NAW October 13, 2012 (Melton)
"Melton Mayhem 3"

1. The Melbourne Wrecking Crew v Alexi Papadopolous & Krusher - The Wrecking Crew by pinfall when Steve Valek pinned Krusher after the Curb Stomp
2. Mr.Brunei v George Julio - Julio by submission with the Rings of Saturn
3. The Forsaken Youth v The New Blood v The Smash Mouth Project: Non Title Match - The New Blood by pinfall when Sketch pinned Xavier Black after the Moonsault
4. Josh Shooter v Barry Lawrence: South Pacific Title Match
- Lawrence by pinfall to retain the title after a power bomb
5. Ivan Cranko v Ryan O'Hare - O'Hare by pinfall after the Swanton Bomb
6. Lowzen v Nikita Naridian v Blair Alexis v Vixsin: Women's Title Match - No Contest and the title was held up
7. Ryan Rollins v Mad Dog McCrea: Brassknuckles Title Match - McCrea by submission to retain the title with the STF
8. Jarek Craven v Josh Extreme: Heavyweight Title Match - Extreme by pinfall to win the title after the Dynamite Headbutt

I experienced the whole gambit of emotions at this show. Delight, frustration, anger, humour, disgust and hurt.

I'll address the delight first, as we had a MASSIVE upset in the main event. Josh Extreme had to be on adrenalin provided by the combination of wrestling for the title in front of his home crowd and wrestling for his injured tag team partner Scott Slayer. Jarek Craven just could not get it done, even with Duke Von Wyld distracting me allowing goodness know what to happen behind my back. I smelt a cheap DQ when Von Wyld came into the ring, but no damage was done as Extreme took care of that. Amazingly Extreme kicked out of the Angel's Wings and the spear, and he nailed the Dynamite Headbutt and GOT THE THREE COUNT! The Melton Darts Club was lucky it had a strong roof because it would have blown off at the crowd reaction to that one! I couldn't hide my delight and I'll add an extra emotion - amazement. That was for Slayer, and it proved what I said in my video on Facebook the other day. Craven couldn't win without help, and he didn't.

Most of the other emotions came with the Women's Title match. I was in the middle of getting changed for the main event when Jessi went down and by the time I got down to the Gorilla Position, Paul Vaughan had donned a referee's shirt and taken over when he wasn't qualified! I let it go, until I saw him and Lowzen just walk out with the Women's Title belt! Nikita Naridian meanwhile got a pin but there was no referee and I knew at that point that I had to act. It was a complete mess and Vaughan was a part of the problem - so I had no choice. I held up the title after declaring the match a no contest. That had Vaughan threatening Nikita and Vixsin with a pink slip if they didn't get lost. He tried to brow beat me but I told it like it was - and ate a forearm from him and then a superkick from Lowzen! They kicked me while I was down and then Lowzen squashed me with the standing Moonsault! There you go - frustration, anger and hurt all in one, the latter literally and Colin Roberts had to help me to the back. My stomach took the brunt of it and I was still recovering when I reffed the main event. The other 49 percent of the NAW ownership is going to hear all about this believe me!

I missed the Brassknuckles Title match as a result but I did hear the commentary and there were no weapons just for a change. I guess Mad Dog wanted to keep the impact stuff that Ryan Rollins thrives on out of it and that was the best way. He got the win with the STF.

Earlier in the show I was delighted to see justice done in the South Pacific Title match, and I was both disgusted and amused by the antics of Josh Shooter! For crying out loud! I didn't know whether to laugh or throw up! Shooter came to the ring with the title belt that he stole at Albion, but in the end the power bomb was too much and Barry Lawrence retained the title - and this time he kept the thing!

I was also delighted for the New Blood, although what was supposed to be a tag team match for the number one contendership became a triple threat when the champions wanted to test both the New Blood and the Forsaken Youth in a non title match. I was up for that and Vaughan showed some sense and agreed as well. I felt sorry for poor Jessi going into the deep end like that and indeed she had awful trouble keeping this under control. The Project were true to their word and tested out both contenders, but in the end Xavier Black was squashed with Sketch's top rope moonsault and pinned. The New Blood get their shot in Colac - Sketch's home town, and I told Sketch personally that I was making the match the main event.

General Ivan Cranko was mocked by Graham Jones when Cranko tried to sing the Soviet National Anthem and Graham inserted some rude noises (that was hilarious and there's a terrific picture of me laughing on Facebook!). Cranko though took it out on Ryan O'Hare who was really struggling in this. But he found a way around that, benefiting from a huge mistake when Cranko had nailed the chokeslam, and picked him up! O'Hare nailed two flying enziguris before going up and nailing the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Krusher's debut was popular, but the experience of the Melbourne Wrecking Crew was too much for him and Alexi Papadopolous with Valek collecting the rookie with a Curb Stomp. The Crew made it clear that they were going after the tag team titles, and I later found out that Valek won't be in Colac so we won't get anything on that score until Albion on November 3.

George Julio made short work of Mr.Brunei to avenge that moron's interference in his match against James Jackson. That was almost too easy for the Ric Flair of Australian Wrestling.