NAW August 25, 2012 (Sunbury)
"Sunbury Showdown"

1. The Forsaken Youth v Sketch & Dread - Sketch & Dread by DQ when F.O.X hit Dread with a chair
2. Mr Brunei v Scott Slayer - Slayer by pinfall after the Slayer Driver
3. The Bandito v Josh Extreme - Extreme by pinfall with a small package
4. Barry Lawrence v Ryan O'Hare
- Lawrence by pinfall with a reverse sunset flip
5. Lowzen v Vixsin: Women's Title Match - Vixsin by DQ when Lowzen hit her with a kendo stick
6. Morphine v Alexi Papadopolous - Morphine by pinfall after the top rope splash
7. Mad Dog McCrea v Jarek Craven: Champion v Champion Non Title Match - Craven by submission with the Craven Clutch

I would call our trip to Sunbury a success, both in the ring and out with a great main event and a couple of referees making their debut with one of them being trained by yours truly.

I didn't think it was possible for Jarek Craven and Mad Dog McCrea to top their Mulgrave match from last year, but they did! It was a tough fight which was up Mad Dog's alley and I decided early on to be lenient as the referee. Mad Dog bled in this as he seems to every time he's in a dog fight but he just kept on going to the point that Craven was almost blowing his stack! Finally though the loss of blood had to have got to the Brassknuckles champion. That's the only explanation I could have for McCrea tapping out - something he has rarely done. It was also something of a long time closure for Craven after losing to McCrea at Mulgrave last year.

Alexi Papadopolous was after revenge for Morphine's attack on him at the last Albion show, costing him the Heavyweight title. These two last met for the South Pacific title last year and Alexi did score the win then. But not this time. Morphine seemed to have his measure and after the Gator Roll and the splash from the top rope Alexi wasn't getting up. He seemed hurt and the other two referees, Colin Roberts and Jessi came out to help me with him - only for Morphine to deck the both of them! He took one look at me and I knew better and skedaddled to the floor! Sketch and Dread came out but Morphine flattened them and then he went up and gave Alexi another splash from the top!! That had the Extreme Alliance out there and finally Morphine was sent packing. Papadopolous was having trouble breathing and I suspected some rib damage as we helped everyone who was hurt to the back.

I have adjusted to the change in attitude to my former secretary Lowzen now. She's not getting away with her nonsense now, and she found that out the hard way when I caught her using a kendo stick on Vixsin. She didn't realise I'd DQed her until after she went for a cover and I refused to count. Honestly! Paul Vaughan is really being a bad influence on her! Even without Iron Horse Morrison about (seems that he has indeed left N.A.W and that's good because there will be no more Torture Racks!).

However Vaughan also brought in The Bandito. This match was the one that had Colin Roberts making his debut as a referee - my trainee. He did a good job for his debut, given that Vaughan was being a pain in the rear and The Bandito was being nasty to Josh Extreme. Extreme though made him pay with a small package and Roberts made the three count. And The Bandito decked Colin for it! Vaughan decided on a few kicks as well and when Colin recovered he came to the commentary table where I was at the time and asked for my advice. I told him he was the ref and it was his call, and he fined The Bandito $100! Good call, and I backed him when The Bandito had a big whinge about it.

In other huge news, Barry Lawrence is the new number one contender for the South Pacific Title after he reverse blocked a Ryan O'Hare sunset flip and he got him!! O'Hare was shocked and to be honest so was I! It was a really good match up but Ryan seemed to have it in hand until that happened. O'Hare was a good sport about it and it will be the Barry and the Barry Wagon going after Josh Shooter on September 8 at Albion. I wasted no time signing that one believe me!

The Forsaken Youth had their rematch with Sketch and Dread and I had some trouble controlling this one. Finally, Dread had Klay Kannon in the Boston Crab but F.O.X clobbered him with a chair. An obvious DQ, but then the Youth attacked Sketch and wrapped the chair around his ankle and stamped on the chair! I wasn't sure but I could have sworn I heard something snap! To make matters worse they then wrapped the chair around his neck, but luckily Dread had recovered and he had another chair and used it to chase the Youth to the floor. I looked at Sketch's ankle and I don't think anything was broken, but I'm not a doctor. Sketch certainly couldn't walk on it, and I hope it's not bad enough to prevent him from appearing on our show in his home town of Colac in October.

In the other match, Jessi debuted as a referee and didn't have as much trouble as Colin Roberts did as Scott Slayer took care of Sheik El Zacqwi's manager Mr Brunei. It was his first match and it seems that the Sheik has trained him well. He could be a future threat in his own right, but that loss will not please the Sheik if I know that know what!

The next show at Albion is on September 8.