NAW April 14, 2012
"Double Jeopardy"

1. Vixsin v Nikita Naridian: Women's Title Match - Vixsin by pinfall to win the title after the Fury Bomb
2. Sheik El Zacqwi v Alexi Papadopolous: South Pacific Title Match - Papadopolous by submission to retain the title with the Crossface Chicken Wing
3. The Steel Horsemen v The Extreme Alliance: Tag Team Title Match - The Alliance by pinfall to retain the titles when Slayer pinned Bradman after the Doomsday Device
4. The Sons of Anarchy v The Smash Mouth Project: Street Fight - The SOA by submission when Black tapped
5. George Julio v Mad Dog McCrea: Brassknuckles Title Ladder Match - McCrea to win the title after headbutting Julio off the ladder
6. Jarek Craven v Josh Shooter - Craven by pinfall after the spear
7. Ryan O'Hare v Ryan Rollins: Heavyweight Title Match - O'Hare by pinfall to retain the title after the Swanton Bomb

Plenty happened on Saturday April 14 at the N.A.W Arena at the Maltese Cultural Centre in Albion with two new champions, one of which was an inaugural champion, amongst plenty of other surprises.

N.A.W fans went nuts when the music of Ryan Rollins hit to indicate that he was the mystery opponent for N.A.W Heavyweight champion Ryan O'Hare. These two are arguably the most popular wrestlers but they put that aside and put on one heck of a show in trying to own the title. In the end it was O'Hare who prevailed after nailing the Swanton Bomb. After the match O'Hare congratulated Rollins on not only a great match, but all the best for his trip to Canada to train with Lance Storm. Many N.A.W wrestlers joined them to farewell Rollins as well as Phil Gluyas who of course regards Rollins as a hero after War Games last November.

It was in fact a big night for the former Commissioner. After refereeing the first two matches he then had to referee the tag team title match. The replacements for the missing in action Burn City Cliq were none other than Paul Vaughan's protégé Iron Horse Morrison and the returning Bradman. Gluyas had trouble controlling this one, but while he was running Josh Extreme out of the ring a backfire occurred when Vaughan was hit with a bat by accident. Bradman was flattened with the Doomsday Device and the Alliance survived. The Steel Horsemen cornered Gluyas blaming him for the loss, but Vaughan made them back off - and advised that the N.A.W Board of Directors (despite Vaughan's objections) had appointed Gluyas to the new position of Head of Talent Relations! Gluyas had his referee shirt off in an instant in celebration. The trouble was, Vaughan was still the majority owner and he showed off that power by having the Horsemen attack an innocent fan! One wonders what the board will think of that!

Gluyas was very quick to announce a new title - the Brassknuckles championship. It is understood that this was the surprise that Gluyas was talking about in February at Melton while he was still Commissioner. Further, he made the match a special old school version of a Ladder Match with the title on a pole instead of hanging from the ceiling. The combatants - George Julio and Mad Dog McCrea - relished the conditions and proceeded to tear into each other old school brawling style. The single ladder available was put to good use by both men with McCrea bleeding not just from the forehead but from two separate spots in his back as well. But it was McCrea who prevailed and took down the title belt first after sending Julio to the mat with a series of head butts. Julio was a good sport post match. He knew he'd been in a fight and the better man won.

Jarek Craven is back on track and booked his return match with Ryan O'Hare after besting Josh Shooter in a hard hitting contest. Shooter was determined to get another crack at the championship but after Craven collected him with the spear he was going nowhere.

Kharma hit Sheik El Zacqwi when Alexi Papadopolous clocked him good, and the referee Phil Gluyas (before he got the Talent Relations job) missed it all because he was distracted by the Sheik's belly dancing companion Amira Gizelle. It was justice because Alexi wanted to get back at the Sheik after the engineered "caught with the smoking gun" situation last month. It didn't get the three count, but the submission specialist Papadopolous locked in yet another different hold - the Crossface Chicken Wing. The Sheik got to the ropes, but Alexi pulled him back into the centre of the ring and reapplied the hold for the tap out. This lead to a post match attack by the Sheik and his manager Mr Brunei - and then Andy Rhodes arrived looking to join in. But suddenly he turned around and gave Brunei the Stunner!! And with a hearty yell of "Aussie Aussie Aussie" it showed that the Working Class Man was back! The Sheik was outraged at this turn of events.

We have new Women's champion after Vixsin managed to defeat Nikita Naridian in a tough fight which in the end probably suited Vixsin. Nikita tried to lock in the standing version of the Guillotine Choke to block the Fury Bomb, but Vixsin somehow broke it just before she passed out and got the Fury Bomb anyway. She just fell on top of Nikita but that was enough for the three count. Vixsin became the first ever three time holder of any singles title in N.A.W history and respect was shown post match as Nikita - like Ryan Rollins - is also off to Canada to train with Lance Storm. That show of respect heightened with the surprise return of Lowzen, sporting a new blonde look, and a group hug - only for Lowzen to bang their heads together, and then slap Vixsin and then shove down her sister Nikita! It was an act of revenge against both of them for the part they played in injuring her shoulder causing the reconstruction over the Christmas New Year period.

The Street Fight defied description. The Sons of Anarchy were already bringing out the weapons before the Smash Mouth Project even arrived and it was on in an instant with barely any wrestling. It was a bloody brawl with both Alex Haize and Xavier Black busted open. It was finally over with F.O.X made Black tap out, giving the SOA the next shot at the Extreme Alliance.

In other news from the night, Slikk Steev advised everyone that his tag team partner was nowhere to be found. But Duke Von Wyld - who is now the manager of the Melbourne Wrecking Crew - provided a video showing Mike Manson and Steve Valek holding Barry Lawrence hostage! Steev was angry, but then he had to contend with Klay Kannon? Kannon attacked him and then brought out a sledgehammer! He used it but he gloated too long and Steev recovered and fought back, nailing the Slikkocity before grabbing the sledge and using it to send Kannon to ringside! Steev was hot and look out MWC!