roberts and Jessi James.

I was worried about Duke as Commissioner, especially as there was acknowledgement between him and Jarek Craven. But he wasn't in their corner so I assume that he no longer holds a manager's license, which is the correct thing to do. And better - he actually did the right thing in the main event. The crowd was right behind the challengers for the tag team titles, the New Blood, who I have to say I was hopeful for as I do owe them a bit from how they came to my defence when I first lost the Commissioner's job back in March thanks to Paul Vaughan. But I had to be neutral in this. Things got out of hand as the match progressed and I admit to losing track of who the legal man was at one point. Joel Bateman grabbed on of the title belts and threw it across the ring. I retrieved it, but something happened in the mean time. I didn't see it, and registered a three count - only for the Duke to stop the bell from being rung and order the match to be restarted. That's one thing that has changed - it's no longer the case that the referee's decision is final. I subsequently found out from a couple of fans that Bateman had used the other title belt to clobber Dread. In the end Xavier Black was flattened with the moonsault and the venue roared with delight when I counted three this time. The former champions - to their credit - took the loss like men and shook hands with the victors. I heard Bateman tell them that they now had a responsibility as champions to be leaders in the locker room in the tag team division now and he was right.

Which is more than I can say for Ryan O'Hare! What got into him during his match with the new NAW Heavyweight Champion Josh Extreme?? Okay, he got a bit nasty last year in Mulgrave for no real reason but then the title was on the line in that match. It wasn't in this one - and yet O'Hare was behaving somewhat petulantly. He wasn't being blatant about it but it was just enough to annoy me. Josh Extreme gave as good as he got as you would in battle, but after Extreme got the pin with a block on the sunset flip he offered his hand after the match - just like Mulgrave. But O'Hare decided to refuse and walk off!! What was that for crying out loud?? I suspect jealousy.

But hopefully what happened in the Battle Royal for the Colac Cup settled him down. I was delighted for CJ Radfield making his debut - all reports from the NAW Academy indicates that he is a top prospect. And he got a feather in his cap when he eliminated Mr Brunei! But he let it go to his head like a typical rookie and he was eliminated. That started a brawl on the floor and all the way back to the locker room. It was also good to see Sinner Insaino back in action after some knee issues. It ended up coming down to O'Hare, Extreme and those two fools in the Forsaken Youth. F.O.X in particular annoys me. They were double teaming Extreme in corner, and O'Hare was torn between helping the morons and helping the Heavyweight Champion. After much inner turmoil, he took the latter option, only to cop a chop block and end up on the floor under the bottom rope. It seemed like a knee problem (which was all we needed after what happened earlier in the night which I'll go into in a moment), but when Extreme managed to get rid of the Youth, O'Hare got up like nothing happened and eliminated Extreme to take the victory. I hope he got that out of his system as a bit of petty revenge and gets on with it.

The biggest news of the night though concerned George Julio. As he and Alexi Papadopolous battled General Ivan Cranko and Mr Brunei, he had something go wrong with his knee. I couldn't check as Alexi was battling Brunei and when he went for a suplex, Brunei managed to convert it to a body press and he got him. I suspect Alexi was concerned for George and no wonder when I went to the floor to check on him and saw his knee. I'm no expert, but that looked like a dislocated kneecap - it looked horrible. We had to call for help from the back and George was carried out and ended up taken to Colac Hospital. As I type this I haven't heard the prognosis, but I did hear ligament damage as an alternative. George rarely gets injured and loves to wrestle and this will hurt him psychologically more than anything.

I was disgusted seeing Lowzen still had possession of the Women's Title. Vixsin was announced as still being the champion even after I held up the title in my last act as Head of Talent - which technically is right in a way. This was the usual nasty battle between the two, but Lowzen decided to run for it when she'd had enough and she took the title with her! Vixsin was after her and they were both counted out.

In the other match, Mad Dog McCrea and Barry Lawrence managed to get the win over Jarek Craven and Mike Manson. Manson was his usual paranoid self thinking that there was someone under the ring (Hornswoggle is in the US, you idiot!) and he was riling the Colac crowd. But in the end he was flattened by Lawrence with the power bomb and Jessi counted three - as Craven tapped out the McCrea's STF at the same time!

An enjoyable show and I like the venue. Let's hope we can return there in 2013.