NAW December 10, 2011
"Christmas Bash 2011"

1. Jarek Craven, Priest & Morphine v Scott Slayer, Slikk Steev & Barry Lawrence - Slayer, Steev & Lawrence by pinfall when Steev pinned Morphine after the Frog Splash
2. Jay Andrews & Mike Burr v Ryan Rollins & Josh Shooter - Rollins & Shooter by pinfall when both men pinned each opponent with Victory Rolls
3. Joel Bateman v Jake Lindo v Josh Extreme - Lindo by pinfall on Extreme with a roll up
4. Alex Haize v Xavier Black
- Black by pinfall after the STO
5. TJ Star v Lowzen v Vixsin - TJ by pinfall on Vixsin with a Crucifix
6. Insaino v Alexi Papadopolous: South Pacific Title Match - Papadopolous by pinfall to retain the title with a modified inside cradle
7. James Jackson v George Julio: Hair v Career No DQ match - Julio by pinfall after jamming a chair into Jackson's throat
8. Mad Dog McCrea v Ryan O'Hare: Heavyweight Title Match - O'Hare by pinfall to retain the title after the Swanton Bomb

The last show for New Age Wrestling for 2011 took place at the Maltese Cultural Centre in Albion last Saturday, December 10, in front of a packed house. The Christmas Bash was a celebration, but not everyone celebrated. The new commissioner, "Timelord" Phil Gluyas thanked Ryan O'Hare, George Julio, Lobo and Ryan Rollins for their parts in his ascension to the position and took the night off from his usual duties at the desk - installing Paul Vaughan there instead as a penalty for Vaughan's beating on Gluyas at ringside at Mulgrave. Gluyas sat in a comfortable chair on the stage to observe the show.

The main event finished the year in sensational fashion with a hard hitting title defence for Ryan O'Hare against Mad Dog McCrea. The referee was taken out but McCrea failed to take full advantage, and fell victim to the Swanton Bomb allowing O'Hare to retain the title. Josh Shooter celebrated with O'Hare, and he then asked for a title shot. O'Hare appreciated the offer, but rejected it telling Josh he had to earn the shot. The reaction shocked the crowd - Shooter attacked the champion and left him lying! Commissioner Gluyas wanted to know what he was doing but all he got was a shove - and that led him to giving Shooter what he wanted. A title shot on February 4, 2012 at Melton - but he added a special stipulation. It would be a 30 minute Iron Man match!

One person who wasn't celebrating at the end of the night was the former Commissioner, James Jackson - even with the legend Kurt Von Schnieder in his corner. Just to make sure that there were no excuses, Phil Gluyas made the match a No Disqualification match! That started a brawl and it looked like Julio had this in hand, especially when Jackson was busted open. But he called for help - and out came Iron Horse Morrison, much to Gluyas's horror and Paul Vaughan's delight. But that reaction quickly reversed when Morrison clocked Jackson with a chair by accident! Julio took care of Morrison with a kick to the crown jewels, and he used the chair again and got the three count. That had Gluyas in the ring with the tools, and with the help of Alexi Papadopolous and Barry Lawrence, James Jackson got a haircut! And to add insult to injury, Jackson's mother - the lady who had financed the Jackson regime as Commissioner - came to the ring, slapped the face of her son, and walked off with the Hit Man! Utter humiliation for the Beast!

Papadopolous just before this managed to best a strong challenge for the South Pacific title by Insano. Alexi had trouble with the unorthodox style of the challenger, and Insano brought out the Coast to Coast for the first time in many years. Alexi withstood it and he managed to find a modified inside cradle to grab the three count. The two men shook hands after the match.

In something of an upset, Canberra's TJ Star managed to obtain the number one contendership to the Women's title. She was helped by Lowzen re-injuring her shoulder and having to leave the match thanks to Vixsin. But TJ caught Vixsin in a crucifix and she got her. Nikita Naridian was in commentary for this match and she didn't seem to be too concerned, even when she was told by Phil Gluyas that once she was medically cleared she would be defending her title against TJ.

The number one contendership for the South Pacific title was also decided, but with some controversy. Joel Bateman on debut delighted fans, but it was Jake Lindo scoring the win with a roll up - and a handful of tights and his hand in the ropes. The referee missed it, but the commissioner thought he saw it and he was checking it out. That got him a shove from Lindo, and one wonders if Gluyas will take any action over all that.

Xavier Black wasn't done with Alex Haize after the hair cut he got at Albion a month ago, even asking on Facebook for a No DQ match and tempting the commissioner. He didn't get it but in the end he didn't need it. Black got the victory after the STO - but Haize was quick with his revenge. He grabbed a Kendo Stick and attacked Black with venom. The winner of the match was left lying and he had to be helped to the back.

It was mayhem in the end of the tag team match between Hard Way Inc and the team of Ryan Rollins and Josh Shooter (before Shooter's shocking actions at the end of the night). Rollins was in major trouble early with his ribs bothering him so much many believed they were broken. But Rollins fought through the pain and managed to escape and tag Shooter, and it didn't take long for all heck to break loose. Finishers were flying, including a Shooter Roaring Elbow and a Rollins Package Piledriver while Mike Burr attempted a Brainbuster but had it reversed. In the finish, the referee counted both members of Hard Way inc down in a flurried finish.

Talking of mayhem, the six man tag was also loaded with it. There was fighting on the floor and there was a massive mis-fire when Jarek Craven lined Slikk Steev up for the spear - only to collect Priest instead! When the smoke cleared, Slikk had nailed Morphine with the Frog Splash and he got the pin. There was a furious nose to nose argument post match between Craven and Priest after that one!

It was a loud night enjoyed by all and New Age Wrestling now looks to 2012, and as Ravyn put it back at Mulgrave - the New Age of New Age Wrestling gets into full gear.