NAW June 2, 2012
"O'Hare v Craven V: Caged"

1. Battle Royal - Sinner Insaino last eliminating Scott Slayer and Sketch
2. The Melbourne Wrecking Crew v Slikk Steev & Barry Lawrence: No DQ Match - The Crew by pinfall when Manson pinned Lawrence after a guitar shot to the head
3. Krackerjak v Mad Dog McCrea: Brassknuckles Title Match - McCrea by pinfall to retain the title after the Guillotine legdrop through a table
4. Josh Shooter v Alexi Papadopolous: Hair v South Pacific Title Match
- Shooter by pinfall to win the title after the Brainbuster
5. The Smash Mouth Project v The Forsaken Youth v The Extreme Alliance: Tag Team Title Match - The Alliance by pinfall to retain the titles when Slayer pinned F.O.X after the Warrior's Way by Bateman
6. Ryan O'Hare v Jarek Craven: Steel Cage Heavyweight Title Match - Craven to retain the title by escaping the cage

A packed house greeted the latest N.A.W show at the N.A.W Arena on Saturday June 2, and what an incredible night it was!

Despite being the one who wanted the cage match for the N.A.W title, Ryan O'Hare attacked Jarek Craven in the aisle and the match began on the outside on the floor! Once they were inside the ring, Craven and O'Hare engaged in a brutal battle in which both me bled - O'Hare profusely. Interestingly though, both men seemed keen to win this via escaping the cage instead of pinfall or submission. There were a number of occasions where a pin could have been claimed - including O'Hare nailing the spear after Craven missed the Swanton Bomb in a reversal of finishers. Craven also got his own spear off the ropes springboard style! But even the cage didn't stop the Melbourne Wrecking Crew from getting involved yet again. Pushing aside outside referee Raneem Abbouchi, Steve Valek slammed the door on O'Hare's head. That set up a spear through a table in the corner, and Craven escaped through the door to retain the title. In ring referee Phil Gluyas showed clear frustration at the result.

We have a new South Pacific champion - Josh Shooter. In an even battle it took a cheap shot by Shooter after he pushed referee Abbouchi out of position, nailing a kick right to the crown jewels. He then nailed the Brainbuster and he scored the victory and the title, becoming one of only a few wrestlers to win the South Pacific title and the Heavyweight title. Alexi Papadopolous barely had time to recover, before he was surprised with a cane to the belly by Duke Von Wyld! The Duke then told Alexi that he was invited to face Jarek Craven in July at the Anniversary Bash, in something of a boast at the time, although of course Craven did retain his title as mentioned.

It ended up being mayhem in the triple threat tag team title match, but the Extreme Alliance managed to survive - thanks to some outside interference by Steve Valek! Joel Bateman had nailed the Warrior's Way (the finisher of former WWE NXT winner Kaval) and had F.O.X beaten, only for Valek to yank him out of the ring! Scott Slayer picked up the scraps for the Alliance to keep the titles, but the Smash Mouth Project were rightly peeved and they were both heading to the back to seek out the intruder who cost them the titles.

It was also a brutal battle for the Brassknuckles title between two mad men - Mad Dog McCrea and the Mad Bastard Krackerjak. Both men bled in this one and out came the barbed wire cricket bat and the thumb tacks! Table shots were also the order of the day in this one - although the table outside the ring was being rather stubborn! It took three blasts to break it! This 15 minutes feast of violence finally ended when McCrea nailed Krackerjak through a table with a guillotine leg drop.

Things were finally settled - sort of - between the Melbourne Wrecking Crew and the team of Slikk Steev and Barry Lawrence. In a to and fro No DQ match up, Steev and Barry held their own - even putting Manson and Valek respectively through tables. There was plenty of wood on this night! But an unexpected wooden object ended up being the difference. A guitar! Manson did his best Jeff Jarrett impersonation, playing a tune on the head of Lawrence and he took the pin and the victory. Valek then advised that the Crew were just starting, possibly an explanation of Valek's attack on Bateman.

With all the viciousness, there was plenty of fun in the Battle Royal that opened the show - particularly from the presence in the fight of non wrestlers Paul Vaughan, Phil Gluyas and head of security Vlad! All three copped their fair share from the wrestlers, with Vlad being squashed several times and Gluyas knocked over three times by Josh Shooter with drop kicks as well as getting a stink face in the corner. Vaughan perhaps defended himself the best, but it was Gluyas who lasted the longest - managing in the process to get rid of Vaughan. Gluyas was ejected by Scott Slayer, but the already eliminated Iron Horse Morrison was back in - thanks to Vaughan and his personal referee David Morgan! It didn't work though as Sketch, Insaino and Slayer got rid of him a second time. In the end it was Insaino who prevailed.