NAW May 12, 2012
"O'Hare v Craven IV"

1. Sketch v Iron Horse Morrison - Morrison by pinfall after the Jack Knife Power Bomb
2. Sheik El Zacqwi v Andy Rhodes - El Zacqwi by pinfall after the Al Queda Bomb
3. The Melbourne Wrecking Crew v Slikk Steev & Barry Lawrence - Double Countout
4. George Julio v Andrew Phoenix
- No Contest
5. Sinner Insaino v Mad Dog McCrea: Brassknuckles Title Match - McCrea by pinfall to retain the title after a piledriver onto a broken table
6. The Sons of Anarchy v The Extreme Alliance: Tag Team Title Match - The Alliance by pinfall to retain the titles when Slayer pinned Haize after the Hart Attack
7. Josh Shooter v Alexi Papadopolous: South Pacific Title Match - Papadopolous by DQ when Shooter shoved down the referee
8. Jarek Craven v Ryan O'Hare: No DQ Heavyweight Title Match - Craven by pinfall to win the title after the spear through a chair

It was a mad house at the N.A.W Arena at the Maltese Cultural Centre of Saturday May 12, with plenty of surprises and a major turn of events.

Jarek Craven and Ryan O'Hare put on a 17 minute classic in the main event. Before the match, Craven asked Paul Vaughan to make the match a no DQ so that it would prevent the Melbourne Wrecking Crew from stopping the match in any way as they did back in March. O'Hare supported this and Vaughan agreed. Both men shook hands with each other and with the referee Phil Gluyas and the match was evenly contested. Neither man could put the other away, and that included O'Hare nailing the Swanton Bomb through a chair - and Craven spearing O'Hare from the second rope (the move that won him the South Pacific Title two years earlier when the two first met in the main event at N.A.W). But when O'Hare started up for a second Swanton Bomb - the Wrecking Crew arrived on the stage. Sensing trouble again, O'Hare picked up a chair and gave one to Craven so they could defend themselves.....only for Craven to nail O'Hare with the weapon!! He then nailed the double arm jumping DDT onto a chair, but that STILL didn't do the job!! However that was the sign for the Crew to hit the ring, and Phil Gluyas was powerless in the no DQ environment. Another Spear, this time through a chair, and Gluyas reluctantly counted three to crown a new N.A.W Heavyweight champion. However when he recovered, O'Hare demanded a rematch - and to make sure there was no more nonsense from the rest of the Wrecking Crew, he wanted the match inside a STEEL CAGE!! Gluyas was quick to confirm the match and give Craven his own broadside for betraying the N.A.W fans.

Alexi Papadopolous meant business and came from behind without his music to attack Josh Shooter for cutting his hair just after the last show in April. This was a tough brawl which neither man dominated, and the match ended abruptly when Shooter sent debutante referee Raneem Abbouchi flying with a shove for the obvious DQ. He paid for that call with a superkick and the brawl degenerated badly until Gluyas came out and broke it up. He then signed the rematch for next month - with Alexi putting his title on the line against Shooter's HAIR! Shooter was stunned!

The Extreme Alliance retained the tag team titles as it seemed to fall apart for the Sons of Anarchy. However there was an outside influence - Xavier Black. Black watched this match from the crowd, but when Haize looked for the tag he saw that F.O.X was on the floor arguing with Black who'd jumped the barricade! That left Haize wide open for a Hart Attack by Slayer and Extreme and Slayer took the gift to keep the titles. But then all heck broke loose again as all five men brawled on the floor! What was Black playing at anyway - and where was his Smash Mouth Project tag team partner Joel Bateman?

The Brassknuckles title is always fought under no rules, and there was no exception between the inaugural champion Mad Dog McCrea and his first challenger Sinner Insaino. A large piece of wood acted as a surrogate table at one point raised between four chairs, with McCrea trying for a shot only to end up through the wood from a power bomb! Somehow McCrea got out of that and the match finally ended when McCrea nailed a piledriver onto what remained of the wood.

The Working Class Man was back as Andy Rhodes came to the rescue of security member Vlad who was caught in a mock apology courtesy of the Sheik after the smoking stunt in April. El Zacqwi pulled out all the stops here and he had an assist from his manager Mr Brunei who took a bullet when Rhodes went for the Coldie only to be pushed away. El Zacqwi took advantage and nailed the Al Queda Bomb for the tainted victory. Knowing what happened, Rhodes challenged the Sheik and Brunei to a tag team match in June with Rhodes to name his partner later. The Sheik accepted.

Another brawl ensued once again involving the Melbourne Wrecking Crew - this time against Slikk Steev and Barry Lawrence in a match that Steev and Lawrence jump started as they looked for revenge for the kidnapping of Lawrence. This ended up losing all control as both teams were counted out and nothing was settled.

Paul Vaughan abused his authority yet again - introducing his own personal referee in David Morgan. Morgan proceeded to be as biased as anything in a David against Goliath effort by Sketch against Iron Horse Morrison. As much as he tried, Sketch just couldn't find the slingshot and Morrison gained the victory after the Jack Knife Power Bomb. He then threatened to chokeslam Amie Sabin, who was now managing Sketch, but at the last minute Vaughan opted out of that. It gave poor Amie a massive fright after what happened to her in March.

A good old fashioned old school match took place between George Julio and the debuting Irishman Andrew Phoenix in what was billed as a five minute exhibition match. But Phil Gluyas decided to throw that time limit out as it approached as he and N.A.W fans were enjoying the action. But it also ended in a brawl that was thrown out as a no contest, and poor Graham Jones was nearly cleaned up as Julio blasted Phoenix's head into the commentary table!

In other news, Phil Gluyas announced that due to having wear several hats as Head of Talent Relations and having to sub as a referee AND a commentator on this night in particular - he had appointed a secretary. It was Lowzen. She didn't seem overly keen and Gluyas noticed that - but he needed her and she was under contract to appear on shows and be involved, and she was yet to be cleared to wrestle due to her shoulder surgery and long term recovery.