NAW July 7, 2012
"Anniversary Bash 2012"

1. Phil Gluyas, Vixsin, George Julio & Kit Fuego v Lowzen, Iron Horse Morrison, Paul Vaughan & James Jackson - Lowzen, Morrison, Vaughan & Jackson by pinfall when Lowzen pinned Gluyas with a small package
2. The Melbourne Wrecking Crew v The Smash Mouth Project - The Project by pinfall when Bateman pinned Valek with a roll up
3. Sheik El Zacqwi v Andrew Phoenix - El Zacqwi by pinfall after the Al Queda Bomb
4. Slikk Steev v Barry Lawrence
- Lawrence by pinfall with a small package
5. Ryan O'Hare v Klay Kannon - O'Hare by pinfall after the Swanton Bomb
6. Sketch & Dread v The Extreme Alliance: Tag Team Title Match - The Alliance by pinfall to retain the titles when Slayer pinned Dread after the Flapjack X Factor combination
7. Sinner Insaino v Josh Shooter: South Pacific Title Match - Shooter by pinfall to retain the title after the Dominator
8. Alexi Papadopolous v Jarek Craven: Non Title Match - Papadopolous by submission with the Guillotine Choke

The Anniversary Bash of 2012 was a mad night to say the least.

Jarek Craven has to defend his NAW Heavyweight Title against Alexi Papadopolous, after he was forced to tap out to yet another different submission hold by the submission expert Alexi - the Guillotine Choke. This was after Craven couldn't pin him and was looking for help from the Melbourne Wrecking Crew - only to have Ryan O'Hare appear on the stage! The delay gave Alexi time to recover, and he met the attempt at the spear with the submission hold that garnered the tap out. And then Alexi issued a challenge for a stipulation for the title match on August 4 - a lumberjack match, with all the lumberjack being people who didn't like the champion!!

Josh Shooter retained the South Pacific Title against Sinner Insaino in a back and forth match where it seemed that Shooter was unable to handle the challenger's offence. At one point he ended up on the floor after being nailed with the Canadian Destroyer - a move rapidly becoming a signature move for Insaino. Shooter however managed to net the three count with the Dominator. But suddenly post match he tried to layout the referee and Head of Talent Phil Gluyas with a superkick! He didn't get all of it, but one wonders what action will be taken from that - and why on earth Shooter would do that?

Sketch and Dread failed to wrest the tag team titles from the Extreme Alliance, but they had a good crack at it. They drew on some straight and rough attitude, possibly drawing a bit on Amie Sabin's past experience hanging with the likes of Morphine and the rest of the now defunct Seven Deadly Sins. But in the end the experience factor told as Dread was nailed with a combined Flapjack/X Factor and the pin was registered.

The other big news of the night came when Phil Gluyas was trying to carpet his secretary Lowzen for what happened in Ballarat three weeks earlier. Paul Vaughan and Iron Horse Morrison intervened and introduced the returning James Jackson before Vaughan had a go at Gluyas for neglecting the women's division, when Lowzen showed her true colours and low blowed her boss! That had Vixsin in the ring defending the Head of Talent, but Morrison grabbed the Women's champion by the hair - bringing George Julio and NAW debutante Kit Fuego to clear the ring. All that led to Gluyas firing Lowzen as his secretary, and then putting his gut ahead of his head and signing an eight person tag on the spot! Gluyas would end up regretting it as he took up an offer from Vixsin to pin Lowzen after she had nailed the swinging side slam, only to be wrapped up in a small package and Paul Vaughan's paid referee David Morgan rattling off a fast three count to equalise Gluyas's suspect count in Ballarat!

Vaughan later pulled another swiftie, telling Slikk Steev and Barry Lawrence that their mystery opponents were each other! That completely unexpected twist affected both men and they tried their best on a moment's notice. It was Lawrence who got the victory with a small package, and Steev was a good sport about it.

The Smash Mouth Project got one back against the Melbourne Wrecking Crew as they were trying to make them pay for costing them the tag team titles at the June Albion show. The match broke down as ultimately the MWC paid for their arrogance when Joel Bateman rolled up Steve Valek and got the pin! The Crew though left the Project lying after that and one wonders if there will be more to come in August.

Sheik El Zacqwi and Andrew Phoenix had an even contest that the Sheik used his manager Mr Brunei for a distraction in order to set up the Al Queda Bomb and the win. Phoenix though didn't like the way that was achieved and issued the challenge for a rematch. It wasn't clear if the Sheik accepted, so Phoenix called him a chicken! A chase to the backstage followed just when everyone thought the Sheik would oblige right away.

Ryan O'Hare's open challenge was answered by Klay Kannon, but the bigger story here was O'Hare's rib injury. He openly admitted that doctors were telling him to give up the business - but he was going his own road and not that of the doctors! Kannon did target the ribs, but O'Hare fought through it and nailed the Swanton Bomb for the victory.