NAW June 16, 2012 (Ballarat)
"Ballarat Bash"

1. Jim Raze v Josh Shooter: South Pacific Title Match - Shooter by pinfall to retain the title after the Dominator
2. F.O.X v Klay Kannon v Barry Lawrence v Sketch v Dread v Xavier Black: Elimination Match
- Kannon pinned F.O.X after an errant big boot
- Black pinned Dread after the Twist of Fate
- Kannon pinned Black after a chokeslam
- Lawrence pinned Sketch after the power bomb
- Lawrence pinned Kannon after a German Superplex
3. Slikk Steev v George Julio - Julio by submission with the Fujiwarra Armbar
4. Lowzen v Vixsin: Women's Title Match
- Vixsin by pinfall to retain the title after the Fury Bomb
5. Ryan O'Hare v Mad Dog McCrea: Brassknuckles Title Match - McCrea by submission to retain the title with the STF in barbed wire
6. The Extreme Alliance & Alexi Papadopolous v Jarek Craven & The Melbourne Wrecking Crew - Craven & the Crew by pinfall when Craven pinned Slayer after the spear
7. Iron Horse Morrison v Big Huss - Huss by pinfall after the spear
8. Morphine v Sinner Insaino - Insaino by pinfall after the Moonsault

New Age Wrestling presented the Ballarat Bash on Saturday June 16 at the Ken Kay Badminton centre in the Ballarat suburb of Wendouree and it was standing room only as Ballarat turned out in force for a great night of action.

In the main event, Ballarat's own Sinner Insaino withstood a fearsome and measured full force attack from Morphine. He was taking his time as he systematically took Insaino to pieces much to the crowd's displeasure. But the local hero took advantage of Morphine's refusal to just finish him - at one point the referee got in Morphine's way to stop a series of Avalanches in the corner. In the end, Morphine was flattened and Insaino went up and nailed a perfect Moonsault and got the three count much to the crowd's delight. The referee, Head of Talent Phil Gluyas (also a Ballarat local) couldn't hide his delight at that result.

He also didn't hide his delight when Big Huss managed to get the better of Iron Horse Morrison, particularly with majority owner Paul Vaughan at ringside. This was a power struggle of the first order, but the spear from Huss was too much for Iron Horse and he was counted down.

It was mayhem in the six man tag with Jarek Craven and the Melbourne Wrecking Crew riling the Ballarat crowd with their signs and statements. They managed to isolate Josh Extreme from his tag team champion partner Scott Slayer and their partner Alexi Papadopolous and Phil Gluyas had all sorts of trouble keeping them at bay - even missing a tag. Eventually Slayer got in and cleaned house and control of the match was lost. Craven finished it with his patented spear, but the look exchanged between the N.A.W Heavyweight Champion and Papadopolous said plenty about their forthcoming meeting one on one at the Anniversary Bash!

It was always going to be mayhem in the Brassknuckles title match as has been the standard with Mad Dog McCrea as the champion. Ryan O'hare challenged and plenty of weapons came out in this one, including a metal rubbish bin, a ladder, a table, a kendo stick, a chair and even a small length of barbed wire! McCrea bled in this, but he got the win thanks in part to O'Hare re-injuring his ribs - an old injury that had it's roots last year. He was forced to tap out when McCrea locked in the Regal Stretch, using the length of barbed wire for assistance.

One of the big stories of the night came in the Women's Title match. Lowzen, wrestling for the first time since December after shoulder surgery, seemed to have a new and nasty attitude against her old nemesis Vixsin. This astonished Phil Gluyas, and the Head of Talent and his secretary were clearly at odds at one point when she refused to break a hold off the ropes claiming that Vixsin had quit when she hadn't. It got to the point that in what appeared to be a measure of revenge, Phil's count on Lowzen for Vixsin after a choke bomb was faster than usual. Lowzen argued the point post match - and then slapped her boss across the face! Paul Vaughan told Gluyas to take care of the matter, and Gluyas agreed that he would. This may make the Anniversary Bash very interesting!

Another Ballarat local, Jim Raze, dealt out a family size serving of chops in trying to take the South Pacific Title off Josh Shooter. But in the end it wasn't enough and Shooter got the win with a new finisher, the Dominator. However his feet were on the ropes and Phil Gluyas (who refereed all the matches on this night) missed it. Fans did make it clear what had happened and Gluyas has reportedly agreed to view the video. But Paul Vaughan's rule is that the referee's decision is final, so it won't change the result.

Slikk Steev and George Julio had an interesting encounter, with Steev clearly struggling in singles competition having tagged with Barry Lawrence throughout 2012 so far. Numerous times he had to go for the ropes, and Julio got a little frustrated at times getting in Phil Gluyas's face over the number of times he had to break. Gluyas though managed to keep him calm - probably remembering the punch George gave him in Melton in back in February. Julio won by submission, and Gluyas also managed to get him to release the hold when again it looked like he wasn't going to let go.

The elimination match was complete chaos, and at one point Klay Kannon eliminated his partner after accidentally giving him a big boot when Xavier Black ducked! F.O.X was stunned but he had to go. In all the chaos, Kannon lasted - but he couldn't get past Barry Lawrence who won the match.

New Age Wrestling would like to thank everyone who showed up and gave the night such a wonderful atmosphere. The Soul Society gave a dance routine before the show, and we hope to return to Ballarat in the not too distant future.