NAW August 4, 2012
"Craven v Papadopolous II"

1. Kit Fuego v Josh Shooter: South Pacific Title Match - Shooter by pinfall to retain the title after the Brainbuster
2. Slikk Steev v Sheik El Zacqwi - Steev by DQ when the Sheik dumped him in the exposed corner
3. Iron Horse Morrison & Lowzen v Mad Dog McCrea & Vixsin - McCrea & Vixsin by pinfall when both pinned Morrison after a slam from McCrea
4. The Forsaken Youth v Sketch & Dread
- The Youth by submission when Sketch tapped out to Kannon's Figure Four Leg Lock
5. Ryan O'Hare & Barry Lawrence v The Melbourne Wrecking Crew - The Wrecking Crew by pinfall
6. The Smash Mouth Project v The Extreme Alliance: Tag Team Title Match - The Project by pinfall to win the titles when Bateman pinned Slayer after the Warrior's Way
7. Alexi Papadopolous v Jarek Craven: Lumberjack Match - Craven by pinfall to retain the title after the Angel's Wings

After writing these reports in the third person in recent times, now that these reports are back on my personal website again I'll go back to the old format and write these from my perspective.

A decent crowd showed up for this show, which was good after I made an idiot of myself a month ago trying to wrestle when really I couldn't. I apologise for that and it won't happen again. This show I was determined to restore some integrity, but I didn't get much of a chance! The Lumberjack Match was mayhem on the floor with several fights breaking out. Finally I'd had enough and I went to the floor to try and restore order. Alexi dropped in, but then Craven decided to restrain me just hard enough to stop me from escaping but not enough for me to consider a DQ. That prevented me from seeing what had apparently happened in the ring. I later found out that Morphine had got involved and left Alexi lying after a top rope splash. Craven took the gift nailing the Angel's Wings and I counted three. That led to a post show challenge for Sunbury by Alexi against Morphine.

My integrity took a hit also with the entrance videos for the tag team title match. That's what happens when I have to handle everything left right and centre (thanks for nothing, Lowzen!!). The video for the champions failed, and Scott Slayer gave me a double dose of the bird that I richly deserved. But maybe that was an omen in the end. The two teams fought hard and I fought hard to keep this under control, but it was the Project who prevailed to win the titles. Mind you everyone was distracted when the music of the Melbourne Wrecking Crew played for no reason and Bateman was the first to recover and he nailed Slayer with the Warrior's Way for the victory and the titles. Then the Wrecking Crew attacked the new champions and it was Bateman who was severely injured. I'm no doctor but as I checked him I think his back was the problem. And a quick one for Vaughan - I don't drive at all! So don't try and tell everyone that I drive a Mini - with or without a padlock!!

However things were better earlier in the night as I was ringside in the corner of Mad Dog McCrea and Vixsin for their match against Morrison and my former secretary. The girls started but soon Vixsin was in trouble and I got worried when Morrison got ahold of her. But she got out of there and Mad Dog went to work. He got into bother and at one point I went to have a go at Vaughan for interfering (and of course his personal referee Morgan did nothing about it), but I was laughing when Lowzen played the coward and paid for it when she was tripped up! In the end it all broke down and Lowzen was all but split in half! Morrison was flattened with a mighty slam - and Morgan hesitated on the three count! But he made it - and Morrison had promised on You Tube that if they lost he'd leave NAW! I wonder if he'll be a man of his word?

Ryan O'Hare issued his open challenge, and he was a bit surprised by the appearance of Barry Lawrence to accept it. But just when I was about to call for the bell the Melbourne Wrecking Crew interrupted. Hey when were Ryan, Barry or I suck ups, Valek?? O'Hare didn't like that either and he decided to change his challenge to a tag team match! That was fine with me. The Wrecking Crew though were as frustrating as usual with their diversions (and Vaughan wasn't helping with his 80's rock references against Barry!) and I was sure I was missing plenty. Ryan's ribs were being worked on but he managed to escape and tag Lawrence who was on fire! But he was double teamed (I forget how as I type this) and pinned.

I was hoping Kit Fuego would teach Josh Shooter a lesson and he gave him everything he deserved. But in the end I guess Kit's absence from the ring for so long prior to last month led to being caught on the top rope where Shooter dragged him into the Brainbuster for the victory. Oh well.

Sheik El Zacqwi jumped Slikk Steev in the aisle as the two men renewed an old rivalry from 2007. This was a great match which ended when the Sheik dumped Steev into the corner that had the turnbuckle pad removed. Morgan made the right call for a change and DQed the Sheik. However it didn't stop the Sheik and his manager Mr Brunei from attacking Steev post match and leaving him lying.

The Forsaken Youth managed to best Sketch and Dread when Sketch was forced to tap out to the Figure Four Leglock by Klay Kannon. Post match though Kannon brought out the sledgehammer and used it to deck both Sketch and Dread. F.O.X then shot out a challenge for a rematch in Sunbury - in a Street Fight!

In other happenings, James Jackson decided to whine about losing his position last year (wah wah wah!) and verbally abuse George Julio - bringing the Hitman to the ring. George wanted to know if he wanted a match, but it was a set up! Morphine arrived and attacked the Hitman. He set him up for the top rope splash, but Alexi Papadopolous arrived and chased Jackson out of the ring and protected Julio (and this is maybe why Morphine got involved in the main event). I was out there and I was quick to sign George and the Beast one more time next month at Albion. Jackson accepted and tried to clock me again like he did last year. Luckily this time he only clipped me but it still hurt! Boy, that moron drives me nuts!! And poor Vlad was decked again trying to do his job. Like I said on the night, we need to up his pay!

The next show is in Sunbury on August 25 and the next show at Albion is on September 8.