NAW February 4, 2012 (Melton)
"Melton Mayhem II"

1. The Sons of Anarchy v The Smash Mouth Project - The Project by pinfall when Black pinned Haize after the Doomsday Device
2. Slikk Steev & Barry Lawrence v Morphine & Tre - Morphine & Tre by pinfall when Morphine pinned Lawrence after a top rope splash/Dynamite Headbutt combination
3. Jarek Craven v Sinner Insaino v Big Huss - Craven by pinfall on Insaino with a German Suplex
4. Mad Dog McCrea v George Julio
- Double DQ
5. Vixsin v Megadragon - Vixsin by pinfall after a Jackknife Power Bomb
6. Ryan Rollins v Alexi Papadopolous: South Pacific Title Match - Papadopolous by submission to retain the title with the Rings of Sparta
7. Jake Lindo & Andy Rhodes v Scott Slayer & Josh Extreme: Tag Team Title Match - P
8. Josh Shooter v Ryan O'Hare: Heavyweight Title 30 minute Iron Man Match - O'Hare to retain the title 3-2

New Age Wrestling presented it's first show for 2012 at the Melton Darts Centre, and it lived up to it's name - Melton Mayhem II as it was indeed MAYHEM!

The main event 30 minute Iron Man Match for the Heavyweight Title was a gruelling battle in more ways than one! Both men were taking their lumps and dishing it out, and the first fall came in the form of a double pin with both Ryan O'Hare and Josh Shooter going for a small package and all four shoulders were down. In the enthralling battle, O'Hare managed to go ahead 2-1 but Shooter got it back to 2-2 at the half way point of the match. The referee was clobbered accidentally with a clothesline, and Shooter decided to try and take advantage by introducing a chair. But O'Hare decked him and claimed the chair using it as an additional impact for the Swanton Bomb! The champion brought back the referee and he counted three to regain the lead 3-2. There was still plenty of time left though, but Shooter decided to change tack and try for the submission. He locked in the Boston Crab, but he couldn't get O'Hare to tap and eventually he got the rope break. Shooter then tried to get his shoulders down but now that wasn't working either and time was running short. Finally with a little over a minute to go, he tried for the submission again with the Boston Crab. O'Hare tried to get to the ropes, but he was dragged to the centre of the ring. However he just refused to quit - and time ran out on Shooter. O'Hare retained the title 3 falls to 2.

The South Pacific title match was the clearest clash of styles anyone could have imagined. Ryan Rollins was in control whenever the pace was fast, but whenever the match was on the mat it was Alexi Papadopolous in charge. Neither man truly dominated this one, and Papadopolous managed to eke out the win when he caught Rollins by the arm as he went for the springboard and locked in the Rings of Sparta. Rollins was going nowhere and he tapped out. But then an angry Jake Lindo attacked the champion and claimed his title shot. An annoyed commissioner Phil Gluyas signed the match as Lindo took refuge on the floor as Alexi had recovered.

Lindo remained at ringside and he introduced his tag team partner - Andy Rhodes. Scott Slayer had his answer though as he introduced his new tag team partner and the new co-holder of the tag team titles - Josh Extreme. Dubbed the Extreme Alliance, Slayer and Extreme worked well as a tag team. Things got a little hairy though between Lindo and Rhodes when Lindo was helping out with an abdominal stretch. But he turned his back and didn't see Extreme reverse it and Lindo ended up helping Extreme! He quickly belted Josh when he realised what he was doing but Rhodes was not a happy camper after that! Finally the new champions prevailed after a double team move that must have a name and the tag team titles are fully active once again.

TJ Star missed her flight from Canberra and was unable to fulfil her engagement at Melton. But she did send a replacement, the mysterious Megadragon, to take on Vixsin in her place. Nikita Naridian had lobbied the commissioner to referee the match and Gluyas had refused, but upon the last minute change to the match participants he opted to grant Nikita her request. But that quickly developed as an error as Nikita was blatantly biased not really caring about the match except when Megadragon had Vixsin in trouble. Finally when she feigned a hand issue, Gluyas had seen enough and called on proper referee Edwin Lay to replace Nikita. Vixsin pushed Nikita into the ropes putting Megadragon offline and she took advantage and got the win with Edwin counting the three. Nikita was unimpressed and suddenly all heck broke loose! Wrestlers broke it up, and the commissioner advised that he would sort this out once he got in touch with TJ Star and sorted out her movements to make sure what happened to her doesn't happen again.

That wasn't the only pull apart brawl on the night. It also got out of hand between Mad Dog McCrea and George Julio! That match ended in a double DQ when as one both men pushed the referee aside. McCrea had already been busted open during the match, but this brawl had a consequence as Julio - the captain of Team N.A.W at War Games - punched the man he helped get the job of Commissioner! Gluyas however didn't punish Julio, admitting that he got in George's space at the wrong moment. McCrea wanted another match, and Julio was willing. Gluyas was also prepared to sign it as well. But as McCrea will be in Japan at the time of the next show at Albion, this match will take place in April. And Gluyas indicated that he had something in mind, but he wouldn't elaborate.

In the other matches, Jarek Craven set up a massive rematch with Ryan O'Hare for the Heavyweight title by defeating Insano and Big Huss for the contendership and the team of Xavier Black and Joel Bateman as The Smash Mouth Project defeated Alex Haize and his new follower F.O.X for a measure of revenge for Black after Haize's post match kendo stick attack at the Christmas Bash. Morphine and Tre gained a shot at the tag team titles defeating Slikk Steev and Barry Lawrence, but after the match Steev and Barry were attacked out of the blue by Mike Manson. Manson then verbally blasted the commissioner for not booking him and told him he was bringing back the Melbourne Wrecking Crew, who had featured heavily in the now defunct Alpha Pro Wrestling. He wanted a tag team match, and Gluyas gave it to him. Which member of the MWC will Manson be bringing back?

And Iron Horse Morrison and Paul Vaughan got in the face of the Commissioner making it clear that they were not happy about not having a contract and they had plans to rectify this. One wonders what those plans are and what the Commissioner will do in response to this implied threat.