NAW March 3, 2012
"Winds of Change: O'Hare v Craven III"

1. Alex Haize v Joel Bateman - Haize by pinfall after a kick to the head
2. Andy Rhodes v Sinner Insaino - Insaino by pinfall
3. The Melbourne Wrecking Crew v Slikk Steev & Barry Lawrence - The Crew by pinfall when Valek pinned Lawrence with a small package
4. F.O.X v George Julio
- Julio by submission with a double arm submission hold
5. Josh Shooter v Xavier Black - Shooter by pinfall after the Brainbuster
6. The Burn City Cliq v The Extreme Alliance: Tag Team Title Match - The Alliance by pinfall to retain the titles when Slayer pinned Tre with a small package
7. Sheik El Zacqwi v Alexi Papadopolous: South Pacific Title Match - El Zacqwi by DQ when Papadopolous was caught with a chain in the ring
8. Jarek Craven v Ryan O'Hare: Heavyweight Title Match - O'Hare by DQ when the Melbourne Wrecking Crew interfered

New Age Wrestling presented it's first Albion show for 2012, with "Winds of Change" being more than appropriate. Although it went well beyond what Phil Gluyas expected!

At the top of the show, Gluyas wasted no time calling out Paul Vaughan and Iron Horse Morrison for what seemed to be a big decision that he had made. But Vaughan had an ace up his sleeve - he had negotiated with James Jackson and his mother over the majority ownership of N.A.W (something that Mrs Jackson held) and he had bought those shares! There was just one issue left, and that was for Gluyas to sign a new contract himself. Gluyas took one look at the contract and flatly refused - and Morrison placed Gluyas in a Torture Rack! Dumped on the mat, Vaughan took Gluyas's hand and used it to sign the piece of paper! Rookies Sketch and Dread came to Gluyas's aid but they ended up decked by Morrison. Eventually Gluyas was helped to the back. It was later established that Gluyas had signed away his right to be Commissioner. Vaughan relegated him back to where he started - as a referee.

The main event was the usual classic between Ryan O'Hare and Jarek Craven for the heavyweight title. Neither man really dominated this one, but the match ended suddenly after O'Hare nailed the Swanton Bomb when the Melbourne Wrecking Crew interfered attacking the champion! DQ win for O'Hare, but then curiously the intruders seemed to be cornering Craven after they took care of referee Daniel Beaumont! Jarek decided to walk off but then he returned with a chair threatening them! The MWC decided to leave at that point, and Duke Von Wyld was openly telling Craven to use the weapon on O'Hare. But he wouldn't do it! Von Wyld then offered his cane to do the job, but that was rejected as well! The two wrestlers ended up shaking hands, but O'Hare wasn't done. He called the result BS and he wanted another match to sort out who really was the better man the right way. Craven seemed willing, but Paul Vaughan had other ideas. He told Craven he had to earn another shot against a mystery opponent on April 14, and O'Hare also had a mystery opponent.

The Wrecking Crew earlier in the night took on Slikk Steev and Barry Lawrence. Steve Valek was the member of the Crew who returned, and this was also Phil Gluyas's first engagement as a referee on the night - much to the confusion of Team N.A.W member Steev who queried his old friend's sudden fall from power. They shook hands, but Gluyas was entirely neutral as he tried to control this fiery tag team match having to keep Steev and also Barry from helping their partner being illegally double teamed. Finally the Crew got the dirty win that the referee missed due to trying to break up Mike Manson and Slikk Steev on the floor. The Crew weren't done though, trapping Steev in the Tree of Woe before laying on a double Crossface on Lawrence. Gluyas couldn't break that up so he released Steev, but the Crew has already left.

And Gluyas had a bad end to the night as well. Sheik Mohammed El Zacqwi made his return, with his new manager Mr Brunei - who distracted Gluyas more than once. And the last one was fatal as Brunei snuck a chain into the ring, and El Zacqwi threw the chain to Alexi Papadopolous and feigned being hit with the weapon. And Phil was fooled and DQed the South Pacific champion! Gluyas clearly expressed his disappointment in yet another member of Team N.A.W but of course Alexi rightly denied everything - to no avail. Papadopolous then threw out a challenge for a rematch and the Sheik accepted.

The other big news story of the night concerned Amie Sabin. She was ringside for the tag team title match between the Extreme Alliance and the Burn City Cliq, and just when the Alliance had this covered Amie got into the ring and distracted the referee Phil Gluyas. But this backfired on the Cliq as Amie refused to leave the ring even when Tre had the match won, and he chased her out - only to get caught in a small package by Slayer and counted down! Morphine and Tre were quick to blame their manager, and they attacked her!! To the horror of Gluyas and the crowd in attendance - Morphine went to the top rope AND SPLASHED AMIE!!!! The Alliance had left the ring, but they were back and chased off the Cliq and Gluyas was quick to check on Amie and gave the dreaded X sign. Amie did recover consciousness, but the extent of her injuries are not yet known as she was helped from the ring. Gluyas was heard to say "this wouldn't have happened if I was Commissioner!"

There was plenty going on between the Sons of Anarchy and the Smash Mouth Project, with Alex Haize taking on Joel Bateman. Bateman had this won after a double underhook piledriver only for F.O.X to put Haize's foot on the ropes. That earned F.O.X a visit from Xavier Black and it all broke down and Haize got the pin after a kick to the side of Bateman's head. They weren't done and Black seemed to take off - only to return with a cricket bat wrapped in barbed wire! The Sons of Anarchy scattered and Black challenged them to a Street Fight next month!

F.O.X returned alone to face George Julio. He did his best but Julio was just too experienced and caught him in a double arm submission hold for the tap out. But he wouldn't let go, and the referee Phil Gluyas (after wearing a right hand at Melton) was wisely keeping his distance this time. But one of the staffers forgot that lesson and Julio decked him! It was clear that Julio was out to send a message to Mad Dog McCrea (presently in Japan) for their return match next month, and all he wanted to do in the squared circle was FIGHT! And whoa-be-tide anyone who gets in his space!

Xavier Black also had some business to deal with - Josh Shooter. He did his best to try and teach his former friend some manners, but Shooter was just too good and won it with the Brainbuster.

In the other match, Insano defeated Andy Rhodes in a competitive match up. Post match Insano offered his hand, but Rhodes slapped it away. However nothing else happened.