NAW September 8, 2012
"Apocalypse Rising"

1. Xavier Black v Steve Valek - Black by DQ when Mike Manson interfered
2. Mike Manson v Joel Bateman - Manson by submission with the Kokida Clutch
3. Ryan O'Hare & Kit Fuego v Mr.Brunei & Klay Kannon - O'Hare & Fuego by pinfall when O'Hare pinned Brunei after the Swanton Bomb
4. Barry Lawrence v Josh Shooter: South Pacific Title Match
- Lawrence by pinfall to win the title after a power bomb from the top rope
5. James Jackson v George Julio - Julio by DQ when Mr.Brunei interfered
6. Ivan Cranko v Ryan Rollins - Rollins by DQ when Cranko kicked him low
7. Jarek Craven v Scott Slayer: Heavyweight Title Match - Craven by pinfall to retain the title after the spear

Oh boy. What a night. I had to pull two people into line, copped it from another and I have an awful feeling I missed plenty in the main event.

The main event had already been announced as an open challenge on Facebook and on the N.A.W website, but despite that the N.A.W Heavyweight Champion Jarek Craven figured that just because it was his birthday he was going to take the night off. Unlike CM Punk and his "personal day" there was nothing in Craven's or anyone else's contract for calls like that - and that was my first act of pulling someone into line. I told Craven that the open challenge was on, and if he wanted to argue about that he needed to talk to his manager who'd agreed to it!

It was Scott Slayer who answered the challenge and his Extreme Alliance partner Josh Extreme sat in commentary as Slayer threw everything at the champion. Craven had trouble pinning him, even after a spear as a consequence of Slayer missing a second rope Dynamite Headbutt - his partner's finisher. Craven went to finish this off, but I was distracted when Extreme, who had already come to ringside to keep Duke Von Wyld at bay, decided to attack him again. This was when I have the bad feeling that I missed plenty, as when I finally dealt with it Slayer was wondering where I was! Craven took advantage with a second spear and that did it. Extreme came in post match to check on his partner and he was decked with Von Wyld's cane before Craven blatantly kicked Slayer upside of his head! The locker room emptied to check on Slayer - and the prognosis isn't great last I heard. A few months on the sidelines for Scott Slayer.

The other person I had to pull into line was F.O.X. He and his Forsaken Youth partner Klay Kannon attacked Ryan O'Hare and Kit Fuego from behind when Mr Brunei revealed that his boss Sheik El Zacqwi was absent. F.O.X demanded that I switch the match to O'Hare and Fuego against the Forsaken Youth, but I was quick to short circuit that after what F.O.X did to Sketch at Sunbury two weeks again - and I repeated what I said to him on Facebook. He was not booked and he could stay on the floor while Kannon and Brunei teamed up! They did well after Kit Fuego launched a HUGE suicide drop off the back of O'Hare!! What height!! David Morgan nearly ejected F.O.X after nearly catching a blatant interference, but F.O.X ended up getting his and O'Hare iced the victory on Brunei with the Swanton Bomb.

James Jackson and George Julio was a brawl, and it was short because Brunei decided to interfere as George had a submission hold on Jackson. It was two on one until Alexi Papadopolous (with his ribs taped after the splash from Morphine in Sunbury) came in for the assist and helped George get rid of them. But George clearly wanted more, and I got too close for the second time as I tried to explain the DQ - and got a boot right to the softest spot of the belly. It winded me, but I got my breath back as I realised again; Don't stop George Julio from fighting! I should have learnt that from Melton back in February!

In the other matches, Barry Lawrence's massive roll continued as he managed somehow to best Josh Shooter and win the South Pacific Title! He creamed Shooter with that power bomb from the top rope, and Shooter for a moment looked like he was going to be a good sport - until he kicked Lawrence right in the crown jewels! And to make matters worse he took off with the title belt! I was out there to help Barry but he recovered and he was FURIOUS!! I don't blame him!

It was with great delight that I shook the hand of the returning Ryan Rollins. Great to have Mr N.A.W back from Canada. But he had a mighty challenge to return to in the form of the massive Russian, Ivan Cranko. Rollins was chucking everything at him and he was getting to the big man, but when Rollins made the big leap from the top rope he was met with the second low blow of the night! I wasted no time with the DQ and then I had to try and stop Cranko from choking Ryan with the Russian flag! When he recovered Ryan was pissed off!

The Melbourne Wrecking Crew and the Smash Mouth Project started the show off with one on one matches, and Steve Valek and Xavier Black started their match in the backstage area! That spilled to ringside and I had to get Colin Roberts out there PDQ to take charge. Valek made a mistake late in the match and Black nailed the Twist of Fate as a penalty, only for Mike Manson to roar in for the DQ (the first of three for the night). Joel Bateman raced in to fix that up and we had the second match in an instant. Manson though made up for the first loss by getting Bateman to tap out to the Kokida Clutch.

A crazy mixed up night, and we return to Albion in November. Meanwhile it's Melton on October 13 and Colac on October 20.